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  1. Well, first of all, there is the concept of negentropy, which is precisely defined as a value in the mathematical sense opposite to entropy. And secondly, the theory of self-organizing systems has existed and has been developing for many years and is a large separate direction in modern physics. The basic principles of self-organization have also been understood in general terms for a long time. To observe it, the system must be dissipative, that is, convert energy into heat, nonlinear, that is, not obey the superposition principle, and open, that is, exchange energy with the environment.

  2. There is a term “negentropy”, most often it is used when discussing the processes of self-organization. However, the physical meaning of this antithesis to the concept of “entropy” is not very clear.Ordering the system (and reducing entropy)occurs most often due to external influences.

    For example, the orientation of spins in the direction of the magnetic field.

    But in this case, the system is not closed.

  3. Entropy is a measure of order in a system , an increase in chaos is an increase in entropy, and vice versa is a decrease in entropy. The emergence of structures (life) -a decrease in entropy, withering away (destruction of structures)- an increase in entropy.

  4. In systems theory, one of the fundamental principles states: “There is a universal tendency inherent in Matter, aimed at achieving the most stable state possible for each system under given conditions of existence.” Under certain conditions, this trend is realized in a regular process of system development – the process of reducing the entropy of the system.

  5. Entropy is like a homogeneous mass of anything. To build something, you need to create a material that has an entropic structure. And with the help of combining different entropic structures and using non-crooked hands, you can build, for example, a house.

  6. Probably primarily because entropy is not a force.

    This is just the logarithm of the number of possible states of the system.

    Therefore, no “opposite or preceding ordering force” can exist in principle.

  7. The force that reverses the development of entropy is CONSCIOUSNESS and its Main Function: CREATION…!!! Only A Certain Huge CONSCIOUSNESS can control the Algorithm FOR LAUNCHING the Progressive and Multi-Vector Development and Construction of the Universe from the Initial Pre-Material Chaos…!!! Some of the Vectors of Development and Construction lead to the appearance in some Areas, now the Material World, of Self-Developing Systems, to which the Main Consciousness “Delegates” the ABILITY to Independently Counteract Entropy and Independently CREATE Objects that have NEVER been created before with the Help of Mental “Ideas” that are Elements of “Delegated Consciousness”: from a Club, through a Wheel to Smartphones and Social Interactions that give rise to the Stories of those Systems that Exist and Develop according to the ORIGINAL Algorithms…!!! Somehow: – that's it, in my opinion… Amen…!!!…

  8. In physics, there is such a thing called synergy. And entropy is a term widely used in the description of various physical processes as a consequence of the fight against energy dissipation, reduced efficiency, and other parameters. negentropy the term introduced in narrow circles of scientists has a more mathematical and philosophical meaning.

  9. Self-organization, i.e. entropy reduction, is possible only in a locally allocated system. In general-global, it will still grow. Well, the scattered peas can not be collected back in the jar! It is collected by you and me, simultaneously increasing the overall universal chaos. Now, if suddenly the moment comes when the universe collapses – all the same, the general chaos will remain until everything is ordered by gravity with the creation of a structure due to the interaction of elementary particles (a well – known example is a neutron star). Further, quantum effects will also begin to affect, I can't say anything here. In quantum physics, not a boar: (

    In fact, the collapse of the Universe with the creation of an ordered structure due to gravity will be the very opposite effect that the question is asked about. The entropy of such a system will decrease, if I understand it correctly. The only paradox is that such entropy cannot be realized just like that. I.e., such a system will not be able to increase its entropy, as required by the law of thermodynamics. But once the universe was already in the head of a pin, and something caused the Big Bang? Maybe the gravitational constant was changing, or there were unpredictable quantum tricks. But that's a different question.

  10. Entropy is the most important consequence of the conservation law, the exaggerated meaning of which boils down to the fact that all equilibrium and inverse processes occur only with energy consumption. The interpretation of this phenomenon is more interesting: I believe that this phenomenon directly follows from the fact of the Big Bang, when the primary singular energy began to condense into particles of matter and a false vacuum. It turns out that in order to “swat” the universe, it was necessary to have more energy than the one that created it, but where would it come from?!! We will live with this until the “new physics” reveals to us some fundamentally stunning knowledge about the nature of our universe!

  11. b-entropy is discussed when considering closed systems ,and an increase in order is possible only in open systems. The main question in this regard is whether the universe is closed or open, and it cannot be solved without the involvement of God.

  12. Because, ” sho “there is no such “power”. Of course, it can be invented and entered artificially – mathematics allows it.

    The measure of disorder has been “sucked out of your finger”, but this is also not “strength”.

    In fact, our current mathematics is 90% artificial. Most often, it does not help to describe physical natural phenomena, but only hinders, “obscuring” the picture.

    Mathematics has become an independent phenomenon. For myself. A feeder for mathematicians. Harmful trough.

  13. Hello, Pavel. First of all, thank you for inviting us to talk, and second of all, thank you for stirring up society and making us think hard.

    Now to the point. There was an interesting guy, PhD Arkady Dmitrievich Usul. He wrote a mini-book, an essay “The Nature of information”. Moscow: Publishing House of Political Literature, 1968. However, he later became a Doctor of Philology, an academician of the Republic of Moldova… So, there you will find so much useful that you will not need anything else. I hope that the book is available on the Internet. I wish you every success in expanding your knowledge horizon.

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