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  1. The word “built” cannot be applied to such a concept as the universe.
    After all, according to the current knowledge and research, it certainly did not appear as a result of someone's conscious “construction” actions and research.
    Let's try to answer another question:
    “Why is there life in the universe?”
    Even in such a correct formulation, it is unlikely that anyone will give an answer to this question, it can be safely attributed to a purely philosophical one.
    The most likely two possible answers are: 1) it is a combination of circumstances related to cosmic, physical, chemical and evolutionary processes within the universe. 2) life in the universe appeared due to the efforts of some higher forces or one Force (this certainly applies to religious opinions).

    Only one thing is clear: life really exists, because it is a fact proven by the existence of life on our home planet Earth.

  2. It does not seem to me that the “universe is built”, because it could have been formed only by chance, and the emergence of life on the planet Earth is no more natural…

  3. Because if it was built in such a way that there would be no life in it, then there would be no one to ask this question at all. The so-called “Anthropic Principle”was, is, and will continue to be.

  4. Why is wheat arranged in such a way that it has an ear and grains?

    Because the entire life cycle of wheat is embedded in the program of its genetic code. It's so programmed. Its seed contains laws, the fulfillment of which creates the ear and grains.

    Our universe also has its own code, the execution of which leads to the appearance of life.

    In the Bible, this code is called Logos, or in Russian translation – the Word. An executable word.

    In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    2 It was in the beginning with God.

    3 All things were made through him(the Logos), and without him(the Logos) nothing was made that was made.

    4 In Him was life, and life was the light of men.

    Science is concerned with the study of this Logos= the Laws of nature.

  5. Our world is alive, that is, our world is governed by a higher Intelligence. Our world is an idea. The idea is disembodied and indivisible. Our world was not and will not be, it only exists. Asking why the world exists is silly. There is no answer to this question.

  6. It's just an accident. So it turned out. It could have been different. Yes, and it was possible once in a different way. But, by chance, it became so. And maybe someday it will be different again. Accidentally……

    Oh how many wonderful discoveries we have

    The spirit of enlightenment is being prepared

    And experience, the son of difficult mistakes,

    And genius, paradoxes friend,

    And chance, God the inventor…

    Alexander Pushkin

  7. The world is alive, it was not and will not be, it only is. This is the essence of monistic deixis. Time = past, present, and future is an example of a vulgar infinity.

  8. Just do not ask priests questions on these topics, in the system of R. P. C. 99% are naive people! You are acting out of honor, politicizing our responses and not publishing them!!!

  9. During your life in our world, you can never unravel the ideas of God, and there was no big bang at the creation of the Universe, but there was a sharp expansion similar to an explosion! If you do not know the Supreme, you will not know yourself! (my thoughts)

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