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  1. After the fall, God allowed physical death, the removal of people from the Tree of Life, for the benefit of all the descendants of Adam (Genesis 3:22). And after the Last Judgment, He will come up with something for the benefit of sinners.

    Before the Last Judgment, the soul can “reduce” its sinfulness, although it is more difficult to do this there. There is a vivid example of Xenia the Blessed, who accepted the most difficult feat of foolishness for the sake of her husband, who died unrepentant. Notes “For the repose” of deceased relatives are read regardless of their sinfulness! At least you can ask for Stalin. Only one sin is unacceptable: suicide. Well, this is a voluntary desertion. Even Adam and Eve, who seemingly destroyed the entire universe by letting evil into it, ARE CHRISTIAN SAINTS! The question of the fall is very complex. In fact, Adam violated God's will and fulfilled His will. The expulsion from paradise was providential (see Hilarion Alfeyev.The end of time). The story of the fall is of a spiritual and edifying nature. So is “eternal torment in hell.” The word “eternal” probably means ” spiritual.” After all, they say at the memorial service “eternal memory” to the deceased. ……Interestingly, this question is consistent with the scientific picture of the world: the biosphere is part of matter, the noosphere is part of the biosphere, and the spiritosphere is part of the noosphere. That is, someone will remain in the noosphere. Monkeys are somewhat easier than humans.

  2. Heaven and hell exist only in man (within him), but not in God, as the Church teaches. But despite this, they exist in reality, as two opposite ways of being, which a person chooses for himself and according to the power given to him from God. Heaven and hell are not literally two different places, but God Himself is heaven for the holy righteous and hell for the unrepentant sinners.

    St. Isaac the Syrian says that heaven is the love of God, in which all beatitudes are enjoyed, just as he says about hell that hell is the scourge of divine love: “But I say that those who are tormented in hell are struck by the scourge of love…” Thus, hell is a torment from the influence of God's love, when a person denies This love and goes against it, so sinners are not deprived of God's love even in hell.

    It is like sugar: for a healthy person it is sweet, nutritious and pleasant, but for a diabetic person it causes pain, suffering and can even cause death; similarly, God is an unspeakable blessing for souls cleansed and cured of sin by repentance, and for the souls of the sick, unrepentant and sinful, He (His love) causes pain and suffering.

    As for the devil, he does not in himself have the power to destroy the human soul, as it is written: And do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him Who is able to destroy both soul and body in gehenna (Mt 10: 28). Only God has the power to save and destroy, as it is written elsewhere: “The Lord causes death and gives life, brings down to hell and raises up” (1 Samuel 2: 6). The devil can only incline a person to sin, if of course a person gives himself up to him in obedience, and then the sinner is punished by the retribution established by God and His Law: For the retribution for sin is death… (Rom. 6: 23). Thus, the devil, as it were, plunges a person, his head under the sword of Divine justice and thereby kills him, as it was with Adam, because he (the devil)is a God. there was a murderer from the beginning (John 8: 44). The devil has no power over hell and death, but the Lord has it, as it is written: I am the First and the Last. And he that liveth, and was dead, and lo, he liveth for ever and ever, amen. And I have the keys of hell and death (Revelation 1: 17). But God allows the human soul to go to hell, so that man may know who he really is without God, that his glory is fleeting and illusory and has faded like a flower on the grass, that there is no salvation for him except in God (Ps. 48: 15).

    It is also worth noting that there is no active repentance in hell, just as it is written :” For thou shalt not be remembered in death, but in hell who will be made manifest to thee” (Ps. 6,6). Therefore, the Lord calls us to pray that repentance and knowledge of our pernicious state and the need to turn to the Lord may not take place in the grave, in which we rest as on the Sabbath, and in which it is impossible to bear any fruit as in winter: “Pray that your flight may not take place in winter or on the Sabbath” (Mt. 24: 20) The Lord also explains why we should pray: “for then there will be a great tribulation, such as there has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and there will not be” (Mt. 24: 21) Thus, God once again warns us of grave torments, calling them here “the great tribulation” and asks us to turn to Him while we are still alive and avoid all those future calamities that Christ says: “watch therefore at all times and pray that you may be worthy to escape all these future calamities and stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21: 36).

