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  1. So just when religion does not bother anyone, then there are no problems.
    �Problems start when the church gets involved in secular things. All sorts of prohibitions and moralizing.
    �Very much even hinders:
    -When the church decides who should do what and where and tries to put bans on certain events.
    -When the church meddles in demographic policy, in issues of marriage, in abortion, in issues of sexual education, education, etc
    .-And the most important problem is the spread of hatred towards certain people. This is actually an article, but for some reason you can read it.
    – Spread of sexism and homophobia to the same place.
    – Participation in state propaganda of poverty and obedience.
    – Attempts to make Orthodoxy the only possible state religion.
    – Counteracting progress.

    Naturally, I am talking about a very specific church, and not about religion in the abstract. But. In connection with the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, many people think about this in the context of Orthodoxy as such. I can't begin to judge how true this is. I'm talking specifically about the Russian Orthodox Church. The rest of the churches and religions have not been touched yet.

  2. Well how… satanists, apparently. ))

    Yes, religion does not interfere with anything, it's all fiction. She never interfered. Even when no one knew anything about the laws of physics.

    Sometimes the position of the state” interferes”. In general, “bodies”. Management. Old times okay, but what do we have now? Is the state secular? Why then do schools teach “fundamentals of religion”, and with a clear emphasis on Orthodoxy?

    Crime's gone up, shit… and to teach “fundamentals of state and law” is useless, there is no subject. And this can be checked by any schoolchild, in contrast to the existence of ubiquitous creatures…

    Who treats you badly, by the way?

    Show me this person. Is he Jewish?” Exactly, a Jew. According to some polls, 80% of Us are Orthodox, and another 18% are Muslims. I don't know where to put Protestants and other Scientologists. So if you're not a Jew, you're a hypocrite. Baska kirdyk, the laws of physics are our everything..

  3. This is a conflict of being, and it is known to shape consciousness. Religion calls a person to live righteously, observe universal laws, do not sin, observe abstinence, be merciful, Most people resist this from a young age, later they realize their vice and are annoyed at their stupidity. To hide this, a person is looking for those to blame. Religion is the extreme one.

  4. The laws of physics will not stop working, but if a person thinks about the reason for the laws of physics, the Spirit of Truth will lead him to God.

    Scientists have not created and will not create a single law of physics, their destiny is to search for already existing laws, study them, systematize and describe them by laws.

    Everything in our world changes except for the laws of physics (nature). They are the basis of the world (Logos). And they are set not in the world, but outside the World.

  5. this is normal,because the more a person becomes a thinker, the more he moves away from faith in God.and it is not religion that hinders others when someone believes,but the discrepancy between the actions of a believer and the laws of religion,that is,it is not believers who interfere, but false believers!

  6. There are many things that religions generate negativity: fanaticism that generates rejection of traditional medicine and improper treatment of diseases (schizophrenia is treated by exorcism, kissing shrines during epidemics, etc.) sometimes only harmful to health, aggressive attitude towards non-believers and sexual minorities, up to murder and persecution; the rejection of reality in favor of fantasy, which often leads to inefficient functioning in some circumstances (for example, a ban on blood transfusions from Jehovah's Witnesses can lead to the death of a member of the community (but by the way, they invest in the development of artificial plasma)) or, for example, parents of different faiths can forbid marriage; domestic violence can be for what is considered sinful in religion, justification of tragedies, injustice, or the authorities by the will of God, etc. etc. The very same belief in the existence of God is not something negative. Negativity is rather generated by some fanatical manifestations of destructive ideas of some radical trends. Well, now it's fashionable for hipsters to be an atheist: they say I'm smart, I don't believe in fairy tales, I know everything, I'm not this superstitious pleb. Self-affirmation thus results in active God-fighting.

