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  1. The wording of your question clearly demonstrates how mythologized modern consciousness is. Evolution for him appears as a kind of deity who pursues some goals of his own. For him, the laws of nature turn out to be some kind of holy institution that some rebellious spirit can transgress. And there may even be a conflict between the gods: insidious evolution against nature as a wise lawgiver, and man as a victim. Good instincts fight for it, but the monster consciousness and the monster culture suppress them.

  2. First, if you are not sure, it is better not to use the word “instinct” at all. The dominant view in biology now is that humans have no instincts. And when you say “instinct”, you just provoke a stupid argument “And I meant this, oh, no, I meant this.”

    Evolution is a blind watchmaker, the key word here is “blind”. It has no purpose or vision, it has no long-term planning, and it condones changes that are beneficial in the here and now. At that moment, when a person became smarter and more conscious in small steps-this gave an evolutionary advantage.

    Yes, now the situation has changed and the selection for intelligence / consciousness is no longer there. On the contrary, there is some selection for low intelligence (more offspring leave families with low education, low-income, religious). If nothing changes, humanity will gradually degrade as shown in the movie Idiocracy.

    Your question starts from the premise that evolution has some kind of “mind” that it doesn't have. Evolution is all stuffed with shoals and nonsense. Why is the retina topsy-turvy? Why waste DNA? And why the anus next to the vagina? Why does a giraffe have a 4-meter laryngeal nerve?

    Yes, nor why? So it turned out and all. Does it work? Well, don't break it!

  3. Well, first of all, our ability to go against our instincts DOES NOT contradict the “laws of nature”.�

    Any animal can be forced to go against its instincts by means of conditioned reflex training, and it will not violate any laws of nature.�

    Second, our capacity for awareness does NOT appear to me to be a consequence of evolution. The process of evolution is precisely conditioned reflex learning of a person, in which he has moved away from certain forms of instinctive behavior, thanks to which he has achieved a significant advantage in the animal world. That is, we train animals , but we are trained by life itself, including ourselves training each other )

    The ability to comprehend is a unique phenomenon that is not evolutionarily acquired: otherwise, all monkeys would have already defended their doctoral dissertations ) In fact, this, and our potential ability to think verbally , are our two main differences from other species…

    Where this came from is a great mystery.)

  4. I believe that in the course of evolution, two very significant vectors can be observed – to increase the rate of change set and to minimize the randomness of these changes.

    Socialization, sexual reproduction, horizontal gene transfer, dna methylation-it all works for one or the other in one way or another. Intelligence is a natural outcome of this development, which makes tremendous progress in both directions.

  5. Consciousness allows you to realize your instincts culturally and usefully. Consciousness is not the enemy of instincts.

    Consciousness contains conscience, which is an effective controller of instincts-against violating the moral Laws of Nature.

    Consciousness itself is the most important Law and Instrument of Nature.

  6. Oddly enough, most people can't go against the breeding instinct (as an example). And those who can do not consider it necessary. Sex in a condom is a hoax, but it only affects the number of offspring, and given the reduction in mortality from STDs, this clearly benefits the species.

    Intelligence is fixed as a sign due to the fact that it helps to survive effectively. And the huge opportunities that reason provides completely negate any “goes against your instincts”moment

  7. The laws of nature contradict each other only in appearance; in fact, they are arranged in a clear hierarchy, where the higher law easily cancels the lower ones. Consciousness is a law of nature, according to which any complex system strives for informational self-reflection. In the case of humans, the appearance of glimpses of consciousness transforms all mental activity and subordinates, redefines animal instincts. Rational nature lives according to different laws than non-rational nature.

    Here we omit the point that the whole of nature is directly rational in itself-but we are referring here to the reflective understanding, which, as you have noticed, can actually oppose itself to instincts.

  8. First, there is still no 100% proof that evolution did this. Homo sapiens seems more like an artificially created species than an evolved one. Too much it does not fit into the system, into the biosphere of the planet, does not have its own natural niche, nor a place in the food chain, etc. A person is not adapted to survive in the wild at all. Secondly, it is at least strange that evolution has created a species that threatens the entire biosphere of the planet, and thus evolution itself, without creating any of the protective mechanisms that it created before for various predators and so on. species that are dangerous for the biosphere. So far, evolution has helped life survive and adapt to its environment. And suddenly you've created your own gravedigger? Something doesn't seem to fit in here…

  9. Going against the instincts of NATURE is a thankless task.

    Only thanks to them, man survived and formed as a species.

    Society regulates the manifestation of instincts with the help of ethical norms and morals, as well as regulates the frequency and amplitude of their manifestations.

    Consciously ignoring natural instincts leads to a cognitive imbalance of the human psyche.

  10. evolution is just a process that exists for the survival of species

    however, evolution is not perfect and also makes mistakes, but practice, because our life clearly demonstrates that consciousness is not a mistake, but an instrument for more successful survival

    although consciousness allows you to go against your instincts at times, but your instincts are also not perfect and make mistakes, consciousness + intelligence is a bonus that simplifies human survival, and it is thanks to it that we are the most successful species in terms of survival and dominance over other organisms

  11. A beautiful question that has an exact answer.

    Here it is. Then slowly and consistently.