  3. If from the point of view of religion (Abrahamic), then I will offer part of the answer to look here:

    If even one soul is going to suffer in hell forever, doesn't that automatically mean that evil has won, since endless suffering has entered into being?

    Why the devil needs souls-religion has no clear answer to this question. Once he has chosen his path outside of God's will, he tries, among other things, to distort creation. From “jealousy”. One brother has quarreled with his parents, and will try to quarrel with others.

  4. The devil has given up on God. Its creator and source of existence. Therefore, it has no life and independent existence in itself.
    Detached from being and life, it parasitizes on a person, his will, feelings, desires, aspirations. Actually, the desires and aspirations are the soul in a person. It is the soul, the “organ” that we need for life. Both this and the future. That is why the devil tries to take over the souls of people. It is gradually introduced into them, like a virus that has no life in itself, does not have the ability to reproduce itself independently, into a living cell and forcing it to reproduce its own.
    Now about hell. Hell was grieved because it was abolished, as John Chrysostom wrote. There isn't one in it. The gates of hell are destroyed by the Resurrection of Christ. Destroyed here and now. For God is neither tomorrow nor yesterday. God is eternal today and now.
    Hell is not a place where those who have sinned are forcibly gathered together. Hell is a place where, by the great grace of God, there is no grace for those who do not desire it. A refuge for those fleeing from grace.
    There is no grace in hell, but there is a God. He's everywhere. Therefore, being in hell is purely voluntary. (Well, the outer darkness, the unquenchable fire, the gnashing of teeth, these are other stories, about the judgment, the Light that came into the world and about those fleeing from it into darkness.)

  5. this question is based on incorrect assumptions.
    first you need to understand
    who is God, the devil, the soul and hell
    then the questions will disappear

    God is the source and cause of everything
    God is the one who creates sustains and destroys everything

    the soul is a part of God, so it is also eternal and unborn

    hell is a state of consciousness and can not be eternal
    do not go far-there is hell on Earth

    the devil cannot be an opponent of God, he is a part of God just like us

    what the devil feeds on is not souls, but our consciousness

    and consciousness is what lies between the body and the soul

  6. They have a war for souls-the one who has more souls will be considered the winner, and therefore will be able to prove the imperfection of the human race or vice versa .

  7. The devil is an extremely evil and envious creature. He wants everyone to be as bad as he is. God allows souls to go to hell because He respects the right of everyone to live the way they want – and accept the consequences of their choices.

  8. And how else to intimidate people. And what else to intimidate. Those who earn money from religion should have a serious argument. And so they came up with the idea that God, who is love, suddenly allows hell out of very high feelings. This is a paradox that cannot be explained by the Abrahamic religions. This is the trouble, the collapse and decline of this project called Israel. there is no heaven or hell. There is a person going to God

  9. I raised similar topics on Q, here, here and here, where there are many questions on this topic. Even eminent theologians do not know the answers to these questions!

    We can only assume that because of the devil's envy of man (his Will), that he can forever (having risen) develop (accumulate knowledge and experience), when he, the Angel (service spirit) received All the knowledge even at his own creation (but, exclusively, as the Archangel in charge, perhaps God explained more, already after creation) – this possibility of development does not have. Either the devil's intellect does not have a program for self-education, or this is due to the fact that along with the created world (the firmament) and the Angels in it, in addition to our world, in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are other worlds so different from our universe [of galaxies] that his knowledge there no longer has meaning or meaning. Or maybe both.

    But about ” why God allows the soul to go to hell.”.. you can think specifically:

    If the set of all possible worlds, without exception, is the Kingdom of heaven (or the multiverse) and of hell Fire. (GO) – a place among these universes, where the once – lost everything, including the soul, as the likeness of a certain shredder/disintegrator, that Hell is a world, the area (perhaps in subspace Kaluza-Klein), which is a natural “buffer of salvation” from final death (in Christianity, a person has 2 deaths: first with the body, and at the Last Judgment with the soul/memory), preventing the soul from directly entering the GO. It is hell that does not allow right-wing atheists to be, that after death eternal oblivion and non-existence, because GO meets such characteristics. And hell gives a person a chance for salvation and the mercy of God.

  10. The devil collects them-consider that one soul is a ticket to an excursion to paradise.

    But they stopped buying souls a long time ago, because in many cases they are empty bottles.