  7. Don't equate religion with believers. Everyone treats religion well, including atheists. Religion doesn't teach you anything bad. It's not about religion, but about the believers themselves ( not all of them). There are some examples : they are the first to start a conversation, they answer it themselves, and after 5 minutes I explain why they were answered incorrectly. I can't say for all of them, of course,but I've come across just such people. Well, he believes well, why bother? It would be nice to just exchange opinions, but no, he doesn't rest because “I'm a poor unfortunate, he feels sorry for me” and so he tries to explain, “open his eyes”. Well, come on ! God has revealed himself to him, but I feel sorry for him. Lies : this is a subconscious attempt to control ( God controls everything here, and a person is created in the image and likeness, why should this person not control others?). And how he speaks with such regret ! In Russian-look at me, I am “higher”, only my point of view is correct – this is called pride in your opinion and pret. Religion is like a drug : keep it only to yourself, as soon as you start spreading it, you are a problem for people. I go to church or places where believers gather, and I don't promote atheism. And I've never heard of an atheist asking questions first.

  8. No matter what they say, religion divides people who believe in a particular religion and everyone else. Attempts to get into personal life through TV shows, control over morals, through educational institutions, get into “underpants” with the rules of sex, dictate how someone lives, dresses and spends time. And all this despite the fact that the church has long discredited itself with pedophilia, hatred of dissent and homosexuality.

  9. Most likely, something is a little wrong in the question itself, as it is too ornate to answer it, and the fact is that RELIGION is a way of believing in something, that is, there are different religions. And the negative, let's say in relation to Christianity-Orthodox, it is taken from the fact that there is a certain example of personal behavior, this is when words differ from deeds,and people who are skeptics are such as all seeing, they immediately notice this fact and naturally shift one thing to another, that is, they confuse God with the priest, but this is due to the fact that In principle, this is a very dangerous thing for a not very knowledgeable but not very stable person – dangerous primarily for his Soul.

  10. Religion is always a community with strict rules and moral values. The concept of globalization requires the atomization of humanity and the destruction of communities, starting from the state and ending with the family.

  11. Religion is now viewed negatively.Because they are very intrusive.Religion should be intimate and the consciousness of faith in GOD should come through God if of course there is one.Well, if it does not exist, then no matter how much they impose, the thinking person does not care about it.

  12. I think there are several reasons for this. The first one is indicated in the Bible – at the end of this century, there will be a lot of false prophets, servants of Satan, who will try to attract as many people as possible into their networks (I don't want to quote, I'm too lazy to search, but the meaning is this). And this is really correct – how many false confessions, sects, individual adventurers have now divorced, making money on dark people, preaching not humility and love, but directly setting people up for hatred and rejection. Not to mention the various “Aum senrikyo”, Scientologists, and others that are prohibited by law… At least the latest story about the “holy father”, a former criminal (and maybe the current one?) Father Sergius. Naturally, life is not so simple, so also these shits… Secondly, there is a big role for the Internet, TV, and mass media, which are very greedy for ratings inflated by fried news. These “cultural” services squint with pleasure, sucking on such topics, although they can limit themselves to a brief message. But in essence, they promote crooks and play into their hands. Naturally, people are embittered by this. Especially the reports about the rich and beautiful life of the Church fathers. Where does the positivity come from? And third, read the comments right here in the answers to this question. How much hatred, contempt, superiority there is. Is it from impenetrable drowsiness, or from bloated self-love? Well, you don't believe it. An atheist? “Voltaire is of the opinion that atheism is a vice of a certain circle of intelligent people, but fools have the vice of superstition and fanaticism.” So do not brag about your vice, live in peace and let others live.

  13. In general, it is not clear what the laws of physics have to do with it and how they intersect with religions ??? The fact is that everyone has their own religion and when interests clash, everyone wants the primacy of their own, that's all. For this reason, different religions are negatively treated by other religions… Something like that. .

  14. This is an important question that many people care about. The answer is found in the Bible.
    Since the world is now allowed to be ruled by Satan,and he wants to eliminate even the faintest memories of God from the minds of people, all his activities are aimed at this. There are many reasons to have a negative attitude towards religions. And there are a lot of religions. But in fact, there should be one. God sent his Son to take measures for the salvation of mankind, including organizing a Christian congregation( Greek: Church). meeting)your followers. He gave a guide to action-the Bible ” Happy are you when people insult and persecute you and falsely say all the bad things about you because of me.” (Matthew 5: 11) ” They have persecuted me,and they will also persecute you.””(1 John 5: 19) and so on,so nothing strange.

