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  1. Because a person's happiness should depend primarily on his choice, his actions and his efforts, and secondly – on his ideas about happiness.

    It is impossible to ensure happiness for everyone without exception either with the help of the state or by other means – this is a trap that leads only to the meat grinder (for details, read the Strugatskys for a start). The task of the state is to provide everyone with opportunities (preferably equal) to achieve this happiness, and then everyone should plow for this happiness themselves. In fact, this key idea is just the most aggressively trampled by all sorts of leftists and SJW in the same America for the last few decades.

  2. The right to happiness, if it is declared, should be provided by some mechanism, for example, the right to a safe life is provided by the law enforcement system. And it operates under the proper laws.

    Since such a body as the Department of Happiness can only work for a limited circle, because happiness, like gingerbread, is always not enough for everyone, it must be recognized as a great achievement that the state recognizes the pursuit of happiness itself as normal.

  3. Because if they wrote “The right to happiness” – the state is obliged to provide this right, and it is impossible to provide happiness to all people in the States – everyone has their own. So they circumvented the law by writing “The right to strive for happiness”, and the desire can be education, travel and all that, which the United States quite successfully provides its citizens to this day in the form of free schools, the right to travel to other countries, the right to business, etc.

  4. Because the Declaration of Independence of the United States was written by smart people who understood that the word “happiness” is understood differently for each person. It is written very correctly, and it is interpreted truthfully in relation to each person. No one promised anyone an illusion, but only specifically and honestly!!! With respect.

  5. Several important changes were made to the Declaration of Independence from the first draft that Thomas Jefferson presented.
    Most importantly, at the insistence of representatives of the southern colonies, the section where Jefferson condemned slavery was removed.
    And then Jefferson “at the same time changed the pursuit of property-the pursuit of wealth” to ” the pursuit of happiness – the pursuit of happiness. For slaveholders, slaves were an important part of wealth. And happiness can be pursued in many ways, such as education.
    By the way, keep in mind that the Declaration is not a legal document, like, for example, the Constitution, but a propaganda document explaining why the war for independence began a year before its signing.

  6. The right to happiness cannot be regulated . in this case, the wording ; ” the right to strive for happiness . ” it is legally more acceptable and more appropriate for this document .

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