    The fact is that people are divided into descendants of animals and descendants of Adam.

    But, figuratively speaking, to understand the difference – the first soul is a stone, and the second-a diamond. Adam's descendants don't evolve – they already know everything, but they've forgotten. The descendants of animals can only repeat this or that invention-so they evolve, repeating better and better what the descendants of Adam came up with.

    Hell is made up purely by humans, and in all probability the idea of images will materialize somewhere.

    In our cyclic system, any soul goes through the so-called purgatory, where the Light erases the memory of existence. The case is purely voluntary, like a vaccine, but if you refuse, you can fall into oblivion-a receiver with an incalculable amount of time. Or find a way out on your own.

    There are advantages in complete amnesia, because a baby from the age of three would begin to demand what they have acquired in past lives.There are also big disadvantages.

    So hell is the process of erasing, pre-showing the past life and possibly inserting “live” films – what a person thought and lived about. For example – anime? so anime…

    God needs a negative, or at least a black pencil, to draw reality on a white piece of paper.

  11. .. do not be deceived, the devil does not need souls, he does not appreciate them, this is for sure, the purpose of flattery and lies is to outrage a person and show his influence on the life and captivity of the most gullible-presenting them to the judgment of God.
    … 1In 3: 16: We have come to know love in this, that He (Christ) laid down His life for us: and we must lay down our lives for the brethren.
    … 1 Corinthians 6: 20: For you have been captured at a high price. Therefore glorify God in your bodies and in your souls, which are God's.
    … 1 Corinthians 7: 23: You will be taken captive at a high price; do not become slaves … .
    … Whoever desires redemption and believes in the Word will be saved from the captivity of sin.
    … John 3: 16,18:
    ₁₆ For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. He
    who believes in Him is not judged, but the unbeliever is already condemned, because he did not believe in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God.

  12. This is a practical question, and the problem itself arose as a result of historical events in that very dimension. God created hell not for man, but for the devil. And Adam believed the devil and allowed sin into our reality. And from birth we have the seal of sin, and if we do not get rid of it, there is only one road – hell. The devil hates everything created by God, including us. And our land was given by God to us, to people, and this is our decision-to choose life with God.

    And God? God is the Savior in this situation. He actually came into our reality as a human being, suffered so decently and died for our sins. So that everyone who accepts this sacrifice in their life can get rid of the sin inside and inherit the Kingdom of God.

  13. There's no devil, no hell or heaven, so there's nothing to worry about) It is enough to start dealing with who we are and the rest of the questions will disappear by themselves.

  14. The soul's going to hell is a voluntary choice. God simply respects this choice and leaves such souls to their own devices – this is hell. Souls who have chosen evil cannot be in Paradise for internal reasons, this is their existential choice, there is no way to drag them to Paradise. There is a great book on the subject that describes this choice. This is the” Divorce “of C. S. Lewis (whom everyone knows as the author of “The Chronicles of Narnia”). I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. In general, a lot has been written on this topic in 2000 years.

  15. Here it is necessary to specify from the point of view of which religion. There are three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There, this character has different functions. There are other religions where there is no such character (in Greek mythology, for example). From the point of view of Judaism, this is an angel who performs police functions (punishes sinners at the direction of God-not on his own initiative). In the Greek translation of the name – the devil (accuser, slanderer/sneak, meaning prosecutor in modern Russian) – this police function is reflected. That is, there is no dualism in Judaism (the struggle of two forces). It's either with God or not. There is no separate entity that represents evil. In Christianity, there is a different interpretation. Dualism is present there. I will not talk about Islam, as I am not an expert in this religion.

    Now about the soul. In Greek, it is “psyche”, that is, psyche. And what is it? This is the emotional essence of a person. To capture the soul – to fall in love with yourself, to capture attention, to fascinate. For example, computer addiction demonstrates this well – the computer has taken over the soul. Everything is much more prosaic. Ancient (and other) texts should be interpreted correctly. People wrote in accordance with the understanding and means of the language that were available to them at the time of writing the text. I'll give you an example. Imagine that a Viking came to our time and saw a military plane. How would he describe it? A fire-breathing dragon. How would you describe the pilot? Dragon rider.