  15. Religion is now viewed negatively.Elementary people have become more literate and understand many things and processes in nature themselves.I'm an atheist myself.but so many things can't happen on their own.For example, the birth of a child.How can their eggs and sperm form an embryo then dete .Even this is a stretch to explain.but as a child itself is born similar to relatives.However, this cannot be explained simply by genetics.

  16. It is not clear why you are so concerned about someone else's attitude to religion.

    Religious worldview is a matter of personal choice only. If you personally made such a choice, you should be deeply indifferent to the attitude of societystate
    eighbor Vasya to your choice.

    And any copy-breaking on the issue of religiosity in general and religion in particular occurs precisely because people do not want to admit the evidence of the above.

    It is not possible to treat the laws of physics at your own discretion. And to religion-please.

  17. Who bothers a grandmother in a headscarf who crossed herself on the street at a church temple? “No one. What if you make a remark to her that offends her faith and she spits in your face? How can this be regarded? Grandma didn't touch anyone, so you came over and intervened in the process. Yes, the grandmother committed a hooligan act, but if you had passed by in silence… This is a question of faith. All religious conflicts work in the same way. The difference is that in this case, a third person comes up to you and whispers in your ear: “Go, make a remark to your grandmother. Why is she crossing herself here, we don't like to see it!”

  18. Because the tail is wagging the dog. Because that's what I see. For the most part, in the real world, if you take pure numbers, religion is mostly treated neutrally or mostly adjacent to one or another religion.

    And in the information field there is a certain bias that distorts reality. It SEEMS to us that everything is against religion, because we see the speeches of these opponents. But we don't see speeches from people who come out and start a speech on the topic “I'm indifferent to religion, I don't care, I don't give a shit, let them believe what they want.” For these heroes don't care. They are busy with more interesting things.�

    Just like with the news. We see the news – all the time something is happening, so much is happening, it seems to us that this is happening-all around, everything is boiling…

    But that's only because no one tells us how nothing happened in City H. Or something uninteresting and ordinary happened.

    Unusual, emotional, negative – attracts attention and captures it. And it obscures from us all that pile of ordinary, uninteresting and neutral things that we stop noticing it.

  19. Fortunately, the laws of physics do not depend on which God you believe in, they even apply regardless of whether you know about their existence.�

    Now to religion. Specifically in Russia, the situation, in my opinion, is as follows: the church is trying to fit modern society into old models of behavior that are simply irrelevant today. This manifests itself in different ways. At the local level, this is expressed from the church's interference in the activities of educational institutions to outright lobbying for their interests. My personal example (about a sore spot, so to speak): when I was in the 9th grade, we were removed from computer science classes and sent to the local priest, for conversations, on a voluntary-compulsory basis. The purpose of these conversations is still unclear to me – they were some abstract monologues about the role of religion mixed with pro-Putin propaganda. I remember the indignation among both students and parents when the course “Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture” was introduced, despite the fact that there were Muslims and children from agnostic and atheist families among the students. Our textbook was relatively neutral, focusing more on the architecture of churches and icons, and descriptions of certain symbols in Christianity. I saw other textbooks on this discipline, one of them was written under the editorship of Andrey Kuraev, it was something like social studies, but with a religious bias, Russian realities were considered through Orthodox concepts and traditions. In a generalized form, it looked like this: “A woman should not work, she should stay at home, do housework, give birth to children, while maintaining chastity and being feminine. The man is the head of the family, all decisions are made by him.” This raises the question of how this can be applied to our economy, when most of the jobs are occupied by women. On a larger scale, we can see the merger of the Russian Orthodox Church and our government. Many people were outraged by the law on protecting the feelings of believers, because its wording is too vague. In addition, impunity among church officials is annoying. It's easy to find news about drunk priests who hit someone on the road.

    The combination of these factors causes rejection of religion, not to mention the fact that with the falling standard of living of the population and a lack of funds even for food from the TV, a man in gold says that you need to live more modestly.

