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  1. I will answer the question with a question: do you personally know at least one of those who were called clever people and philosophers?


    Then how were you going to drink with them?

    Oh, you know!

    So ask him personally why he doesn't drink in your company?

    How do you ask questions by pointing your finger at the sky?

  2. The problem will disappear if you put a large mirror in front of you, look at the face of a “philosopher” or “smart guy”, as you like… Take a good look at the image, then fill your glass with your favorite alcoholic drink and carefully (so as not to break the mirror)clink glasses with your opposite number…

    So did Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (Nobel Prize winner) in his student work on the stages of intoxication.

    The same thing was done by a relative of the” Caucasian captive ” in the film of the same name, when his boss entered the room where the “bride” was closed. Be the third! And then you will always have someone to drink with.

  3. This question is very difficult to answer, because it is formulated as two completely unrelated things, like two separate questions.

    An example of a similar question: “Why wasn't a cure for cancer invented, but a covid vaccine was invented?”

    Nevertheless, I will try to give an answer, I will answer each of the parts of the question separately.

    -Why are all the answers clever, philosophers?

    First of all, I want to ask, but really everything? Let's assume that this is the case.

    I think that people who answer questions give the impression of being clever and philosophical for two reasons.

    1. Answer questions just those people who believe that they know something and understand the topic.
      2.They are answered by people who are ready to reflect and philosophize on the topic of the question posed.

    “Why isn't there someone to drink with in real life?”

    It's hard to say without knowing you and your situation. Maybe you don't have many drinkers in your environment, or maybe you didn't take the initiative and didn't offer them a drink, or maybe you did, but I did at the time, for example, when potential drinking buddies were busy with something. There can be many options.

  4. In your question, there are two parts that relate to each other in the same way as the parts of the well-known saying “in the garden there is an elder tree, and in Kiev there is an uncle”. By the way, there is nothing more real than philosophy – the relation of thinking to being, consciousness to cognition. And alcohol is most often used as a way to escape from reality ( as practice shows, it is absolutely ineffective). It turns out like in a joke: either take off the cross, or put on your underpants.

  5. You're wrong … You can have a drink with me, for example. Why not? Easily. By the way, there is no contradiction in your question. All “smart guys” and philosophers” weak to drink. Why don't we slap a shot glass? And, mind you, I didn't suggest it …

  6. Therefore, there is no one with whom, because they are all philosophers. We have always been managed, managed, and will continue to be managed like a herd. Now, for example, it is fashionable to go in for sports, drink fresh fruit from natural sources, indulge in self-love, and most importantly, be in a trend! Oh, how! Everyone strives to be in the trend, who is not in the trend-sorry, they are godlessly outdated. And everyone goes out of their way to match the time. Rather, they give us the appearance that we can't survive in the modern world without it. Only a few people understand that trends are very short-term things. I am not against the trends of the current youth, but they will find it difficult to fall due to their age. But we'll have someone to drink withπŸ˜‚

  7. Alternatively, invite one of the answers over for a drink. Otherwise it turns out strange: so to speak, mix colors to get purple and complain about the fact that white does not work out))

  8. A person filled with worldly wisdom will not poison himself with poisons. Our Planet is endlessly filled with joy.

    Morning, today, I'm coming. The mood wants to be… and then a loud chirp of sparrows, talking about something. I looked at them, and the smile came out on its own. I said hello, wished them joy and already the mood is great! Let's have a cup of tea, coffee and chat. Let our World be a joy for everyone, starting with the inner World!

  9. 1) You can stop drinking, then you will be able to join the smart guys and philosophers.

    2) We often think that the right one will come… the best drinking buddy and we will definitely become happy. But is it true?

  10. In all spiritual practices, drunkenness is either frowned upon or prohibited.
    And the higher the level of Purity of spirituality, the more strictly it is observed. The logic of the question is that all, literally all states of voluntary insanity are deadly for the individual and society under the influence of the administered drugs.
    Drugs, chemicals, drugs that aggravate the psyche.
    Clearly, the mind must be pure in order not to accept sin or informational error.
    Make an experiment on yourself
    : 1. a cage, you, a monkey, a grenade.
    2. give the monkey alcohol and then a grenade.
    3. close from the inside and wait for the result.
    And all questions will disappear at the moment of explosion.

