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  1. I usually answer such questions from the religious point of view, but here I will take a scientific approach. For the most part, the fact that the water does not spoil is due to the presence of silver ions in it, which appear there (albeit in a small amount) after lowering the silver cross there. Also, not the least role is played by how to store this water.

    Peace be with you and God bless you!

  2. Holy water is kept in a silver dish and a silver cross is lowered into it. This kills all the bacteria that could multiply in the water, as a result of which it would rot. The same goes for willow trees. Tannins in its composition kill bacteria, and the water is preserved for a long time.

  3. As far as I know, there is no scientific explanation for the fact that holy water does not spoil. Usually, people stock up on holy water on January 19, on Epiphany, and use it for a whole year.

  4. I have ordinary tap water does not spoil if it is hermetically sealed or stands in a dark place. And my friend had holy water collected in Sergiev Posad and it went bad. So it doesn't depend on holiness.

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