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  1. Because it's a stupid question. Atheists deny the existence of anything supernatural. “They worship Lenin, but instead of heaven they believe in communism” – communists. Which Lenin, for example, (in the author's opinion) was worshipped by the atheist Voltaire? Or the atheist Einstein? Zola the atheist? Atheists of Mechnikov and Sechenov? Goethe's atheist? The atheist Dreiser? Ahh the Schiller theist?
    Enable logic. All communists are by definition atheists. But not all atheists are communists.

  2. For atheists, the word “religious” is a very bad / abusive word and quality. Atheism is more political than scientific….therefore, would-be atheists have stopped in their development and are not much different from would-be believers.

    The truth is in the middle.

  3. And what does the worship of the Marx-Engels-Lenin iconostasis have to do with atheism?

    Soviet propaganda is entirely written off from religion. There are canonical images of the founding fathers, there are relics in the mausoleum, there are religious processions twice a year on the first of May and the seventh of November, there are canonical chants “love, Komsomol and spring”

    Even the persecution of the church under the Communists is a reflection of one of the Ten Commandments:

    May you have no other gods besides Me. …

    Punishments for jokes are also written off from the Bible:

    You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. …

    Atheism itself originated a long time ago, the first mention refers to ancient Greece. Atheism means a conscious rejection of faith in favor of real facts and observations and describing the world through them.

  4. Horses and men mingled. Half of the French enlighteners were atheists, but not communists. And in Western Europe, atheists are not communists either. These are different things.

    Atheism is a metaphysical position, communism is a social one. Bourgeois atheism is quite normal and widespread.

    And even in Soviet atheism, the leading idea was that of man as the positing principle, the authorship and potency of man, and not the worship of Lenin and the expectation of a communist paradise. This is already some kind of primitive projection of the attitudes of religious consciousness.

  5. Not all atheists are communists, and not all communists are atheists. I don't see much logic.

    Lenin is respected in most areas of communism, but he is considered at best the founder of the doctrine, but no more: the same person as everyone else. And, most importantly, communism is usually considered not some abstract Bright Future that is “not of this world”, an analogue of the afterlife Paradise, but simply a form of social structure that can be organized “even tomorrow”. This is not some very remote perspective at all. At most, as a preliminary condition, it is necessary to carry out industrialization or something similar, but no more: some very specific measures should be taken.

    Nothing in common, in general.

  6. Atheism originated in ancient Greece. Socrates was executed for atheism. What kind of Lenin could he worship? What are you talking about?)))

    The difference between paradise and communism is still fundamental. Paradise is where a person will go after death. For an atheist, “after death” does not exist. Communism is not an abstract “good”, it is a concrete system of relations in society. “Believing in communism” is like ” believing in democracy.” There is a clear description of “how it should work”, “how to achieve it”, a million times painted pros and cons.

    Atheism is not a religion in the first place for the reason that there is a fundamental difference between them. Religion proceeds from idealism, puts the spiritual as the basis, and the material as the consequence. Atheism, on the other hand, puts the material as the basis of existence, and doubts the existence of the spiritual. Therefore, atheism cannot be drawn to religion in any way. The only thing they have in common is that both religion and idealism express a person's attitude to higher forces.

  7. The person who asks such a question probably does not know that the phenomenon of atheism is not a product of Marxism, but much older. Moreover, if anyone is “reproached” for religious atheism, it is not the supporters of Marxism, but the Buddhists who denied the dogma of Vedism with its pantheon and the system of Varnas. On the other hand we know an example of religious materialism: Yoga, which in the framework of the Vedic tradition practices trainings of the energy centers of the body's chakras.

    If we go back to Marxist atheism, then it was not sucked out of Marx and Engels ' fingers, but was accepted by them as a rational principle of thinking according to the tradition already established in the European scientific community, going back to Occam and F. Bacon (if these names mean anything to you).

    The atheism of Marxism was not limited to a primitive direct denial of the existence of God, but to the refusal to use irrational concepts of the soul and God in their reasoning. He took them out of the system of his reasoning in order to prove the achievability of the tasks set by him in a rational and practical way without involving “higher forces”.

    To some extent, atheism is similar to the principle of “Do not mention the Lord in vain”, i.e., do not resort to the use of divine entities in reasoning, if you can do with objective-rational ones.

    If you are familiar with the basics of Marxism, you may have noticed the rejection of abstract philosophical arguments about good and evil, but the presence in the texts of examples and statements that clearly indicate to the reader moral values. Marx shows again and again that good and evil are not immanent to people, but follow from their ideas and actions. Almost according to the Gospel: “Unclean things do not enter the mouth, but proceed out of it.”

    Now to the question of the subject of Marxist worship and faith.

    Along with my subjective and irrational attitude to Lenin's personality (I am aware of this), I do not fetishize him in any way and try to rationalize my understanding of his personality as completely as possible, identifying the essential and abstracting from the secondary and non-essential. “Faith” in communism is recognized as a potential opportunity to “build” it, but that it may not take place for humanity. In the mind of a religious person, “Paradise” is an immutable reality of existence; for communists, communism is the result of their practical efforts, a certain product of their activities, the result of social technologies.