  11. More and more people are getting acquainted with the truth, knowledge that Mr. Gref does not want to bring to the common man … Many people, having seen the light, refuse alcohol! Alcohol is A DRUG (GOST USSR) THAT BREAKS THE HUMAN-GOD COMMUNICATION CHANNEL! True knowledge-Revelations to people of the New Age, Interpretation of Revelations to people of the New Age, Energy-informational medicine of the future, 224 answers of the Creator (God) to people's questions, the Creator's Doctrine.

  12. Why not with whom? Have a drink with the mirror, it's the perfect companion! not smarter than you or more stupid, does not philosophize, never interrupts, even drinks the same as you.

  13. Because talking about life and answering tricky questions is one thing, but drinking is quite another!

    These are significantly different behavioral patterns.

    As a comparison of warm and green.

  14. Answering this question, I accordingly focus on my Personal understanding, the possibility of a “problem” is not excluded, according to the content of the question. Answer: In essence, “Everyone” in the process of their life activities tends to develop themselves, accumulate knowledge, improve, accumulate their life experience, etc. In turn, self-actualize, share knowledge-opinions, accumulated life experience, etc. For this reason, in their free time, having such an opportunity, a person in the” Answers ” and expresses their opinion, shares the available information – their Personal life experience. And to drink for no reason, just because there is nothing else to do, is in my opinion one of the last stages of mental degradation. Therefore, in “real life” those who have fallen to this level are really rare. I sincerely wish you Health, Love, Happiness and all the best, as well as more often visit the “Answers” – fill up and share your information, your life experience. This is just my opinion and that's all. Good Luck To All !

  15. Clever people, clever women, philosophers and so on and so forth are masks. Knowledge of terminology and slogans is nothing without practice. Remove the “mask” and say-tired, tired? Nope) you don't have anyone to drink with? Mind you, I didn't suggest it!

  16. They are both clever and philosophical because they have perfectly learned to live without alcohol. Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, only those who will not say anything in real life begin to talk about high things. Alcohol does not add intelligence, it adds courage and impudence to ignoramuses.

  17. a true philosopher treats such questions = philosophically. A skeptic believes that drinking with someone is no more useful than not drinking with someone else. The Stoic believes that drinking tea in contemplation of new goals is much more pleasant than giving lectures (because stoics need to” lecture ” on the parade ground and give commands); The Cynic will be ready to drink anything with you, but for free and without philosophizing (until it has started…and the hedonist will find it impossible to tear himself away from the sofa of heavenly pleasures – he must be lured and given to him in his own enjoyment (but remember that with you he “lives once”, because “in life you need to have time to try everything”) … and yes! God forbid you bother a Zen Buddhist – he'll hit you with a stick and take your drinks – because that's the whole point of philosophy!

  18. Because a person attracts those who he is like, are you sure that you want to drink and what? Drinking alcohol is a bad habit, although I would not refuse a glass of good wine on a festive day!

    I would treat you to a cup of coffee!

  19. Because the movement of people, like molecules, is chaotic. To create a certain concentration, you need to prepare the conditions. As it was at Vysotsky's: one evening the patricians gathered at the Capitol to share the news and drink a little alcohol. Therefore, you need to collect symposia, forums and everything will be decorous and noble, and not some kind of drunkenness.

  20. Have you tried pouring it ? Nightingales are not fed fables ! Friendship-starts with a bottle… As the wheel will anoint – and roll ! I wish you every success in finding your drinking buddies…

  21. Because everyone wants to drink with people of equal intelligence. Apparently, your level of intelligence is so low that it is very difficult for you to find a drinking companion.
    Go to the railway station. There are many people in the area who are your equal in intelligence. You can have a drink with them.

  22. The categories “everyone” and” not with anyone ” are overly abstract. Therefore, the question is also abstract and does not imply a concrete answer. This is not a question, but rather a statement and demonstration of subjective experience.

  23. Because in real life, the opposite is true,if you have someone to drink with, then you don't need clever people and philosophers.We immediately become them ourselves.It remains to invite you to visit, where we can discuss everything over a “glass of tea”.

