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  1. I think it's because people tend to search for meaning. This is how we work: we see patterns, meanings, and systems where they may not exist. This property has helped and continues to help us survive, create communities, culture, etc. Perhaps it's a hallmark of our species to give meaning to the world.

    If you spend thousands of years looking for something that may not be there, it can cause depression. That's why you used this word — “torments”. This is really painful: trying to make sense of something that is a priori meaningless. It is important to understand that any meaning is a purely human thing, it is so familiar and convenient for us to exist, otherwise we simply do not know how to exist. Man exists through comprehension. But this does not mean that the world and life themselves have any meaning outside of the person who gives them this meaning.

    Therefore, I believe that there is no need to search for meanings, this is a useless and painful task. Meanings can and should be created. And the meaning that you yourself will give to your life will be the most correct and real.

  2. Because this is the main question. Life is fraught with suffering and random events that may not depend at all on the person's will, and therefore it is reasonable to ask: why should I go through all this? This is not at all obvious if you think about it well for more than 10 minutes.

    Leo Tolstoy in” Confessions ” describes in detail his search for meaning. This is interesting, because one of the greatest writers in the history of literature, at the height of his fame, family happiness, and financial well-being, was afraid to go into the barn one night with a rope or a gun and commit suicide. He was afraid because he no longer saw the meaning in everything that he had, including the fact of his existence. He was faced with pointlessness and for a long time could not convince himself that the game was worth the candle. But he did it because he didn't give up.

    Nietzsche said: if a person has a “why”, he can bear any “how”. Meaning gives you the strength to cope with the tragedy of life. So this is really important.

  3. This is very interesting, because it seems to me that humanity should have left this question a thousand years ago. Why did people start thinking about it? Because most of their lives really didn't make any sense. These were harsh times when people died from wars, mass diseases that they could not protect themselves from, and wild animals. A person was looking for at least some meaning of existence, because there was not so much meaning in the surrounding reality. There was only life and death. The second one was easy to explain, but the first one was difficult. And the first religious beliefs were usually created because a person was afraid of the reality and the tangible proximity of death, and the belief that after death you will wait for some continuation, made it easier for this moment and its acceptance by loved ones.

    Now a person's life can be much more diverse, which means that questions should “torment” him not about the meaning of life, but about how to use it, because its finiteness is the very joke of nature that makes talking about the meaning of life completely meaningless.

  4. In a normal, good-quality life, such questions are of interest only to professional philosophers, and ordinary people simply “live well practically” and find the practical meaning of life in this, do not theorize.

    In an abnormal malignant life, a person wonders-where and why he got to “live”???, what is the meaning of this meaningless grief-life, when this hell ends???….

  5. Because we WANT to see meaning in life against the background of a) abstract thinking developed specifically in our species and b) awareness of our own inevitable mortality. To assume that it simply does not exist is quite scary. In general, the meaning of life is as much a construct of the human psyche and consciousness as, say, the concept of an ideal.

  6. because it is there and it is not efficient to live without it,

    the animal meaning is reproduction.

    Human – Evolution.

    Animals are easy to control, and they block out the human meaning, giving us religious, scientific, esoteric meaning, so long as we don't look for Meaning while remaining animals. and the more meaningless it is (religion, science, esotericism), the more we cling to it FANATICALLY, because otherwise it will easily go away, and in its place, like, there is nothing to come if you don't Look for it, but you can't learn to look for it, except for the meanings that are slipped in.