  8. This is utter nonsense. I don't worship anyone but myself! A person is unique and strong, he must be himself, and drive all worship away from him with a rotten rag.

  9. Because, according to their understanding, they consider “religion” only historical mythological forms. And there is a noticeable difference between the cult of the real leader and the absolute spirit, a noticeable difference between the mystical idea and the concrete project of the historical future.

  10. Boldly so, for the whole country in one fell swoop. Perhaps a handful of people will bow down to Lenin , but to worship and believe are different things. Worship cannot be called a religion.

  11. I'm an atheist, but I don't worship Lenin. Somehow I don't worship anyone at all, to be honest) I don't believe in communism either. You seem to be confusing the concepts of ” atheist “and”Bolshevik”.

  12. I answered it myself.

    The Soviet people believed in a bright future and worshiped Lenin as the Savior, built a new classless society and raised a person on the basis of the teachings of Karl Marx, Franz Liszt, and others.Engels and V. I. Lenin.

    All the main features of religion are present in the Communism paradigm.

  13. Because atheism is not a religion, but only a faith.

    Religion is the doctrine of the relationship between the worlds, the World of the Creator and the world created by Him.

    Atheism denies the creator and everything supernatural that could cause the world. Therefore, they believe in the miracle of self-creation of everything from nothing. But this is not a relationship of worlds, it is only a miracle.

  14. Atheists don't believe in an afterlife. They believe that people are dying and will never rise again. They also do not believe that the human soul lived before birth. Yes, this is such a belief, because it is not strictly possible to prove it!

  15. Believe and know different categories. The basis of atheism is science, and there the criterion of truth is practice. God in the understanding of atheists is our ignorance. Where science goes, God goes. So in any field of knowledge. There is no need to worship Lenin, because Lenin simply brought knowledge to the people, through transformations. For which I thank him. And for such transformations as occurred in the 90s, only the bourgeois who plundered narodnoye can say thank you. And this is a step back into obscurantism, which is what we see today.

  16. And why did you mix the political ideology and the concept of worldview in one bottle? Not all atheists are communists, and as practice shows, not all communists are atheists.

  17. It seems to me that atheism has both similar and different features.

    The difference. The main difference between atheism and religion is the absence of mysticism, the supernatural. Therefore, in this regard, an atheist cannot be considered religious.

    Similarity. The similarity is the desire for deification, idealization and worship. He will deify, idealize either success as the meaning of life, science as a panacea for all human ills, communism as the path to paradise on earth, etc. And worship / worship successful people, scientists, politicians, etc. In this respect, it seems to me that an atheist can be considered religious.

    Atheists can also create their own rituals, attach sacred significance to certain actions and events. Admission to an elite club, party, Komsomol, laying flowers on the grave of fallen soldiers, dead politicians, singing the national anthem, etc. Which I think is similar to religious rituals.

  18. that's what nonsense it is! what does Lenin and communism have to do with it? and by the way, how can you believe or not believe in Lenin? he's lying in bed!

    Atheists BELIEVE! they believe in the absence of God. it's the same religion. well, at least not superstition. and there is no evidence of the presence or absence of God. In general, I am convinced that all the evidence is purely personal. there are people for whom the existence of God is a fact. this is what they were convinced of under certain circumstances. but this is a personal belief. it cannot be verified scientifically. it's the same with atheism. there is no experience that will definitely answer this question. and in Orthodoxy in general, the idea prevails that God himself brings a person to the temple. therefore, there is no missionary activity in Orthodoxy.

  19. Religiosity is a commitment to any religion, religious direction, worship of the supreme being-the creator of everything, etc. (God).

    Atheists don't believe in God.

    No one worships Lenin for a long time – a generation has passed.

    Almost no one believes in communism – it is utopian. And people have long known where there is free cheese.

    People can be religious, but not necessarily religious. These are different concepts.

  20. Communism is certainly a religion, with its rituals, holy books, holy fathers, holy relics of the fathers, temples, priests, the concept of a righteous life, non-possessiveness and asceticism, an Ideological Department instead of the Holy Inquisition and a Bright Future (Communism itself) instead of the Kingdom of God on Earth, where in the same way “the lion will lie down next to the lamb” , etc.

    But not all atheists are communists, says Captain Obvious. An atheist, in theory, should just spit on all religions, including the communist one.

    Maybe you were referring to communists – why don't they consider themselves religious?

    Well, for the same reason that Red Army commanders didn't consider themselves officers until January 1943. Officer-this was in the tsarist army, this is a dirty word, and we are red commanders, kraskom.

    So it is with the term “religion”: we have, they say, not some obscurantist and outdated religion, with fat priests in cassocks, we have Science!

    Although – absolutely the same eggs, side view.

  21. Are you not afraid of God's punishment for such a question? Perjury, by the way, is a sin, and the commandments do not say that perjury is justified by ignorance!

  22. “Believing in communism” is a catachresis. Is it possible, for example, to believe in the drawing of a Kalashnikov assault rifle? Of course, you can't. You can only understand how it works.

  23. The statement of the question is more than strange. I don't worship the man who caught and executed Chikatila, but I respect him for doing the right thing.

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