  24. You drink with the wrong people. There are philosophers before the glass, and there are after. The former are usually frowning and preoccupied, while the latter are cheerful and simple-minded. Well, for example, like me.:))

  25. Because conditional “answers” exist in the world of ideas, in which philosophers have been like fish in water since Plato's time. But with “real life” it is more difficult, because until now they do not always agree on what can be considered reality. Plus, to all the introversion of “wisdom lovers”, you can also add quarantine with self-isolation – you won't really sit over a cup of tea. Although drinking itself does not particularly interfere with philosophy, it is proved by dervishes and Sufis.

  26. Because it's not recommended to drink with just anyone to keep your mind straight. Even a Coke. In my life, there were a couple of cases when, after solving a very difficult problem, they got rid of me, referring specifically to the fact of drinking with them. Unfortunately, I'm not smart enough – I keep believing people…

  27. Because, Alyonushka, for a joint drink, you need to sit opposite each other, eye to eye and start a conversation, in which, most often, it is impossible to “edit” what is said. “The word is not a sparrow.” And here – flutter your thoughts on any sources and… “smarten up” to your heart's content.

  28. Your question contains four unsubstantiated claims. I'll bet you that:

    1) not all those who answer here are smart people;

    2) not all philosophers;

    3) you can always find someone to drink with, especially at your expense;

    4) smart people and philosophers are not required to drink (and in general, and specifically with you).

    Finally, what's stopping you from drinking alone? Or, in your opinion, the presence of a drinking companion justifies drinking, gives it the status of a cultural event? Don't kid yourself…

  29. I'll never believe it if you have a drink and you can't find someone to talk to you you just need to offer someone a drink yourself and I assure you that after that you will find both a smart person and a philosopher for yourself and you will understand the meaning of life and find answers to almost all your questions!!!!!

  30. I hope I understood the question correctly, and I will also answer it correctly: few people can express their thoughts well in the way they would like. To be honest, I also speak in real life as an ordinary person, and not as people represent philosophers. Also, those who have a beautiful inner world may simply be shy or afraid to show it to others. In general, there are many factors why it is difficult to find such people, but I think these are the main ones.

  31. So because they are sober).

    And as they say, everyone is smart in hindsight)

    Although for me, it is much easier to sit here and answer questions by pretending to be an expert than in real life to give a detailed answer while justifying it, either with experience or facts.

  32. Your insinuation that a drunk person is prone to philosophy is understandable. But humans invented the Internet.I'm afraid they don't fully appreciate his ability to influence people yet.So get used to a new round in development .

  33. The causal relationship is broken. After drinking, everyone becomes a philosopher. In vino veritas. And after all, everyone has a purely original concept.
    Do you want a drink? Drink up, don't be smart. If only for the benefit!

  34. Yes, just because virtual reality and off – line life are, as they say, two big differences. For example, try to prove that I'm not a robot. Can you do it?”

  35. Yes, it is really a problem to find a normal interesting drinking companion. You can still find a good booze, but it's nice and fun to share it with someone…

  36. There are some people who can not pass by that would be on any (almost) question to give their advice, recommendation, wish.They probably have a very rich imagination,but as a rule they can't do anything by themselves.Apparently, having read on the Internet the same fans to speculate, they themselves share “knowledge”.As they say, “paper” will endure everything.

  37. Maybe not with those eager to drink?))) Change your social circle, or rather log out of the network and call your friends and acquaintances… Yes, just go outside in the end! Distract yourself from the local smart guys, and maybe meet one of them and be sure to go to the store for a bottle of something delicious)))

  38. You need to search, search. As a rule, good interlocutors over a glass of wine or a glass of vodka are in places where alcoholic beverages are not served, more often in the open air. And more. There is a wise and ancient rule: a friend is someone with whom you can be silent even over a bottle of wine.

  39. You have the wrong friends.. imho. Here I am with my friends (2 friends from childhood), I can not communicate for months, but how will we get together, as if we met yesterday…

  40. You can come with me. But the distances compounded by covid negated everything. For two years now, I have not been able to visit Malaya Rodina or St. Petersburg hangouts. And left the city altogether. That is, I live in a new reality.

    Now we are hostages of the Network.

    20 x 20

    Spring is infected,

    The soul is infected –

    Hanging over the country

    The invisible war.

