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  1. The laws that GOD has prescribed for man are very harsh. They limit human activity by 99%. This is due not only to the person himself, but also to the preservation of life in the Solar System. But, humanity laughs at these laws and therefore it is now on the verge of disaster.

  2. Maybe because it contains moral precepts that forbid doing certain things. For example, to steal or change.

    Perhaps also because believers often try to impose their views on others.

  3. On the one hand, religion is always a set of ideas, norms, and prescriptions. Simplified – go there, don't go here. Well, or “do not steal”, no..

    Another issue is that religious values and principles ( usually universal) set us in motion and encourage us to act. When we see injustice, violation of some Fundamental human values.

    This is how we overcome our own boundaries, limitations, fears, and doubts.

    Most likely, this is considered so, because many principles turn into dogma, often with a watered-down meaning. So “it is necessary”, so it is written. And for a free person, such “norms” are akin to prison.

  4. In part, this “bill” is well founded. To begin with, when they talk about “religion”, they mean Christianity or Islam. Few people on the Runet remember about shamans, Buddhists, Hare Krishnas, tribal and tribal totems of African tribes. Therefore, restrictions are sought specifically in Christianity and Islam. Let the followers of Mahomet speak for Islam, as for Christianity, it implies a meaningful refusal of a person to do anything that is not worthy of the holiness of God. This is really self-restraint: refusing to lie, having sex with anyone other than the legitimate wife/husband, spending money on charity instead of entertainment…
    However, often ” restrictions “mistakenly mean the refusal of believers to uncritically accept” non-scientific “theories from the public”atheist”. Moreover, the “non-restricted” ones themselves are not always in harmony with the school curriculum in physics or history. No one is even going to seriously argue with such” teasers ” from representatives of a competing ideology, since they, in addition to being completely detached from reality, are not intended to establish the truth, but are intended exclusively for trolling.

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