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  1. Hungry for something new – a rebel! The creator-says something INCOMPREHENSIBLE. The Creator denies the familiar. The Creator denies authority. The Creator makes you tense up.

    Gauss never made up his mind, but Lobachevsky did!

  2. Creativity is always about self-expression. It definitely takes courage to bare your soul. Who knows how people will take this “soulful striptease”? The flow of criticism can be so powerful that you don't even want to create anymore.

  3. Because from the outside you can get a lot of negativity and criticism, here just the same courage is very useful! Because some people after the first failure stop doing their creativity, but some still find the strength and stick to the breach like a tank while simultaneously shooting at the offenders!)

  4. The courage lies not in the creativity itself, but in going beyond the usual canons and starting to create something new. Artists who created new genres often faced confusion and indignation from the public, and even censure from colleagues. Many genres that are now completely independent were once considered exclusively applied (such as landscape), but individual creators had the courage to try to make them something more. In addition, creative people often raise acute social issues that are inconvenient for society, highlighting not the most beautiful underside of life. Such a step also requires courage, because the reaction of people who are suddenly shown an outside view of their shortcomings can be sharply negative.

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