    Toxic to me now

    Neighbors and friends:

    I won't let them in the door –

    You can't come to me now!

    Grandfather is afraid of his grandson,

    The mother is afraid of children:

    The whole world of coronobred

    Hurry up to crown!

    And if you are old and gray-haired,

    And if you are a”beggar”,

    Then there is no chance at all

    Extend your life span and race.

    Trump calls the infection

    And globalists too:

    “You're the devil's sister,

    Quickly destroy them!

    What did Malthus say?

    – If the people are poor,

    Why should we feed them

    Such a large offspring?

    And if the horse is lame,

    I'm sorry, Bill.

    I must confess that I love you.

    I didn't like it before.

    So what's there to cheat on?

    I'm glad to admit it:

    It will remain to reign

    Only the best billion!

    Not enough for everyone, no,

    No bread, no water.

    The light will disappear in the huts

    And there is smoke over the nomad camp.

    A threat now

    Not God's wrath and the beast –

    Lost Souls Catcher,

    The new man himself.


    As in Krylov's fable

    This quartet is out of order.

    Pied pipers can't sing,

    When there is no agreement.

    That's how people live

    In strife and in evil.

    So how many years will we be

    Don't understand each other

    And suffer, suffering

    On the cursed Earth?


  41. Why drink it? Think about it. What are you missing?What is it about alcohol? In fact, there is nothing in no without which a happy life is impossible. On the contrary, life is happier and fuller without alcohol.

  42. Believe me, smart guys and philosophers are also very much not against drinking=)

    It's just that sometimes they need to voice this desire, otherwise they are constantly being clever and philosophizing, where can they find time to think about whether they want a drink or not?

    So feel free to offer!πŸ˜‰

  43. I have lived on this earth for quite a long time and I still don't fully understand the philosophy of how people behave in communication with each other!So why do people want to show themselves to be philosophers in theory, but in reality they do not live according to the principles of what they are broadcasting! Of course, it all depends on what a person has lived and what he has been doing for most of his life! Take our teachers!Do they all live as we are taught? Of course not!What about our favorite actors who should be our role models? It's all the fault of the atmosphere that surrounds us!The principle of today's life in Russia is consumable in all spheres and relations, Putin's capitalism has killed the meaning of creation in the current person,ersatz food is being dumped into the country from the West,and we ,the citizens of Russia, are greedily consuming everything that is thrown out of Western garbage dumps!Clothing,food,mass culture, fashion, drug addictions, the youth craze for Western cacophonous music! No! A person should remain a person in all respects,and most importantly be himself not only in reasoning but also in relations with people,especially in society!

  44. This is because you are expecting “Responses” from a non-matching resource. But the answers from the dating site would be perfect for you. There, of course, will be a minimum of philosophy, but a drink at the corporate party is provided.

  45. It's an old-fashioned song. Diogenes, why are you poor? if you're so smart? Another quote: A mind released in an unintelligent age is dangerous to its owner (Marquess of Halifax).

  46. And the whole point is, colleague, sho all these philosophers and clever people are extraordinary goons !I pinned nadys one in a dark alley, wanted to rub it out about philosophy. So I raised such a high, bitch, sho I stuffed his face and let him go . And the humanist also scrapes off all the labels on bottles . So you can lose faith in humanity

  47. Madame (mademoiselle), if you need to have a drink for free communication ( I correctly mean not tea, not coffee?), then the topics will, I think, be very far from scientific.

  48. Maybe for the same reason why they don't hit themselves over the head with frying pans?

    I go into the living room, immediately invited to the table. I look – everyone has a frying pan at the table, and an empty one at that. And each of the pans is different-in color, size, shape… apparently, who likes which one best. Strange, I think… Okay, I'll sit down. They also offer me a frying pan.

    “Why,” I ask.

    “Like why?” Need. New Year's Eve after all, come on.

    “Give what?”

    They laugh… I look like I'm a little kid asking some stupid questions.

    They all take a frying pan, make a speech ala “shchastya-zdorovya”, and let's hit ourselves on the head with them. I'm in shock, I don't understand what's going on. And then they ask me:

    – Why don't you hit me?”

    “I don't… want to do that-it's a stupid feeling when you have to make excuses for not doing something stupid.”