  16. We spend our whole lives acquiring the dead. We rejoice not in what is inside us, but in what is outside. We create hell for ourselves on earth we need to think about it and not what will happen next. During our lifetime, we do not experience happiness chasing various material things while experiencing anger, resentment, and annoyance. If you pursue material things, you will never live in the present, which is life and God's reality.

  17. Satan doesn't care about people,even those who serve him. The traitor Judas died a terrible death. Nor does he regret his modern assistants. He wanted to displace God and take his place as the Supreme Ruler. When Jesus threw him to the ground(Revelation 12:12), he realized that he would no longer be able to prove the truth of his accusations against God in Eden. His time is running out. Soon he will be sent to a thousand-year prison. He is related to hell only in the sense that he invented it in order to mislead people

  18. Of course, the ways of the Lord are not confessable. We can't know what He's up to. But since God created us in His own image, we can take a little courage and think about it. Here you should first understand what hell is. Of course, these are not volcanoes, vents and cauldrons. I think that like most philosophies, Christianity in its origins assumes that hell is a process, not a place. The process of constant appearance on Earth in the world of matter, far from the spiritual. Accordingly, paradise is the opposite. Why God allows it. This is an interesting question, of course. But let's take a look around. Look out the window, at the ground, at the sky. Look at the stars, imagine all the physics and mathematics that managed to describe everything around you. And this is only a small part of the essence of what is happening. Now imagine the mind that came up with all this. Agree, at least a qualified engineer:- ) So this very mind hardly sees everything through the prism of 0 and 1: good and evil, bad or good. It is quite obvious that souls are energy. Infernal ones are needed for something. And the paradisiacal ones are needed for something. I can't answer the question completely. But let's imagine the process of creating a star or planet. First it's gas. It accumulates. Shrinks. Then there is a phase transition of the first type – temperature. The compression process continues. If the material and composition of the material is sufficient, then a second type of phase transition occurs – an explosion and a new star. If not, then Jupiter. So hellish souls are needed for the first type of phase transition. A paradise for the second. That's all. This is just an example on sticks. I'm not trying to point out that this crazy theory is true in the stars. I want to say that our souls are real energy that is used for higher purposes. Actually, the devil is a collective image…if heaven and hell are places, then God and the devil are dynamics. That is, all good and evil are in motion. Therefore, the devil and God will always be the dynamics of opposite actions. This is the balance that keeps the world going. Here we can safely explain the law of conservation of energy. And one wonderful phrase: if the devil didn't exist, it would be worth inventing. Very vital, isn't it)

  19. From the point of view of generally recognized religions, let someone else answer you, and I will answer from the unrecognized point of view of the author of “The Rose of Peace” Daniil Andreev.

    When people suffer, they release a special dark energy called “havvah”. This gavvah is eaten by various demoniacs, and the Prince of This World himself. The deeper the hell is, the more sentient beings suffer there – the greater the havvaha. And the more a person messes up, the deeper they will fall. In short, the devils have a direct advantage in seducing people.

  20. I don't know the answer to the first question, because I haven't talked to the devil about it. So I'll answer the second one.
    There is such a thing as”karma”. This is just a term, it is neither good nor bad, and is translated by the word “activity”. But the activity, in turn, can be either good or not so good. The law of karma is as follows: good activity necessarily has good consequences, bad activity necessarily has bad consequences.
    It is here, on Earth, that every living being earns karma. Good or bad. If the creature has more good karma after death, then the creature will go to heaven, if it has more bad karma, then accordingly.
    How did the living entities come to be here in this material world? And where were they before that?
    All living entities enter the material world from the spiritual world. And why did they get here? But because once a living being simply envied God. It wanted to be almost like Him. But you can fulfill your given wishes only here. That's why we're here. But God loves us and really wants us to be disillusioned with this world as quickly as possible, so that we would get tired of it as quickly as possible and we would decide to leave it and return back to Him.
    When do we remember Him? Most often, only when we have problems… So for most of us, life is very typical-problem after problem.
    And hell… This is quite specifically the existing 7 (seven) planetary systems, where sinners are very clearly explained how wrong they were when they decided, for example, to “play God” and, for example, take someone's life. Or do something else wrong. Instructions on the basic punishments are given in the Fifth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam (part two).

