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  1. What makes you think they don't? – they think. Only, a limited mind cannot realize everything. Moreover, there are hard-to-imagine things in this universe – quantum effects alone are worth a lot! And there are also logical paradoxes, and various difficult to imagine philosophical concepts, such as Nothing. So, there is something to think about.

  2. Why, some think) But, first of all, there is an expression in the Gospel – “…his wickedness prevails every day…” ( Mt. 6:34), meaning that each day has enough of its own care. Further, someone just has laziness of mind, he does not need to. Someone would be glad, but his horizons are very narrow, and some things are “…incomprehensible to him, not because our (his) concepts are weak, but because these things do not fall within the circle of our concepts… “(c) KP.

  3. Why should a person spend his Precious Energy on creating some unimaginable Thoughts and Images and puzzle over something unimaginable?

    After all, HUMANITY does not even know, because people are given various delusional thoughts to distract them from the Most Important Knowledge for them, that a person Himself can create in himself on the energy-magnetic field that has already been created and is working in him. And this field even has the name BIOFIELD.

    Everyone knows everything, but few people understand how it works. Therefore, people throughout their lives do not pay attention to the most important things in their Lives and the most precious things for themselves. And this is his own Body.

    But not only the External Physical Body lives, but in a person, thanks to the Biofield, Energy Bodies can also be formed, which already create Their own Energy Worlds, to which a person goes after physical life, dying.

    If a person is busy with all the nonsense in his life, but not creating His Own Personal Energy Worlds,then he will have nowhere to go. A house must be built to live in later, and so must the Worlds.

    With this creation of Their Worlds, a person already faces in his External Physical World, when he begins to Dream of a better World for himself, where everything is under his control.

    This is an Idea that is not conscious for the person himself, which is already trying to create a World where speeds in the range of sound waves and the movement of molecules – odors.

    Thoughts about a better life (the World for Yourself) should already be tried to realize on your External Physical Level. But even if you failed, and the thought warms your Soul, then this Energy World of the Etheric Body (Thoughts and Smells) is already laid in your Biofield. And what you will not be able to realize in the External World, you can already embody in the Etheric Body. But this should not be an Empty Fantasy, every Thought born in your Biofield should be a Real Image for you with all the smallest Set of sounds, smells, movements, etc.

    This is how people who have lost their loved ones live their entire lives in the Energy of these people, communicate with them. They dream about them. And they support you by helping you.

    So your Worlds should be built, right down to Nature, Social Management, home, and so on of what you would like to be in.

    Read more about Energy Bodies and their Worlds on my website, if you want to learn more


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