    And then strange persuasions begin:

    – Why don't you try it, at least for the company!

    – I just don't understand why.” My head will hurt later… I somehow want to take care of myself.

    – Oh, come on, don't break the tradition, from a couple of blows with good, high-quality frying pans, nothing terrible will happen.

    – Our people just don't know how to beat. If they start , they won't stop, they'll get so full that it gets dark in the eyes, hence all the problems. My grandfather beat me all my life, and nothing, he lived to be 90 years old.

    – I think he might have lived much longer if he hadn't.”..

    “What are you saying,” they interrupt, ” that you want to forbid me?” If I don't interfere with anyone, I can hit them as much as I want. And in general, after work I have the right to do anything!

    Then I hear something from the news on TV out of the corner of my ear. “…hit 5 people. Three died on the spot. According to preliminary data, the driver beat himself on the head with a frying pan…”

    Noticing my attention to this, I immediately notice:

    “Here.” He also doesn't know how to hit, why did he get behind the wheel if he was already full?

    – But you support this whole culture yourself. You do what everyone else does, and everyone else does what you do. All of you feed from it and simultaneously feed it yourself. If the culture was different, if it was customary not to hit yourself on the head with a frying pan, but to do something different, you would do what that culture would tell you to do.

    Imagine, for example, that all people would drink alcohol?

    – Come on, what kind of nonsense is this? What kind of fool would pour poison into himself? That's a lot of nonsense…

    And here from different sides:

    – You're so weird!”

    – Besides, you think too much.

    Here I sit now and think… What's wrong with me ?!

  49. Maybe because the brain suffers when used.

    The same “high”, fog in thoughts and confusion of consciousness that is experienced after drinking alcohol is nothing more than the DEATH of brain CELLS, including from hypoxia due to the gluing of red blood cells and the appearance of blood clots in the vessels, and along with the death of cells, neural connections are torn and, as a result, intellectual abilities decrease.

  50. Where are you living? I don't have anyone to talk to either((

    Even if I don't know how to drink much, I only write answers here and express my own opinion.

    And the question is what are you going to drink? Maybe after certain drinks not to philosophize)))

    Like with me…

  51. Because smart people try not to drink alcohol, if that's what you mean. Because they know what the consequences might be. And philosophers don't drink because they don't have time to drink.

  52. The philosopher, according to Socrates, often has a quarrelsome wife who matches his Xanthippe. Remember Socratic: marry in any case-you will get a good wife – you will be happy, a bad one – you will become a philosopher. They say Xanthippe used to hit him on the head when he was drunk with a pitcher that he had emptied… I think you understand why, people who are inclined to philosophy, if they drink, then only under the pillow and in a room remote from their wife.)))

  53. An interesting observation, but, in my opinion, one-sided…. There is someone to drink with, but to talk-alas…
    “Being clever and philosophizing” is a trait of theorists. Sometimes they are too far from practice: we know how to play football, but to hammer a nail is “not a royal matter”….
    And you, apparently, have met completely terry theorists, since even the procedure of “taking on the chest” is beyond them:)

  54. Because philosophers love solitude, nature, solitude. But this is certainly not shish kebabs in nature, but fishing, silence, picking mushrooms, And the philosopher can drink it himself – not necessarily a crowd is needed for this.

  55. in a heartfelt conversation with a friend and drink is appropriate, and if you don't even have someone to drink with, then there are no relatives in the spirit of people, although they can be smart people and philosophers in a certain sphere of life.

  56. Smart guys, as a rule, are not addicted to alcohol. In real life, smart people are usually experts in their field of activity. Therefore, if you are interested in drinking or other issues, then you can find a drinking companion without any problems, and a specialist in the subject of interest is very difficult. All people understand something, but otherwise they are ignorant. Finding a specialist is not easy.

  57. Because in cyberspace, everything is available to us every second, and in real life we will have to read monotonous books… And if you need to drink tea, call me, I have sugar from the pantry has not yet evaporated

  58. What's the point of drinking? And who are these “all clever people, philosophers…”? In general, it's just that some “philosophies” do not fit in with “real life”, but are a way to escape from it into fairy-tale universes. So was the booze.

