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  1. The devil only tempts to sin, and breaking the commandments leads the soul to hell. At the same time, if you have sinned all your life, but repented before your death ( you did not say that you repented, but really repented), then you will go to heaven because God is all-merciful.�

    So it is considered in Orthodoxy.�

    Another thing is that sin is, most often, a pleasure and it is difficult to repent of it, and humility is required to observe the commandments. The trap is simple, but effective.

  2. To understand the reason, you need to understand who the Devil is, and how he appeared. He was originally an angel. A shining angel. His name was Lucifer. Which meant that it was shining. And he was absolutely perfect. Well, that is, in general. Completely flawless. And God loved him. Lucifer felt that God loved him for his perfection. Because perfection is beautiful. However, at some point, an ambiguous situation occurred. God created people. And he created them out of some disgusting mud. And I started loving them, too. Which raised some questions for Lucifer. He didn't understand how anyone could love these wretched creatures, who were almost completely the opposite of perfect. Lucifer decided that the love of God is either some kind of muddy crap,or even some kind of fake. And rebelled against God, thus becoming a fallen angel.

    Lucifer's plan is to force God to change his attitude toward humans. He wants to convincingly show God that people are complete scum. And theoretically, he has such a possibility, since God gave people free will. They can be tempted to commit some sin by some nishtyakami. The conclusion of such a transaction is called the sale of the soul. The key point here is that people do it voluntarily. Succumbing to temptation and falling into temptation. According to the Devil, this indicates that people are scum. And he is clearly a Hegelian. Since it proceeds from the principle of Hegel's philosophy that quantity sooner or later turns into quality. Simply put, each individual successfully seduced to commit a sin is another small step towards a qualitative breakthrough. As a result, God must realize his mistake, recognize that it is impossible to love people, and say to Lucifer: “Yes, you were right. Sorry. It was awkward. I really only love you.” The whole struggle is just for that. And it just so happens that it is conducted in the world of people. After all, they are the subject of conflict.

    We humans can only choose sides. If we are on God's side, we must help him maintain the confidence that we can be loved. Yes, we are imperfect in some places, but we are not finished. Yes, we can sometimes succumb to weakness, but still not completely decomposed in moral terms. Remember that there is good and evil. And we understand when we do evil. We are sometimes ashamed of this. Conscience is like the voice of God, which we more or less respect. If we are on Lucifer's side, then we must help him. When he offers some kind of deal against his conscience, it is absolutely necessary to conclude it. The devil also speaks to us through an inner voice. But unlike our conscience, it does not torment us, but, on the contrary, makes us feel good through the promise that everything will be very cool.

    This game itself is configured so that we can't get out of it. The reason is that it is built around free will. The desire to quit the game can be interpreted as a desire to get rid of any restrictions on the freedom of decision-making. And this, of course, is the main temptation and temptation. The Devil's main bet is on this. So getting out of the game is just a matter of choosing the Devil's side.

  3. The word gentleman translates as noble, but the devil has a kind of evil and depraved, what kind of gentleman is he? 😎

    I don't know what noble thing you found in buying and selling a soul? And then, he can't take anything away at once – the souls of people are still in the hand of God, but to seduce, to carry away souls for himself – the devil has such a right, which he uses. In particular, he uses the purchased soul for his own ungentlemanly purposes.

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