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  1. Not all of space brings death. Of course, at an altitude of more than 100 km above the Ground, the environment is aggressive. But there must still be planets suitable for life.

    One of the purposes of cosmonautics is the development and settlement of outer space. This is for those cases when life on Earth becomes impossible. Approximately once every 26 million years, large asteroids collide with Earth. It would be nice to have an interceptor. If you start now, you can build something by then.

    In 2 billion years. in a few years, the temperature of the Sun will rise significantly and it will be uncomfortable on Earth. We'll have to look for another planet. During this time, you can find it.

    In 5 billion years. In a few years, our Galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy M31. You may or may not be lucky. We'll have to look for another galaxy.

  2. Death is carried by the sky, oceans and seas, the poles of the earth, mountains and deserts, and even the forest outside the village. Why do we want to go there? The answer is the same – curiosity, romance, resources, and other potential benefits.

  3. Space is all military programs that spy and control all the territories of the planet Earth, and attack the enemy from above.

    And the range of space rockets is the range of destruction and withdrawal of the country's striking troops into Space from enemy strikes.

    All the technical discoveries of mankind are connected precisely with military developments: computers, telephones, the Internet, video communication, voice explanation “Alice”, the rapid deployment of hospitals during the covid pandemic, which Shoigu made, for which he received an award from Putin, and so on.

  4. Humanity is subconsciously searching for the infinite God , and striving for the cosmos is a sublimation, a transfer, of this feeling of searching for the divine, to the boundless cosmos . It is the vastness and mystery of the cosmos that attracts us .Humanity subconsciously longs for infinity, it is inherent in it, which means that we humans were once familiar with the infinite, but lost it, and now we are looking for it, which is why the cosmos causes such a “pinching” feeling

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