    The thesis.

    The evolution of living matter is primarily the evolution of methods of working with information, where the body of a living being is used by Evolution as a gym for training and developing intelligence.

    Before the emergence of life, Evolution passed through several consecutive periods. First, it transformed energy into elementary particles, then particles into matter: minerals, metals, gases, liquids, then it concentrated matter into large objects (star systems) so that there is a source of energy and energy consumers – planets. These processes proceeded according to strictly defined and universal laws for the universe and ended with the creation of life on planets (at least on Earth).

    Then (on Earth, 3.5 billion years ago), a new qualitative stage of Evolution began, associated with the emergence of living matter. Living matter is fundamentally different from non-living matter in a quality previously unknown to the Universe: it is able to transform not only matter, but also information about matter. Having emerged, living matter evolved only in the direction of improving methods of working with information.

    Living beings have consistently improved:

    1. methods of structuring and storing information (brain, speech, writing, electronic media),

    2. methods of information exchange (speech, travel on foot, on horseback, on trains, over the Internet)

    3. information processing methods (brain, mathematics, computers, artificial distributed intelligence).

    Evolution used the bodies of living beings exclusively to improve methods of working with information. This stage is over today. That is why the human body has not changed for a long time, in contrast to the rapid growth of methods of working with information right before our eyes.

    Today, man, driven by Evolution, develops artificial means of working with information, and uses the body to reproduce the population and improve the conditions of his existence in order to free himself in favor of intellectual activity. If 300 years ago 95% of the population was engaged in food production, today only 5-10% are engaged in it. Point.


    It is necessary to consider the instincts associated with the survival of the body and the work of the intellect (consciousness) in isolation from each other. The evolutionary drive to search for new information and process it gradually breaks away from the maintenance of the body with its instincts and in many cases is no longer associated with the success of survival and reproduction.

    We can clearly see this in the statistics of population growth. The more a population engages in intellectual activity, the less rapidly it reproduces, and vice versa.

    The evolution of bodies as carriers of the brain-for a long time the only tool for processing information-is a thing of the past. Man today creates a replacement for himself in the form of artificial intelligence and cannot stop on this path, because he blindly fulfills his role in the general Evolutionary process of complicating first the structures of matter, and now the methods of information processing. This is our blind, inevitable fate. There's nothing you can do.

    Instincts and consciousness are now separated forever from each other.

  12. And that's who even said that consciousness is against the laws of nature. This is simply one of the ways to develop the survival system of organisms. For example, there is a passive method – this is the usual theory of evolution, but it has a drawback, if the conditions of the environment where the organism lives change faster than the organism has time to adapt to it, it dies. To do this, nature has awareness and intelligence. They help organisms survive in different environments using different methods, compare the habitat of humans and the same monkey. Along with the development of consciousness and intelligence, the territory in which organisms live also increases.

    In general, there is a persistent misconception that a person is a fucking conscious being. A person has the beginnings of consciousness and a certain potential for its development, but today's average level of consciousness development in humans is quite low ( especially since it is artificially underestimated in addition) and the so-called elite of humanity (the most conscious and capable individuals of the human species) is not particularly in a hurry to raise this average indicator.

  13. Nature is the cradle of Reason. The role of nature is like the steps of a rocket-to burn up to throw a person into space. That is, the evolution of Nature is over on Earth, now it is the turn of the evolution of Social Systems of Humanity (author: philosopher Sergey Sukhonos).

  14. Nature itself has given us reason, so as not to go along with our instincts, but to approach everything intelligently, subordinating our “wishlist” to reason. Otherwise, they wouldn't be any different from animals. Instincts do not give development, and are on the contrary harmful.

  15. evolution is not a purposeful process, so a question like “why” doesn't make sense. it just so happened along the way that. and the laws of nature are not a code like a criminal code that you can just break. the laws of nature are “stitched” in itself, and it will not be possible to break them with all the desire

  16. This is necessary in order to expand the possibility of bringing pain to a person, but physical pain didn't seem enough, so we decided to include suffering on a conscious level, conscience, compassion, empathy and other bad habits

  17. Evolution is not an aunt who decides to give or not to give) Certain traits are themselves fixed or not fixed in the process of natural selection. If they were profitable for survival, then they were fixed. The presence of consciousness as we have does not go into any contradiction. A person is able to go against his instincts, but most often he does not go. Only in certain situations where it makes a lot of sense. But in general, we live just like other animals, mostly driven by our instincts. We have bred well, almost 8 billion individuals. So everything works as it should. The main task of a living organism is performed successfully. Our instincts still control us, even despite the more developed areas of the brain, consciousness and other buns) People still want to survive, fuck, and have fun. The vast majority of people live by it)

  18. I don't know why, Ksenia, you asked a question about evolution to me – someone who doesn't believe in evolution, but believes in creation.
    For my part, I will say that a person must overcome himself – this is his highest goal. Just as an ear grows out of a grain, and the grain must die in order to be reborn, so a person – if he follows his instincts-will remain barren.

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