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  1. The concept of “human” is not identified with the concept of “monkey”.

    In the biological sense, Homo sapiens is a species within the genus homo, which belongs to the family of hominids within the order primates. Great apes are included in other genera of the hominid family.

    That is, we can be identical as hominids with great apes, as primates with all other apes, and as mammals we are identical with other mammals. But we are not monkeys.

    However, this is the point of view of standard biological taxonomy. There is another approach called cladistic. It is controversial, and many biologists do not accept it. This approach builds phylogenetic kinship trees and denies polyphyletic taxa – that is, those that, with external kinship, descend from several different ancestors. So, within the strict hierarchy of the phylogenetic tree, cladistics requires that a species be assigned to the taxon to which its ancestors belonged. What does this mean in practice? Take fish, for example. Pisces formed a long time ago. And then some fish began to crawl out on land and gradually transform into amphibians. So, from the point of view of classical taxonomy, they formed a separate tree trunk – the trunk of amphibians. And from the point of view of cladistics, amphibians have branched off from fish, they are fish. That is, the difference is that classical taxonomy recognizes amphibians as an equally powerful taxon with fish (both fish and amphibians are classes), while for cladistics with its strict hierarchy requirement, this is unacceptable.Amphibians must be a child taxon. That is, for cladistics, all amphibians are fish, although not all fish are amphibians. This applies further, i.e. amphibian-descended reptiles – amphibians, reptilian-descended mammals, and reptilian birds. And the ape – descended humans are apes. But, I repeat, not all biologists find this approach acceptable.

    In the legal sense, again, humans are not the same as apes – although killing a monkey is likely to be a crime, it is a very different crime from killing a human-animal cruelty or killing a rare / valuable animal-depending on the laws of a particular country. In our country, this isCriminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 245 andArticle 258.1 of the RF Criminal Code, respectively.

  2. And why should the concept of man be IDENTIFIED with the concept of monkey? The concept of “person” is not an identifying, but a DISTINGUISHING concept. That is, all of us – both apes and humans-belong to the same order of PRIMATES. But any specific view is ALLOCATED to a separate view based on some characteristics. So a person, being a primate (essentially an ape), is still EXACTLY a PERSON. Having the characteristic defining features for this:

    upright walking (biped):

    S-shaped spine

    arched foot

    cup-shaped pelvis

    hair reduction

    the thumb is opposed to the rest

    ability to fine motor skills of fingers

    the brain part of the skull is larger than the facial part

    small canines that do not protrude beyond the line of other teeth

    reduction of brow ridges

    highly developed brain

    omission of the larynx and hyoid bone; articulate speech; imaginative thinking

    chin protrusion

    mastoid process of the temporal bone

    articulate speech

    lack of ovulation visualization in females

    • First, because man is descended from the ape according to Darwin's theory of evolution .
    • Secondly, because of the behavior of people, a monkey is an animal, and every person tends to lose control, someone to a greater extent, a frequent phenomenon: aggression as a response to provocation or an unpleasant accident, at such moments a person can be called an animal, he stops thinking intelligently, begins to defend his position as an animal by insults or physical violence, the latter is used in the animal world . As an example: “srach” in the comments under the post, a response to an insult, loss of material property ( phone was broken, passport was lost), etc.�
    • People foaming at the mouth are ready to prove that their position is the only true one, so how can they not be compared to monkeys who throw their own excrement at each other?

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