  7. It is very upsetting when people respond to serious topics without confirming their opinion with any evidence. Just your opinion. However, we must not forget that we are not perfect and have shortcomings. And we can be wrong. But God is never wrong. His point of view is always correct. But it can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, the most correct thing is to listen to the opinion of the saints who have come to know God one hundred percent. He who knows God knows everything! The meaning of life and other topics are covered in Vedic literature. This is not a product of human knowledge, but the words of God Himself. They are also recorded by him. In His special incarnation of Srila Vyasadeva. So that then no one says that there are mistakes and misconceptions. For the earth level, the Vedas contain about a billion verses. Yes. All knowledge is written in verse form. It makes sense and rhymes. And everything works. Now about the meaning of life. According to the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, the purpose of the soul and the whole world is to be happy together with God in His world. Love Him and be loved. But first we must be free from the modes of material nature, ignorance and false ego. Love of God is the highest and absolute meaning for any living being. Other meanings are temporary and relative. And their achievement will never bring eternal happiness. Buying a new phone of your dreams, after a few months, no longer brings the feeling of happiness that was in the beginning. Everything that has a beginning has an end. It is only in animals that the meaning of life is in food, sleep, reproduction and defense. And those who live only in these senses are called dvipada Pasu in the Vedas. A bipedal animal. On the map of Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov.

  8. You can spend your whole life looking for the meaning of life and at the end of it conclude that the meaning is in life itself. But life passed by. It is more important to find your favorite business. Which is like air. You can't live without it. Oh, yeah… What's the point of living without the meaning of life? And what's the point of looking for the meaning of life if you don't live?

  9. Of course, this question is highly rationalistic. For it is set up by man himself (and by reason) for himself.

    First he asks himself who I am or what I am, then he goes on to the next question: why or for what purpose, and…

    Of course, these are deeply philosophical and philosophical questions. A person tries to find answers to them, first of all, in order to determine how to act, how to act both in relation to himself and in relation to the world, and, in general, again (and in a philosophical way) how (with all this) to be? In that <even> there is a moment of pragmatism. The German philosopher Fichte has this idea [that] ” I must first review the world plan, and then calculate what I need to do.”

  10. This question seems to exist relatively recently. Approximately, since the emergence of philosophy, as a kind of opportunity to explain the world. But a world without God.
    For ancient people, the meaning of life consisted primarily in serving God, in obeying and fulfilling His will. In itself, the life of individuals was not a value, and the quality of a person was valuable, that is, not the ability to sing, draw, build or plow, but how much he lived according to Divine laws. At all times, all peoples had rigid boundaries in which a person was obliged to exist : everything was subject to a strict hierarchy, both class and labor. It is possible to state with full confidence that the representatives of the priestly class passed on their knowledge to the one who had the right to do so. Judges, military leaders, ploughmen, slaves. Kings, finally. Everyone existed in a certain system going from top to bottom, where God was at the top, then the king, and the lowest, on earth, was the slave.
    Some will object to me, saying that: they say, how can you know this? I will answer this : God is an order, and this order also consists in the fact that as we move away from the source of love and wisdom in each of the creatures, these qualities are diminished. And the value of the ancients was precisely they.
    So, ancient man did not talk about the meaning of his existence, but lived according to the prescribed order. Some elements of such service are preserved in India, as castes are a reflection of the ancients ' idea of remoteness or proximity to the deity.
    Modern people, being members of religious communities, no longer constitute the body of the church, i.e. they are not a community that operates in full unity with God. And they are in the church either by tradition or for some other reason. Most have lost all ties to religion and, consequently, to God. Alienation of this kind generates bitterness, negativism, and indifference to life in a person. He can't be satisfied with work, friends, family, or sex. He feels his loneliness everywhere, always and with everyone. Working in a team does not bring a sense of happiness, there is no true love in the family, there is no selflessness in friendship. If there is money, then a person always entertains himself, so as not to ask himself the question: what do I live for? For there is no answer to it. A misinterpreted idea of God as some kind of being that promises happiness later, after death, for some unknown reason, can drive a person to madness. Without accepting life as a process of preparation for eternity, a person does not know what to do with his freedom. He cannot take full advantage of it, because society imposes on him the chains of morality and law. True, moral laws and morals have significantly expanded the boundaries of what is permissible, and what 30 years ago would have been ostracized and imprisoned, is now perceived by society as the norm. But the further a person is from the source of truth and mercy, the harder it is for him to live.
    Therefore, the question also contains hints of fear and need : the verbs “worries and torments” reflect concern for oneself. But the person himself will not be able to get rid of this anxiety. To do this, you must turn your face to God, and this means changing yourself, slowly rising from a slave to a king. From the poor to the possessor of everything.