  21. First of all, there is no hell of fire.
    Second, turn on your brain and think about this,
    If some bad person has caused your child to disobey you, will you punish your child by giving him up to be tortured by that bad person?
    No? Then why do you think God is dumber than you?

  22. You know, it's hard to fill a full glass, how to explain a simple truth to you if you read it every day without understanding. First, HELL is just like HEAVEN, then there is a hierarchy in hell and the one whom everyone calls the devil or the lord of darkness, that is, Lucifer is mistakenly considered the main one in hell,and this is not so bad. Even among the fallen angels and archangels, there are characters much higher than Lucifer. He was never an antagonist of GOD or some opposing force or anything like that. never. Lucik himself and a whole bunch of fallen angels and archangels are just prisoners serving eternity in hell. At the head of the corner are the lords of HELL “AND OUR NAME IS LEGION, BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY OF US”
    The Prophet Solomon left behind writings with some of the rulers … and if someone tells me that in some of the scriptures there is also Lucic himself, then the guys edited it by church figures a long time ago, as well as the Bible itself. After all, an enemy of humanity is needed so that people buy expensive buckwheat and toilet paper…..
    And about the question of why HELL needs souls, the answer lies on the surface, and by the way, souls are also collected in HEAVEN for the same reason. Imagine that the soul is, say, electricity that can be collected in a glass jar. Or a battery that supports the integrity of the jar itself. The light soul is HEAVEN muddy shit is HELL. They do not allow the prison and sanatorium to fall apart. And GOD gave man the right of choice and forgiveness. He's not all-powerful, he can't make me love him…. That's why he needs a prison. But the souls here and there belong only to him.

    If someone didn't understand, I'm not to blame. And if I offended the feelings of believers, then you have NO FAITH in GOD and I did not try in vain….

  23. The devil is deeply unhappy because he cannot know the truth because he has fallen in love with his own idea. Yielding to his passions and rebelling against God, Satan rejected the truth, as if to find it for himself. But the problem is that, as with solving a mathematical equation, there is always one correct answer, and countless false ones. Therefore, the devil is doomed to eternal search and suffering.
    In this context, hell does not have to be a place of abode. It can be any place after death that isn't heaven. And those who have fallen into hell can be helped by any person who is unable to give up his own passions, who is dependent on them. That is, a person who is not as free as possible cannot go to heaven, and therefore is doomed to torment.
    Imagine a ludomaniac who went to heaven. He will suffer terrible torments, as he cannot play roulette around which he has built his whole life. In such a situation, he is simply unable to accept Christ and so he goes to hell. This is his personal choice – he likes his own passion and wants to be with her.

    The devil can be driven by completely different motives. Maybe he wants to create his own “paradise” or “save people”, maybe destroy them, because they are God's creations, and God is hateful to him.

  24. There was a rivalry between God and the devil. Who will be in charge of the universe and by whose rules worlds will be created. The devil has cut himself off from God and cannot use his energy, but he can “feed” on the energy of people. The more souls the devil attracts to his side, the more “food” he has and the stronger he is. People created hell themselves. These are the people who did not follow the devil, but their sins do not allow them to enter into a direct connection with God. Hell, where people are fully aware of their sins, but they can't get out of it themselves. There is not enough energy and they are waiting for someone to share their energy or it will be God himself and raise them to a higher level.


    I'm on my broom frisky

    I rushed to paradise not very sober,

    Until the fuss starts

    That hour I climbed over the fence

    Petro, of course, is a shaggy dog

    He immediately grabbed the shovel,

    To knock me off the fence

    And send them to the angels.

    The wrong person was attacked by a cripple

    The idiot and the eternal gatekeeper.

    The jump only cracked the cartilage

    Now look for me in the thicket.

    So I sat out my time in paradise

    Then I changed into the foliage

    So that the extra eye doesn't see it

    That's what the special forces taught me.

    I spent the night in a squirrel's hollow tree

    And in the morning on the compass arrow

    To find me your comfort

    Find out where the Houris live.

    Reached it. Life is not boring for them

    Food is right there, everything is handy

    A мода fashion – everything has been done for a long time

    Calmly walk in a negligee.

    Hoping to merge with that nature

    I dropped the leaves and appeared,

    Before all that was then a people,

    Like a man-made pedestal.