  20. not to religion as such, but to a particular sect that has taken revenge in Russia. So they set themselves up with their aggressive behavior and seizure of territory. If priests in our country positioned themselves as guardians of traditions, and churches as historical places for peace and tranquility, then there would be no such negative situation. And what do we see? inquisitorial trials of atheists and even children-pokemonschikami (in a secular state!!!), wringing out of the state a place for candle shops, presidents running errands for high priests and the like Middle Ages. well, how do we relate after this (not to religion but) to people who use faith for their own base purposes? (by the way, they are now silent-apparently they were asked to shut up for the time of “zeroing out”)

  21. where do you see that religion is viewed negatively?

    let those who need religion, do not go with their religion to those who do not need it, and everyone will be fine

  22. “Why is religion treated so negatively now? Why does religion interfere with others, because the fact that someone believes in it, the laws of physics will not stop working?”

    Who said that just now? Especially now-yes!

    And why were scammers and parasites always treated negatively as well?

    Well, they cheat, lie, or do nothing-so what? The laws of physics do not stop working from this!

    Why is there such a negative attitude towards Sechin and Abramovich, Chubais and Putin, and the entire current ruling elite?

    After all, even under the Soviet regime, there was also a negative attitude towards the authorities and the church, but there was no such general one as now! And even who was there, and whether there was any “patriarch” of all Russia at all, no one had any idea, and did not want to know!

    However, the laws of physics remained the same?

    Apparently, there are other laws, the violation of which causes such a negative…

  23. The negative attitude is not to religion, and especially not to faith. Negative attitude towards clerics and the behavior of the Church in the state from which it is formally separated.
    The main claims, in my opinion, are as follows.
    1. Imposing their dogmas on the whole society, regardless of their faiths.
    2. Lies and hypocrisy of clerics who call for humility, asceticism and submission and do not live by these principles.
    3. Active economic activity that is not subject to taxes. Real estate wars.
    4. Construction of real estate objects and their maintenance at the expense of the state and municipal budget. Although there are more complaints against the state for misuse of funds.
    5. Introduction to secular education with the “law of God” under the guise of theology in universities and the basics of Orthodox ethics and culture in schools. According to the law on education, any political or religious propaganda is prohibited in schools. There are Sunday schools and seminaries – teach your flock there.
    6. The war on scientific theories and innovations. Censorship, actions against art and culture.
    And many other similar things…

  24. I don't have a negative attitude towards religion and normal believers like many others. I hate fanatics who talk about religion everywhere and make fun of people with a different view of the world. They push religion into the law, into education, refuse medicine, make fun of other people (hey, you sinner, where will you go after death!?) and they generally behave like scumbags. That's why.

  25. Good day to you!

    Religion has always been viewed negatively by the majority of the population…

    In the beginning, because with the help of this very religion, they destroyed the ancestral memory of their ancestors, broke the age-old foundations of the life of peoples.

    Then(now) because the foundations are broken, and they don't believe in the Lord-Allah and other crap for a nickel(because there is no evidence of the existence of these characters today)…

    And throughout its existence, the religion has been very aggressive and has not been caught in its net… It gets involved in the management of the state, i.e. it wants to replace the state.

    It has already brought people (such as atheists, and not only) to such a state, and today's priests have begun to shame and act not as parishioners are taught, but on the contrary, that everyone(both believers and atheists) openly hates religion…

    As correctly noted below, faith is an exclusively personal characteristic, it does not need to be imposed on others and it does not need to be shouted at every corner. If you believe in God, believe in the devil, but quietly, without hurting anyone or disturbing the harmony of nature.

  26. Religion itself does not interfere. But religious figures are even very religious. Here was a beautiful swimming pool “Moscow” in its place a church was built… They climb into the school…

  27. The laws of physics will not stop working. But most of the world's religions propagate moral and ethical principles that are not beneficial to banking systems that seek total control over the world. The latter is not necessarily realized. But people who are not part of bankers ' controlled relationships are lost profits for them. Traditional religions say that everything from food to respect should be earned, not taken on credit. Traditional religions talk about the need for moderation, and we now see how luxury is advertised to us.. etc. However, it is difficult to generate negativity towards honesty or charity by itself. Therefore, a negative attitude towards religions is caused, and already through this negative attitude, aggression towards moral and ethical principles that are inextricably linked with religious beliefs is provoked.