  59. According to the rules of” how to live”, it is very difficult to live. Sometimes it all depends on the mood, as well as many other factors. Answers are based on theory, but in real life everything is conditional. Sometimes you know what's right or best, but…

  60. I don't drink. This is contraindicated for me for medical reasons. Any amount of alcohol is unacceptable, as it can kill my pancreas. For the same reason, I turn away from the gate and all religious people who want to introduce me to the alcoholic communion.

    And quite healthy “smart people”, if they have sufficient consciousness, will not pour a disinfectant liquid into themselves, but will prefer tea or coffee, mors or compote to it.

    The art of relaxing without alcohol is worth a lot. Another thing is that those who do not know how to do this yet are usually afraid to admit this problem to themselves. When you sit next to a person, and the brakes in your head do not allow you to loosen your tongue. But the real problem here is not that you don't poison yourself with alcohol, but that you don't have anything in common to discuss.

    Sane people use speech precisely to exchange useful information. If there is no need, they are silent. It is ok.

    Prolonged silence indicates a lack of vital activity and encourages those who are silent to do something new. A gap in speech helps to fill a gap in life. And this is great in its own way.

  61. Yes, because clever people and philosophers are clever people and philosophers because they do not drink alcoholic beverages, even if they are treated. Especially with casual drinkers.

  62. Yes, I must admit that I have had no one to drink with for many years of my life, but at the same time I am not a philosopher, but only an analyst.

  63. It turns out. that everyone thinks of themselves as an expert, with titles and titles ,but you can have three educations and not answer the elementary, everyone begins to philosophize, flaunt special terms and people look at the answer like a patient on a prescription from a polyclinic …but simply and concisely, no one really answered , only those who have more likes and a wider forehead compete, and real life has moved to the Internet and many people drink at the computer, so give up this business, read books, play sports……….

  64. Unfortunately, everyone knows how to communicate only on the Internet, reason and think, but in real life, everyone is silent, and they do not know how to behave, where to say what, and if you drink it is generally better to be silent, many people drink alone

  65. Nice judgment. I'm afraid I don't know and won't believe it if someone answers it exactly.
    This question is equivalent to the theory of relativity: “meow-not meow, that's the question”☺
    But I think that if you “drink”, then our country is probably the wisest in the world.
    I understand your sarcasm. Indeed, there is a lot of such “expertise” here and I often see, well, so much nonsense and a desire to “stake out a column” that I have something similar.☺

  66. I think so, in real life, smart guys and philosophers just don't drink…;))

    But in fact, this is true everywhere – no one violates traffic rules in the comments, no one ever litters in nature, grandmothers are transferred across the road… A person always wants to appear better than he really is. It is ok.

  67. Have you or haven't you been beaten for a long time? This is the stage I passed. Youth, arguments before fights, especially over drinks. Everyone has their own opinion, ambition, know-it-all, categorical attitude. And only with age do we begin to understand that it is impossible to know everything and in many ways you are wrong yourself and you should not argue over drunkenness. This will not lead to good and you will not be able to defend your rightness

  68. Good question. Indeed, the TRUTH is to be found only in WINE.
    It's hard to disagree with you.
    And we are trying to find it (the truth)in the treatises of ancient clever people. And where are our guys?
    Friends, ” Let's raise our glasses, co-win them all at once. Long live the muses, long live reason!

  69. Actually, in the network, not all ” smart guys and philosophers, sometimes they write such nonsense that you marvel at the stupidity and separation from reality of this person. And how much does everyone from half a turn to squabbling and insults translate? Also clearly not from a great mind and a penchant for philosophy.

  70. Yes, not a question at all!_pish in PM, choose a place and time, romantic *it's important to hate banality and dullness.., drink whiskey or something else, ahh..and then we'll talk))

  71. Dear Alyona, the whole point is that here, in the information field, people communicate who have slightly different needs that lie in the cognitive field that is not related to leisure, accompanied by alcohol and drunk conversations.A society that asks the question, do you respect me, can be found in any pub or nightclub,and there will be no shortage of drinking buddies either.Have a good holiday.

  72. philosophizing nerds and people who actually walk the Earth have different goals: – the first is a show-off, – and the second is just the” voiced ” wisdom of their life.

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