    But I didn't have time for my nature

    It is easy to put on it

    The sound of angel wings and foolishness

    I had to knock him down with a rock.

    I don't know, at least cover yourself with grass,

    But he was saved by his wife's heart-rending scream

    Shameless drunk, at least wash your face

    And finally, put on your pants.


    Yandex. Mhi

  26. First, we need to understand what Hell is, as well as who gets there and why.

    Hell is a system of hellish planets (Earth-refers to the middle planetary system). These are special planets where especially hardened sinners serve their sentences. Recidivists, to put it in plain language. That is, people who have committed very serious crimes against the laws of God and other living beings. And they did not repent in the least, did not repay their sin during their lifetime.

    Why God allows it. Because that's one of His ideas. Some souls are able to understand with their minds what leads them to the highest happiness, some-they understand it only through suffering (I think we also belong to them, because we need to step on a rake 100 times before we realize that we are doing the wrong thing).

    Now about the Devil. The devil is a collective image that originated in late Christianity. Jesus didn't say much about him.

    In fact, the Devil is credited with the characteristics of as many as three creatures.

    The tempter serpent. Previously known in the community as Kali. We are now living in the age of Kali (kali yuga), the age of spiritual degradation. But this is a separate topic. It was Kali who became the serpent who defiled the blood of the progenitors of the western branch of humanity (and not all of humanity).

    Yamaraj (or the god of death). This is an authorized living being who is just running the Hells planets. Souls are sent there and the god of death, Yamaraj, interrogates them at the last judgment. And he administers justice over the scoundrels, sending them to various sufferings. All suffering is non-eternal, the soul always has the opportunity to leave hell under certain circumstances.

    Papapurusha (personified sin). Another creature that was known long before Christianity. It is the embodiment of all sinful life. In general, in the Universe, everything has an incarnation – a person who is behind this or that phenomenon. Everything is alive. Even a sin. And this comrade is doing something that gets into the minds of people. those who are inclined to violate the will of God and tell them an unrighteous path.

    So, as you can see, there is no devil as such. But there are powerful personalities who embody certain features of it. This is a collective image. In Christianity, you will find almost nothing about the structure of the universe. One should study deeper and more ancient scriptures, such as the Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam.



    Good luck in learning about yourself and the world!

  27. Why does the devil need human souls? Why does God allow a soul to go to hell?

    Because God among Christians, according to the Bible, is the DEVIL:

    43. Jesus said to them, ” If God were your Father, you would love Me, because I came and came from God; for I did not come of Myself, but He sent Me. Why do you not understand My speech? Because you cannot hear My word.

    44. Your father is the DEVIL, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and did not stand in the truth, for the truth is not in him; when he speaks a lie, he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.”

    (The New Testament, the Gospel of John. Chapter 8, Verses 43-44).

    We read the Bible carefully.

  28. When Allaah ordered Adam to bow down, Satan refused, and he said, ” I will make you better than him out of fire, and he out of earth.” When Adam sinned, he immediately began to ask for forgiveness from Allah and Satan strayed from the path said do not need my forgiveness give me a line until the Day of Judgment and I will prove to you that Adam and Eve's descendants will follow me and not you, then who is their enemy, and not the one who created them then Allah said use all weapons against them and If you forgive your sins, I will forgive him and he will return to Paradise with honor.

  29. Hello.souls go to hell because of what they did in life.God will forgive all sinners you just have to believe.to do good things in life.and the souls

  30. Because God is the devil! The soul of the righteous and the sinner after the death of the body, go to the same place where all souls go.

    It's easy for people to get things into their heads that they can't verify. Religion is a tool of manipulation. All around is an illusion. But in fact, on Earth, souls are nurtured so that they can later be absorbed (devoured). Because everything around us is just a covered vegetable garden. By doing this, we give these beings the energy to exist.

    This is the real world (even if you won't believe it).

  31. The devil hoped to lead all of God's children away from Him. Then it would turn out that God created everyone like this-imperfect. It's your own fault, then. And then God would have to give the rebels eternal life and leave Them without His participation in their lives. It will withdraw itself. Forever. But God is not someone to be mocked. Many of His angels and even people remained loyal to God and the ideals of goodness and justice. Abel, Job, Moses, Abraham, and most importantly, Jesus Christ, destroyed this idea of the Devil with their integrity, even in the face of death. And now the Devil and his servants will be destroyed, and all the good ones will inherit Paradise.

