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  1. I'm not a philosopher, of course, but I understand the open possibility as follows::

    Is man a living being? – yes. Yes, and reasonable. That is, it is characterized by contradictions, throwing, searching, intelligence. And when choosing a particular solution, he is given the opportunity to choose. And what a person chooses is already his decision as a result of spiritual searches and torments. That is, a person is free to act one way or another, and, therefore, all paths and all opportunities are open to him. But what he chooses is a purely personal decision. A decision that was chosen as a result of reflection. And before the person all roads in development are open. And the person himself already chooses what he needs. What to take, where to go. Not everyone can take advantage of the opportunity provided by the universe or fate. But for each person, sooner or later, opportunities open up. And, most importantly, do not miss this opportunity.

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