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  1. This is a good question and thank you for it.

    Because even the strongest people can weaken under the influence of circumstances.

    For example, there is a king-strong, fair, a little hot-tempered, but generally has enough authority to do his job well. The king's son dies and hard times come – the king is beside himself with grief, and at this moment he is not so good.

    If you decide that this weakness proves his general inability to rule, and therefore he should find a replacement – then you need to immediately prepare the next replacement, because it will be difficult to find a person who can endure any tragedy equally staunchly.

    In the life of any person, there can come a period when it is difficult for him to cope on his own – so we live in groups, not alone. And if you destroy people for their weaknesses, then humanity has no chance of survival, so it's not very reasonable.

  2. Because people create, help, and trust more than they destroy. All social institutions, any contract, relationships, monetary equivalents of labor and even companies-all this is based on trust, even if it is sometimes fixed on paper.

    Inhumane acts are terrible because they make a special contrasting impression on us. They are so different from the usual everyday world that they shock us. There are not many of them, but their black spots are more noticeable on the light, familiar background of benefactions.

    The manifestation of humanity is the manifestation of the best qualities of a person-empathy, compassion! The ability to understand that another creature is just as alive, just as experiencing pain, suffering, and sadness…

    Therefore, a person wants to help another. He empathizes with the unfortunate person and seeks to help him out as himself. Humanity is humanity.

  3. Good afternoon. Humanity carries the following idea because man was created in the image and likeness of God. The Lord Jesus Christ,
    God incarnate in man died on the cross for the salvation of man and his soul. Thus showing that a person is born for good, love and peace. I think that's why the word man has the following semantic meaning.

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