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  1. Because the concept of free will has nothing to do with the ability to live a life without error, rather quite the opposite. Free will is the basis for attributing responsibility, and responsibility is usually attributed to mistakes, not to their absence. To the extent that we need to be held accountable, we need to understand who made the wrong decision and whether we assume that the other decision did not require superhuman effort. If it was not required and the choice was made by a person, then this is a situation of free will, which entails responsibility for the decision. If making a different decision required an effort that we consider superhuman, or was made not in consciousness (but, for example, in a state of passion), then this is no longer free will and responsibility of a completely different kind.

  2. Ideality and infallibility are not criteria for free action, because free action is not definitely identical to successful and guaranteed action. A successful action is an action that achieves its goals, nothing more. It may well not be free.

    An action can be free only if you recognize your own authorship and responsibility, but another thing is that your strength and capabilities may not be sufficient to achieve a certain result. A free action can be a losing action, and an action that you are not the author of cannot be a losing action.

  3. The FREE WILL of a very poorly educated and ill-mannered person –

    makes a person's life a nightmare hell –

    according to the proverb “The main Enemy of a person is himself.”

  4. The only freedom that exists is the freedom to choose who or what a person wants to be dependent on. THERE ARE NO OTHER FREEDOMS, because a person always depends on someone or something. We turn on the mind and look at our life from the position of an observer and discover a lot of new things for ourselves.

  5. Yes, we are free to choose what to do and how to do it, but the consequences of our choice may not always be known for sure. So it happens that a person thinks that he is doing the right thing at a given time based on the situation, and after some time the consequence can be unpredictable.

  6. A person has free will, but this does not mean that he knows how to implement it. A person is free to choose something, but because he is not omniscient, some of his decisions lead to mistakes.

  7. But we cannot resist our passions and temptations of the world only by our own strength,without God's help.This is evidenced by experience,and the experience of fathers.There is a will of its own,but it is weak, easily bent to any madness.There are rules under which the Lord protects a person,and gives freedom from passions, and there are rules under which the Lord allows an unclean spirit to tempt a person,and these spirits are much stronger than a person,do not sleep,do not eat,are always ready,with centuries-old experience of fighting.He who wills finds wisdom,but he who wills rejects it, because IT is HIS OWN WILL.

  8. Although free will exists(probably), it is not always possible to implement it. A person is free to do what you want, but wait, there are rules, boundaries. And now you are in a rut and your will, although not someone else's, hardly allows you to go .

    Errors are a different thing. Mistakes include miscalculation, lack of experience, and proper advice. After all, knowing everything for sure and all the outcomes of the case, there would not have been so many mistakes. And what is considered a mistake? No one really knows what is waiting around the corner, sometimes mistakes save us from something.

    And that in the end: In order to reveal your will, you need to move the framework correctly and accumulate experience with prosperity. Otherwise, you are harnessed, they dig beds for you.

  9. How does one relate to the other? Free will does not mean making decisions that are absolutely right, but those that seem right to YOU, that's what free will is. And if you always live unmistakably according to someone's suggestions, it will be bland, boring, very boring and there will be nothing to remember at all later.

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