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  1. First, such concepts as fatalism are deeper than most assessments and generally at their core, that is, in order to assess it, you must first choose fatalism or some of its opposite. And if you choose fatalism, then you will not perceive it as something bad, but on the contrary — you will perceive any non-fatalism as something bad.

    Secondly, those who have chosen non-fatalism (there is a wide range of views that allow for a less rigid predestination of what is happening), consider the passivity that supposedly follows from it to be the main argument against it. This is called ” lazy sophism “(ignava ratio). Here is what Cicero writes about this:“Nor will we be confused by the so-called lazy sophismρργὸς λόγος, as the philosophers call it, which, if obeyed, means giving up all activity in life altogether. They, these philosophers, argue: “If you are destined to recover from this disease, then whether you take a doctor or not, you will recover. And if you are destined not to recover from this disease, then whether you take a doctor or not, you will not recover. Both depend on fate. Therefore, there is no point in calling a doctor for help” (On Fate 12:28-29).

    In reality, of course, this is nothing more than propaganda: fatalism does not imply lazy sophism. The desire or unwillingness to do something and all the arguments on this topic from the point of view of fatalism are just as predetermined as everything else. Moreover, there is the stoic and then Nietzschean concept of amor fati (love of fate), according to which it is fatalism that makes a person fearless and truly active.

  2. Fatalism makes it impossible to maneuver, deprives a person of the opportunity to choose something, change, improve, hope for the best, and in general – to feel like the master, at least partially of his fate, few people like it. You are just a doll in the hands of fate, and often such a fate, which is not very pleasant.
    In Dante's inferno, the sign at the entrance read abandon hope, you who enter here. Fatalism to some extent, though not directly, but sometimes indirectly says almost the same thing, in my subjective opinion.

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