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  1. People are different.

    There are, for example, those who themselves climb into the wilderness and live for years in complete solitude. And nothing. Then it happens that they break through so much that they talk incessantly and, for some reason, many people consider their words wisdom.

    Although in my humble opinion, you can not find wisdom far from people.

    We're talking about “true solitude,” aren't we?!

    Because, judging by the question, there is an ordinary loneliness, which is necessary for a person to comprehend life. Then the person is not alone. As one of the ancients said: “I'm my own theater.”

    Finally, loneliness is very common among people. Especially in large metropolitan areas. There are a lot of people around and no one to talk to. And I don't even know which is scarier: “true loneliness” or loneliness among people?!

    I was impressed at the time by the movie “Rogue”, where my favorite actor Tom Hanks played the main role. The plot of the film, by the way, is based on a real event, when the victim of a plane crash, a person not only survived, but managed to get to the island, where he lived for more than four years.

    The other person used a volleyball as a conversation partner. In the film, Chuck-the name of Hanks ' character-gives the ball its name “Wilson”. One of the most dramatic scenes in the film is when Chuck loses Wilson when he manages to escape into the open sea, breaking the waves of the surf. Chuck's grief feels like he's lost the most precious “person” in his life.

    I think that human consciousness from birth has a kind of focus on another person. First the mother, who first instills in us the need for communication, and then the family… society.

    If this stage is skipped, then a person never becomes a person again, like Mowgli's children.

    Human nature turns out to be social, it is determined not by DNA, but by the socialization of human society, which is acquired at an early age and becomes necessary until death.

    That's why a person endures loneliness so hard.

  2. Because a person is a biosocial being. That is, a person needs both biological (food, sleep, housing, etc.) and social conditions (communication, consumption and production of information, relationships, etc.) for his full-fledged life activity.

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