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  1. There are no ugly people, there are unhealthy ones either physically or mentally, that is, unhappy ones.

    Considering yourself or someone else an ugly person, behaving ugly, or judging others is not a result of Allah's creation, but a result of not understanding or accepting Him and His creations. It is not nice to overly criticize Allah: “You created badly, ugly.” Allaah likes what he has created, but a person may not be able to see what Allaah can see.

    It is said, ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    What seems ugly can appear so for two reasons:: 1) inconsistency of the viewer's expectations or ideas with the existing reality (significant errors in the viewer's perception due to bias, hostility, or mental abnormalities) and 2) a person's illness. In the second case, the lack of beauty in any part of the soul or body is the key to the diagnosis and successful treatment of this disease.

  2. Despite its brevity, one question contains multiple questions.

    Judge for yourself.

    Let's say the question is asked by a Buddhist or a representative of another religious group.

    First, he needs to explain what Allah is like.

    Thus, this question is unique to Muslims.

    The second question is the definition of ugliness.

    Here everything is much more complicated.

    However, this issue was discussed many years ago in his works “Razor's Edge” and “Hour of the Bull” by Ivan Yefremov. You can hardly add anything.

    Beauty or ugliness is the inner feeling of a person.

    For example, Quasimodo from “Notre-Dame de Paris” by V. Hugo in your opinion is beautiful or not? Whatever you claim, any answer will be controversial.

    Why, are your neighbors on the porch beautiful?

    By the way, can you recognize yourself as beautiful? I'm sure the question is again controversial!

    And we should not forget that in the course of life the appearance of a person changes!

    Will you argue?

  3. The role of Allah in the creation of people is not very clear.

    Human beauty is relative, and every nation has its own idea of beauty.

    It is hard to believe that the gods or mankind have tried to create a generally accepted standard of beauty on Earth.

  4. I don't know about Allah – you have to ask him, but nature creates all sorts of people. This is called evolution, and a person with inherent importance calls some features beautiful, and others not! And in other nations, everything is exactly the opposite!

    For nature – no matter the wishlist of a person!

  5. People are born ugly, of course not through their fault, and we can't blame them. I don't understand people who make fun of others. After all, they are essentially the same as us. Mostly ugly people are born to set an example for people like us. Most often, such people carry something good in them, and this should teach us not to be evil.

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