  32. Many people get pleasure in enmity so satisfying the instinct of leadership, power, victory and humiliation of the enemy gives additional positive emotions to the heart . Let such lovers of hostility entertain each other away from us who have other interests and let our society be hell for them .

  33. Then GOD �expose �soul �in �hell to other �feared �GOD. �So �it's easy to choose, �to kill or not to kill, �to steal or not to steal. It's just as easy to go to heaven or hell. Сход Went to the left – stepped into hell. Сделал Did �a good deed – шаг stepped into paradise. “That's how you'll get to where you were going. “Hell and heaven exist “in time. �All �projection hell �is already on Earth, only � those who tortured other, get all to yourself, when �go �of space in time.�

    The Communists, �proving that �schrödinger �not right, because �this �not �allows �Khrushchev , � not �could understand �as � observation � can change the result � study. �

    But “this fact is” proved “and” fixed. “Atoms and molecules,” and particles ” behave “differently. And how do people change the behavior of microparticles? �Yes, it's all the same �system of channels of acupuncture, synthesizing �field �form �life �person �which �CAN �to CHANGE the BEHAVIOR �MICROPARTICLES �HIS �PRESENCE. �AND �LOOK INTO THE FUTURE, �AND �SEND TO THE PAST.

  34. The devil does not need human souls, they need cosmic bedding, and then, for their own self-satisfaction, they say, they are busy with something.

    God is much worse than the devil, in all respects and plans, especially for those who thought that ” sold out to the devil-sold out to the devil.”

    You will all go to HELL, one way or another, evaluate your actions regarding alien lives.

    In Purgatory-supposedly during your life, you are supposedly unaware of the existence of a God-Devil, so you behave based on your previous life settings.

    For example, idiots from various ” clubs “marked themselves, especially in terms of”what will they do with them in hell”. Therefore, these “idiots” have concepts of internal ethics, so that no one is different, they omit all new arrivals in the circle, so that the previous ones are not envious, and they also wear uniforms and argue about clothes, more often than others, focus on external factors, and not on internal ones. In general, “gray mice with multi-colored lipstick and one-day underpants”. But they are so fearless… like in that story “about the thorn bush”.

    If you are the descendants of the” thief”, then if you try to” avoid returning ” during your lifetime, but if there are opportunities, you will be judged very harshly in hell and paradise. Unfortunately, both Angels and Demons like to” kill”, so not unfortunately all this.

    Oh, yes, sluts who benefit from forming “biomass” from people are also waiting for a certain punishment, called “modeling a hat from burning shit, followed by fitting”. In order to understand that it was not necessary to make monotonous cattle and shit out of people and other creatures.

    Lovers find ways to get out of punishment, especially by asking about ways to get out of those who are not threatened with punishment, because if they are not, they probably did not commit and know how to avoid it, they will be punished even more harshly than others, because with their chicken questions and prophetic gatherings, they take the lives of those who are “not threatened” with punishment, simultaneously forming “energy fields from their stinking thoughts” around them, like, well, think “if you were a pedophile, how would you get out of pedophilia”?

    Ask this question to a “child” many times and you will get a “pedophile in the future” who will be tried for pedophilia, but will be allowed to convict the pedophiles who did this to him.

    Here's how they work in Maya's Admin Panel.

    The other simply does not exist, there are “several different types of councils”, but if the councils are “nonsense”, they use such managers – observers.

    For example , did the council cackle like chickens in a chicken coop? You go with your whole pack to play chicken in the chicken coop-until the next reboot of the universe.

    Example 2: Were you a greedy creature? you will go to play with a free litter for the “Slavic Gods”, they will do with you what they want.

    Example 3: bought “for money”, earned not by honest work, only because “you have money, a lot of money”… go play “paid litter girl” so that you can earn money honestly by the next download.

    Example 4: watched the helpless and allegedly could not help them in any way? – this is a separate place, in the cauldron, so to speak, you will also be “abandoned in terms of help”, and the pain and other unpleasant sensations will be so strong that in the next life you will be glad that “you are a pebble” or “part of the station toilet”.

    And what? Also after all… observation after all!

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