  11. Why does it all come down to meaning??? The goal should be in life. What people call meaning or purpose, in fact, is only a means-a means to achieve a certain comfortable state of mind, through external things(apartment, car, house, wife, etc.). Everything is driven by fear-death, something not to have time, and a lot of everyday fears. The trouble is that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO SATISFY THE MIND AND FEELINGS, they again and again demand something more and this process is endless,this is the property of the mind, carried away by feelings. Therefore, intelligent people calm the mind first, and then try to find meanings, goals and everything else. Without stopping the racing mind and feelings, it is impossible to focus on something in principle. One thing is for sure-the meaning is not in the endless race of the mind, trying to satisfy feelings and inventing some meanings for this.

  12. Because there is no meaning to life in a person's existence, and it is impossible to invent it artificially, then a person loses vitality and motivation itself and plunges into a depressive state.

  13. A person is tormented by the question of the meaning of life because he is aware of his mortality and helplessness before it. No other living creature needs it!

    Therefore, it is justified to understand why you should live if you are going to die anyway. Moreover, according to Stephen Hocking, sooner or later everything will die – the heat death of the universe will occur. So why then do everything we do? Rockets, satellites, iPhones, Teslas – why all this? What's the point?

    Not everyone can handle such a shock:

    • Someone runs before the question is even asked. Then life is filled with eternal fear of its own meaninglessness.

    • Someone falls into nihilism. It seems to me that this state is close to frustration with the lack of some magical solution. Then really everything is meaningless and unimportant.

    • Someone experiences a deep shock and eventually finds meaning-just like the existentialists did 100 years ago. Life becomes a little easier.

  14. Because, in my opinion, in the nature of man – growth, the desire for knowledge, for development, for movement. And in order to move consciously and effectively, a person needs to see-where. Set a goal and meaning for yourself. Human nature does not tolerate futile, undirected, ineffective actions. It makes me feel bad and empty. You need to define your own movement.

  15. Life is fleeting, and at least once in your life a person thinks about what he lives for, why he is here and where he is going. The Bible gives an example of people thinking about the meaning of life when they attend funerals:

    “It is better to go to a house of mourning for the dead than to go to a house of feasting; for this is the end of every man, and the living will take it to heart” (Ecclesiastes 7: 2).

    Sometimes a person does a lot of good deeds, but even then, dissatisfied with life, he is haunted by the question of what is the meaning of a person's life.

    I have made great works for myself: I have built myself houses, planted myself vineyards, made myself gardens and groves, and planted in them all kinds of fruitful trees; I have made myself cisterns to water the groves that grow trees; I have gathered for myself silver and gold, and precious things from kings and provinces; I have made for myself singers and female singers, and the delight of the And I became great and rich above all who were before me in Jerusalem; and my wisdom abided with me. And I looked back upon all my works that my hands had made, and upon the labor that I had labored to make them: and, behold, all this is vanity and vexation of spirit, and it profiteth not under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 2: 4-11)

    And yet, God, who created the first humans, knows what the meaning of human life is. Would you like to know the answer from the Bible?

  16. Because a person continuously feels his incompleteness, incompleteness, untruth. Man himself is the greatest mystery and problem, he feels like a kind of metaphysical iceberg, with only one hundredth of it on the surface, and everything else is hidden under water. In the same way, only one-hundredth part of a person's whole being is accessible for perception. Ultimately, nothing external, no goods, things, knowledge, positions, titles, or relationships can give him complete satisfaction. Only after knowing himself, his essence, does he achieve complete satisfaction and the question of the meaning of life no longer interests him.

  17. This is human nature. One way or another, a person chooses a goal and goes to it. A person can choose idleness as his goal, but then his body will begin to fail and collapse. The body is created for an action. The brain never rests. The heart and lungs never stop. Such is nature. My soul longs for knowledge. Everyone finds something different. In fact, he finds it, not out of bliss. Just act and everything will fall into place.

    If the soul is worried and agonized about the meaning of its life in this world, then it is alive.