  28. Yes, because then everything is not limited to the fact that someone just believes in it. Religious people are like healthy lifestyles – they don't know how to believe in silence. Seriously though. Jimi Carr has a great joke about this: “An interesting fact for those who are on a gluten-free diet: you can go on a diet and fill up your diary about it.” Religion is strongly inculcated, religion, excuse me, is taught in universities. What's that supposed to mean? I studied when at the university we had the subject “The role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the history of Russia” in the 4th year, so the teacher,on the first pair with what, asked one girl – do you believe in God, to which she inadvertently answered an honest “No”. What do you think was the answer? “Well, you're going to hell.” Seriously, I'm not even sugarcoating. And some of the guys even had tails in this subject. I don't say anything about the fact that we had both Muslims and Buddhists in the group, and they, as you know, are not particularly cool to hear that Christians are dogmatically right.

    Religion is good. Let them believe what they want. We have constitutional freedom of religion, and I fully support it, which is correct and true. In itself, there is nothing wrong with it, and maybe there is something good. But there's one big THING: all of this is fine and wonderful, as long as it doesn't come down to fanaticism. This is where all the fun begins: threats to set fire to a movie theater because of the screening of a film about the tsar, criminal cases for insulting the feelings of some guys who called themselves believers, and so on. And all this in a secular, let me say, state. So what can any sane person have to do with religion after all this? A man with a Cartier watch and a private yacht calls for humility and modesty-how's that? I don't understand, I resent it. Maybe of course I'm so stupid. Maybe. They would like to hire a good image maker or something.

  29. When religion affects you personally, and in a negative way, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The religious worldview is a medieval worldview that does not fit in any way with modern realities. You can pray, fast and listen to Radio Radonezh, but I will absolutely not like it if you start reading me morals that do not correspond to my ideas about life at all. Religion is trying to get into my bed and womb, to impose a way of thinking, a style of clothing. And the most interesting thing is that the priests themselves do not have the sanctity that the priests demand of us. The news is full of headlines about the patriarch's residence, which prevents people from passing a segment of the road without being hit by a car, dauntless priests, pedophile priests. Priests even appeared on TV and there, instead of smart things, often carry some kind of mud, such as”A woman should give birth from the age of 17 and the more the better.” Well, tell this to your flock, elder, why do you allow yourself such statements in relation to all Russians without exception? Well, yes – the church is profiting from its flock.�

    In the 19th century, too, the clergy did not like, if you do not believe, you can see the paintings of that time. A striking example is Vasily Perov. So this trend didn't start today.

  30. “Religion is like a sexual organ: it is normal to have one, but it is not necessary to show it to everyone, and it is absolutely not necessary to poke it in the face of children.”

    I do not know who the author of this statement is, but what is called do not add do not subtract.

    I am sure that the overwhelming majority of “opponents of religion” do not object to this religion-they are trying to protect themselves from waving a relgia in their face, and somehow try to protect their children.
    As for me – so try not aggressively enough, but… but there's nothing you can do about it.

  31. the answer to your question cannot be unambiguous, because it is not entirely clear what you mean by the word “religion”.
    In my opinion, religion has absorbed all the best that can be in the world, and at the same time the worst. It's like the parable of wheat and tares growing in the same field. As we remember from the Scriptures, at first a good seed grew in the field as it should, but then, while the people were sleeping, the enemy sowed tares among the wheat. Everything is mixed up and because of this, it is difficult for external people to judge the field unambiguously – because both evil and good began to manifest there. Based on this vision, religion can be disliked for both Good and Evil. For the good of course, it is not loved by those who are evil by nature and do not want to change. For evil, it can be disliked by those who see when one thing is declared in the same churches, but something completely different is done. I hope I didn't confuse you with my complicated answer. Here are two quotes that just give two reasons for people's rejection of religion, in particular Christianity:

    1. But this is the judgment, that light has come into the world; but men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    2. For whosoever doeth evil hateth the light, and cometh not unto the light, lest his works be reproved, because they are evil….
      (SV. The gospel of John 3:19,20)
      1 were false prophets among the people, as there shall be false teachers, who shall bring in damnable heresies and Overgas bought them to the Lord will bring on themselves swift destruction.
      2 And many will follow their wickedness, and through them the way of truth will be reproached.
      (2 Peter 2: 1,2)

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