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  1. Money is needed so that you don't need anything. Everyone has their own concept of a lot of money. Unfortunately, in today's world, happiness and health depend on the availability of money. There is no money, problems begin in the family, there is no money and if you get sick, you will not be able to recover. Money is needed everywhere, the saying “happiness is not in money” is partly correct, of course, but happiness is all exactly the envy of having money.

  2. Probably because-why, for example, bees have a lot of honey. Instincts sometimes play a more important role in a person's life than is commonly believed. And the mind often plays the role of serving the “passion” – whatever that “passion” may be in each particular case.

  3. No need. But the pursuit of money is not a human choice. Nature has already done it for him.
    According to the law of gravity, small bodies are attracted to large ones. And, therefore, it is not necessary to ask large bodies why they attract many small bodies to themselves.

  4. To meet certain needs. But not everyone needs a lot of money in life. There are people who are happy that they are stupidly alive and everything is OK with them.

  5. The best answer I've ever come across is that you need money so you don't have to think about it. When you don't think about them, it means you really have a LOT of them. But everyone has their own concept of this very “LOT”, Captain Obvious will not allow you to lie.

    Oh, I almost forgot, there is a romantic answer to the same question: yes, in order to do more good to people! Feed the hungry, cure the sick, raise science or art to the skies, and generally realize all your noble goals for the benefit of humanity!

  6. ..for everyone, this “lot” is different.

    Someone for the realization of a business, a dream.., someone for prestige.., someone they go into their own hands.., and it doesn't matter how many of them there are. Everything is individual.

    And it is important to earn this money yourself, then what you get with it pleases and fills your work with meaning.

    You need just as much money as you need for your needs and a little more on top..at the very least, but for the sake of confidence in the future..

    And here are some of them..needs !? But they are directly related to this very thing: “a lot”.

  7. everything that a person saves, he saves not for himself, but for the person to whom he will give it. charity, for example. tinsel is shorter and shows off. by the standards of the USSR, salaries should be 100 thousand to live with dignity and children to live with dignity. and pensions for 30 thousand. that would be enough in a lifetime.

  8. “A lot” is an extensible concept. Very stretchable. It all depends on the personal and individual qualities of a person, on the environment in which his psyche, brain, preferences were formed, and so on and so forth. In fact, the so-called”level of claims” of a person can be the starting point in answering the question ” a lot is how much?”

    Otherwise, “a lot of money” is when there is enough for food and gasoline for an old Ford. For another, “a lot” is when you can not think about how much he drank in the bar. The third person does not like to think about money at all and his “lot” is a permanent passive income (dividend) from investments on a long-term basis. Well, and so on down the list. It is easier to answer the question why exactly do YOU need a lot of money, and what do you mean by the word “a lot”, what exactly is your “level of claims”? �

    Answering this question. of course, you will have to take into account several important factors, such as whether you are ready for the “much” that you thought about, whether you can be responsible for your capital, whether you see ways (at least approximate) to exaggerate your current capital, which you seem to lack, if you ask such questions, whether you understand that earning and saving money are two separate equally difficult activities… Well, and all that stuff.�

    If it is simple, then the question – “why does a person need a lot of money?” can be answered as follows: to satisfy all their natural physical needs, to begin to satisfy the intellectual needs of the brain and the fantasies that arise in it, not looking back at spending, but focusing on the process of getting pleasure.�

    Another thing is that when faced with money, a person can lose touch with reality and start creating nonsense, hiding behind wealth. This is often the case when money is easily received.�

    Another extreme is that “a lot of money” turns into an end in itself and a way of self-realization, then money becomes life, replacing all its beautiful aspects… As M. Prokhorov said, ” My hobby is big money.”�

    The question is philosophical, and you can think about it for a long time. As for me, the money should be enough, not a lot. Enough to live and be able to do what you want without suffering or regret.

  9. A person doesn't need a lot of money. But a person always needs MORE money.

    A very common misconception is that people tend to earn a lot of money in order to live a richer life. But the fact is that the money goes for a reason. They are paid at work, and the salary indicates how much a person's profession gives to society.

    Any work consists in expending efforts for the benefit of society. The salary depends on the diligence of the person, on their uniqueness and irreplaceability, as well as on the complexity of the work. A janitor or waiter does not do anything unique for society, does not make any mental effort, and it is always possible to replace him, and therefore, in any case, he will receive less than, for example, a bank employee or an airplane pilot, who must have a huge amount of knowledge to work.

    If we are talking about a large sum, this is a double-edged sword. A person who lives for himself and his pleasures, with a sufficiently large sum, could never do anything else, and just live.

    But there is another side. Initial capital is necessary for starting a business, or VERY large-for the life of an investor. In order to invest, the capital must be simply huge, and it can only be obtained from earnings from a successful enterprise. And why anyone would want to have their own business, you can understand for yourself if you think a little. Your business is a unique product where everything will be as the owner says. This is a completely new level compared to self – employment-a person is simply higher on the social ladder.

    The question might arise why a person always wants to be better than others, but this is already a question of psychology. A person will always want to be the strongest. this is our innate instinct, natural selection. It was always the case that the strongest developed, and the weakest died. Many people do not want to spend effort to be the strongest, and life somewhere in the middle suits them perfectly. But biologically, it is laid down in us that if any organism becomes stronger , it will become stronger.

    Before the advent of consciousness, this was controlled by nature, but now anyone can become famous and be simply due to hard work.

  10. And they asked the wise Solomon, what is more important for a person: are women money? “Money,” said the wise Solomon. “For not every woman can be sold, but every woman can be bought.”

    Seriously, money is, first of all, freedom. Alas, in the modern world, we all live in cages, where we drive ourselves into a mousetrap with cheese. True, everyone has their own cage – someone has it made of straw, someone has it made of rusty iron, and someone has a gold or even diamond one.�

    It is absolutely normal to want a lot of money. And those who put the beauty of the soul in the first place, offer to look for harmony, they are lying. Antisthenes, a disciple of Socrates, called such people cynics. And the Bible never condemned money. The Bible speaks more and more about greed and greed.

  11. A lot – as you have already correctly noted – is a relative concept. But in order not to give up on details and unnecessary arguments, I will simply say: to maintain and improve your standard of living. A person who lived in an apartment renovated according to high European standards will not want to settle in Khrushchev with crooked walls. Another person who buys food in some Eurospar already feels uncomfortable in a rural grocery store, and a person who is brought the freshest food from restaurants and personal farms will never go to Eurospar. Etc. No one wants to lower their standard of living. It can only be upgraded. But this requires certain expenses, funds, and expenses. And here just the concept of a lot and stretches, because up to a certain level, the amount of money is directly proportional to the quality of life. In fairly rich people, this relationship disappears altogether, everything everyday seems to happen by itself. As they say-a big ship – a big voyage, and completely different concerns, projects and horizons.

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