  18. Because life is finite, and there are a lot of possibilities (how to live it). This is a situation of choice for which you take responsibility to yourself and others. Therefore, its essence is not in the search for meaning, but in the validity of your choice. And if this has become relevant for you, then the main thing is not to get hung up on it: not to look for meaning, but to focus on studying yourself, others, and your situation. The meaning itself will find you.

  19. The earth is for a person, a kind of prototype of a prison… Everything is limited, and often compressed!!! Body barrack, or camera!!! Requiring appropriate care, and expectations. But the soul knows where it is coming from, and it also knows who it is with. And he also knows true freedom.Body gaining for many days, homes, prosperity, food, clothing, entertainment, hardships… As if he says I live, and I feel good!? Continuing your run with the search for more and more consolations. The soul says No!!! There is no comfort, peace, or wisdom in prison. And the more it will end. For this reason, people are more often doomed to live in contradiction, to seek peace and a true home! From where to once were exiled!!!

  20. Many people think that the main goal of life is to achieve wealth and fame, that this is what brings happiness. But the answer is simple. Because this is how God created us, so that a person would reflect and find satisfaction in life.King Solomon was immensely rich, and his life revolved around all sorts of pleasures. However, he came to the conclusion that this does not bring true satisfaction. The true meaning of life, according to him, is as follows:: “Fear the true God and keep his commandments” – this is what is required of a person”

    After all, we are created with amazing qualities: loyalty, loyalty, humility, kindness, and so on, but the main and most important quality is love. It is by applying this quality that we become better , happier, and this is what helps us find meaning in life and be satisfied.

  21. The meaning is always higher than the concept to which it belongs. That is, the point of developing a car can not be that it was delved into by a car mechanic. It is the same with life – its meaning cannot be in the components of life (communication or socialization or procreation), because the percentage of mortality on earth is 100% – everyone is going to die one day, which means the meaning of life must be higher than its process and its end. In other words, it is a real utopia to look for the meaning of life in its part, because then it turns out that there is no meaning and you can go jump from the roof. But it's not, slow down. I'm sorry, but not a single monkey or giraffe, or even dolphins, have thought to give meaning to what we see; to set goals in our lives or to look for excuses/judgments. This distinguishes us from all living things on earth. No other animal can boast of this. So, if it's not from the animals that it's in us, then where does it come from? The Bible gives the answer that all people are created in the image and likeness of God. Don't rush to scroll through this answer. Just think about it – a person can't do something that doesn't make any sense at all-otherwise he goes crazy. Even criminals who have committed brutal murders, grand thefts, deceptions, and more have a reason. They can explain why they did it (at least to themselves), and when we make mistakes, we always find an excuse for ourselves-putting meaning into our action. Even when living and not seeing meaning, a person puts meaning into his life, but convinces himself that he cannot find it. If a person commits a crime or a deliberate mistake without meaning it, such a person is considered mentally ill. So everything that surrounds us is endowed with meaning, and we ourselves have meaning (I'm talking about the existence of a person). By definition, meaning can be dictated by someone who has rights to the object, just as a person puts meaning into a car, because he invented it, assembled it, and has rights to it. But a person can already see a certain meaning around them – for example, in light-light is arranged as it is (not completely clear yet), so that we can see objects around us without delay and in different colors. But we can't dictate to the light what the point is. Also our life. If it belonged to us and we could give it to ourselves, even to ourselves, we could dictate its purpose. Since you and I were created by God, He dictates the reason and purpose of our lives. If you can contain it, then contain it-and the goal is for us to seek our Creator, so that we may want to know Him and be like Him (Acts 17: 26-27). And the point is not to limit yourself or not eat meat while fulfilling the law when you don't want to, but in the relationship between you and God. So, my job is to tell the truth – somewhere inside you may be doubting, but something tells you that this is the truth, the choice is up to you – will you continue to live as you used to live, seeking only benefits for yourself, doing meaningless things, or will you turn to the One Who created you in order to have a relationship with Him? He knocks on all the doors, but someone stops his ears-even though He wants to save everyone. God bless you.

