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  1. This is the legacy of the times when all information was closed, when chastity was cultivated. Sex was something indecent, an act that was only necessary for the birth of offspring. Talking about sex was embarrassing. All this happened at a time when the sexual revolution was taking place outside of Russia, which could not fail to take over our country as a result. The process took place spontaneously, at an incredible pace, from extreme to extreme. Today, the situation has stabilized. But everything that happened was quite recent (on the scale of history), and the carriers of that chaste culture are the modern older generation, hence the echoes of the lowlands that they laid with their mother's milk.

  2. It's probably been like this since ancient times.

    Sex is an action hidden from prying eyes. Personal. Which only happens between two people. Therefore, you can't tell third parties. And this attitude was transformed into an attitude to sex as something dirty. Why many wince, but what everyone wants.

    In addition, in the past, there was no sex on the part of a woman. Patriarchy, however. A man took a woman when he wanted and how he wanted. For example, in Western culture, it was supposed to be a log, without emotions. Accordingly, there is practically no pleasure. And in the Muslim environment, for example, a woman had to please a man. And she doesn't enjoy much either.

    And it is precisely from women that such an opinion about sex has come.

    Well, then the development of morals, the Church with its quirks like sex is a sin. etc.

  3. Because this is something so personal, you fully open up to the person, trust him-and he trusts you. And it would be a bit of a shame if he did it with someone other than you.

  4. Chastity was instilled by religion. It is a sin to look at a woman, a sin to desire her, a sin to have sex and please your body. It was necessary to take care of the soul, about its salvation, about getting to heaven after death.

    But look at some tribes. Chastity is not inherent in a person initially. In some tribes, wives can also be changed (if no one is against it), and they begin sexual life very early.

    Now the cult of sex has developed in connection with the weakening of the religiosity of the population. People have realized that there is nothing wrong with the physical manifestation of love. But, of course, modesty remained (and well). After all, in bed we open up completely, to the innermost cells of our body.

  5. From time immemorial, religion and society imposed on people the rules of the sexual rod, what, how and with whom. Most likely, this was done in order to fight overpopulation, hunger, poverty, and disease. There was also a lack of good medicine, which often affected the infant mortality rate at an early age. Now all these problems for modern society are no longer so acute, so sex is no longer such a taboo topic, on the contrary, now rather a cult has already been built on it.

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