  22. One of the features of the human mind (and we don't know the other) is to occupy yourself with meaningless work. one of them is the search for meaning. In particular, whether there is a sense in our existence. -“… 6. 36311. The fact that the sun will rise tomorrow is a hypothesis, which means that we don't know if it will rise.” – so Wittgenstein said about the search for meaning. That is, it is a meaningless thing. But we all think, waste time, nerves, our own and those around us. And here-AHA! – yes, here it is, the meaning of life! It sparkles before us in its logical and final completeness. So what? All happiness? There is such a thing as Hegel's dialectic. it's a controversial thing, but that's not the point. It's that the world is made up of opposites. And on the one hand, we wonder why all this, and on the other (opposite) side – why the fuck do we need it? I think this is a motivator for continuing the banquet. As long as we have something to occupy our minds, we live. Although it doesn't make any sense.

  23. The answer is simple-fear of the end, the instinct of self-preservation. It is also banal that the meaning of life is in life itself. Life is great and priceless. Its transience and variability is one of the main meanings of everything. The lack of boundaries and understanding gives a deep and inexplicable energy to everything around us. If there is no point in moving, why live? And if there's no point in leaving, why leave? So far, there are no other meanings. Yes, there are different assumptions, different interpretations. But the essence is the same – we are born from “energy”, and we must pass into “energy”. There are a lot of details, but they relate more to the very process of existence. Does cashback make sense?) When a person encounters the great Cosmos, he understands what Life is, but these are fleeting sensations, they cannot be expressed in words. When you look at events that touch you to the depths of your soul, when tears flow from your eyes, when your heart contracts, or when you want to dance and sing, when you want to change everything around you-how can you explain it (hormones, upbringing, environment,…)?

    Most often, people think about meaning when faced with difficulties or misunderstandings. Up to this point, such thoughts rarely occur.

    Thinking about the meaning of life is very useful, but difficult. From them, great works of art and philosophy are born, which bring good and peace, help to cope with many unusual life situations.

  24. As Schopenhauer said, a person is born into the world in order to receive happiness from it. People like everything bright and simple, if things come this way, then they lower their level and start thinking about meaning accordingly.
    The meaning of life in 3 things:
    – communication
    -virtue that should come from the soul

    I hope I solved your question.

  25. Man has always been concerned with this question of meaning,because it is laid down in us by God, who created man. The point is to live forever and learn the truth about God.

  26. In short, any design or device must have a meaning of existence, otherwise they will be useless. The same goes for human life. It should make sense, because it (a person) is more important and more complex than any other construction. The desire to seek the meaning of life is inherent in it.

    One intelligent person said: “Trying to find meaning in life is the main motivating force in a person…There is nothing in the world more effective to help you survive even in the most terrible conditions than knowing that your life has meaning.” Many people really do not know where to look for the meaning of life, or simply reject such an idea because of the workload in life or simply because they are afraid that they do not have an answer to this question. You can have a lot of money, devote your whole life to it, or devote your whole life to children, but you can often meet with disappointment because they did not meet the expectations. One of the most famous people of the ancient world was fabulously rich, did not deny himself anything, had a huge number of wives and was a very intelligent person, but he concluded: “And this is also vanity and longing of the spirit.” That wasn't the point of life.

    So, it is quite logical that any constructor, when creating something, lays down the meaning of its existence, otherwise it is simply stupid. And the one who created man undoubtedly put some kind of wash into his existence. It couldn't have been any other way. For any design, there is usually a written instruction that explains what this device is for and how to use it. If you neglect this, the design can quickly become unusable. The creator of man also undoubtedly had to give instructions to man as well. If you do not go into details, then this instruction is the Bible. It explains how man came to be and what God wanted to do for people in the beginning. Namely, that they may live in the Garden of Eden and eventually multiply and fill the earth. Also that they spread this Garden of Eden all over the earth. And although at that stage there was an interference with the intention of God, but He will still make a paradise on earth and people can live forever. Hence the conclusion that the real meaning of life (i.e., when you experience real satisfaction in life) directly depends on whether your life is consistent with the intention of God and on your personal relationship with Him.

  27. You can think or think about the meaning of life when you are confident in your future..Now I can afford to think about the sublime, lying on the couch..But if it wasn't for that ,I wouldn't be here anymore..Hence the conclusion..All this is what idlers like me think about. Who have everything and who achieved their goal by not clogging up and relaxing their brain with this philosophy, but thinking about how to survive and then live.

  28. Man is a creature not only of nature, but of society as a whole. Therefore, the meaning of everyone's life should be their activity, which is useful for all people. Unfortunately, it is the natural instinct to fight for one's own survival that comes to the fore. And the “elevation” of this rule is perceived as a groundless dream-a fairy tale. But strict adherence to the laws of nature dehumanizes people, which they feel like suicide.

  29. Man is immortal. He does not understand this, so he is tormented by the question of the meaning of life, and after all, a person only lives. The world only EXISTS, and why and why it exists is an idle question.

  30. To begin with, it is often not interesting to live just like that.

    In terms of the fact that a person who is striving for something will definitely think about whether he is moving in the right direction, why he is not interested, but what is interesting to him, and at the same time the question may appear: why do I live at all, what is the purpose of life and based on this, a person finds his vocation.

    On the other hand, often people live without thinking about anything, but there is a death of a loved one or some other highly emotional superexistence in a person's life, which changes their thinking, so that a person, again, thinks about the meaning of life, that they have not done anything important in life so far.

    At the same time, this topic is now being discussed quite actively, and people, after all, pick up information, ideas, and behavior from each other, and therefore this issue is beginning to spread like a virus.

    Yes, and many other situations. But not all people think about it, there are people who die without thinking about it at all, especially from the most marginal communities.

  31. From the answers to this question, you can immediately see that most people don't really care about this question at all. No matter what beautiful and clever words and quotes these people give, dear author, they simply do not understand you… You can't explain it in words, you can't fill it up with alcohol, you can't stab it with drugs, when you constantly ask yourself the question: what is all this for, what is the point? This is the feeling when you look at this world as if from the outside, although you often fall back into the “matrix” and forget yourself… The question of the meaning of life is a great gift and a great curse, dear author, because with this question you will remain until the end (until the death of the body) alone with yourself. Then you will be born again, and everything will be like in the famous poem “you will die, you will start again from the beginning, and everything will repeat as of old…” I think that in those who really wake up to this question, a real Person with a capital letter is born. Look within yourself, look around you (because the inner is a complete reflection of the outer). Maybe it is a feeling of eternity and infinity, maybe it is a feeling of perfection and a state close to God. You can interpret this in different ways, but words still can't replace your inner feelings… I think it's still better than setting imaginary goals. Even if you make an outstanding discovery of the century in science, after death you will definitely not care ))) P.S. Almost all spiritual practitioners say that first you need to kill your ego, your mind (not in material terms), that is, choose between a red and blue pill, between doors with signs “I know” and “I believe”. At the same time, we must not forget that light cannot exist without darkness, and if you are not ready to step into the darkness and risk everything, then you are not yet ready to answer your question…

  32. Naturally, when a thinking being is looking for meaning … and naturally, a being who is not capable of thinking is not able to search for meaning.

    As for man, the word man in truth did not originally mean a primate-like creature. The word Man denoted the likeness of God , the Holy Spirit, the righteous One … The now well-known, widespread meaning of the word man is inadequate, hypocritical. multiplying ignorance among people.

  33. For a thinking person, the expense of his life, in one direction or another, matters. Meaning, gives (thinking) person-strength, for movement. In the absence of the main incentive (i.e., tasks and meaning), the “lifted bag” will be harder for such a person than if you lift the same bag, in the presence of stimulating clarity.

  34. We are not driven through life from birth to death by instinct, like insects.

    When we are not driven to a bestial state, our motivation is not limited to eating, having sex, and protecting ourselves from an immediate death threat. We need to understand and formulate our motivation.

    And at every stage, in every age crisis, starting with adolescence, the question of motivation, the question of the meaning of life, about our place in the world is central for us.

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