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  1. because everything is heading for one well-known place, and there are many reasons for this: unjustified actions of people who violate your comfort zone, irrational actions of the government, and so on, hence the feeling that the world is as you called it.

  2. Why not?)Yes, not why!)I can't think of a more precise and concise answer)But still!There is no idea, no goal, no meaning a set of randomness and meaninglessness, chaos.That's the whole answer, if you know what I mean.

  3. Judging by the question, you have something to compare it with. You have some idea of a better world in your mind. Why not try to do everything possible to make the world a better place? The world itself is neither good nor bad. Its evaluation depends on the position of thinking. Therefore, in order to avoid dissatisfaction with the world, it is necessary to neutralize the discrepancy between consciousness and reality.

    If you are interested in the reason why consciousness and the world at some point diverged, you can imagine it like this. Consciousness is a derivative of the world. At some stage of its development, the world became so complex that consciousness organized itself. The elements that make up the world turned out to be suitable for creating a structure that can preserve the reflection of objects that are external to itself. At first, consciousness simply reflected external phenomena, but over time it developed so that it was able to construct non-existent phenomena-illusions, new virtual worlds. These illusions were more convenient for some minds than reality. Because of this, such consciousnesses, when confronted with reality, began to experience dissatisfaction. So consciousness has a choice. You can select a small area from the world and make it comfortable for yourself. Live in this little world and protect it from external influences. Or the second option: accept reality as it is. Be prepared for any trouble that may occur. To be free from attachments to things that seem convenient and understandable at the moment. Try to find new amazing things in the world and learn how to use them.

  4. E…..awn ( Stupidity, madness) there is a consequence of the rejection of the real and highest Wisdom, which consists in God's Commandments – it is God's Commandments that are given to man for life, but man has put his ” I ” instead of the commandments.

    20 Wisdom proclaims in the street, raises her voice in the marketplaces,
    21 preaches in the chief places of assembly, speaks her speech at the entrances of the city gates.:
    22 ” How long, you ignorant people, will you love ignorance? how long will the violent enjoy their violence? how long will fools hate knowledge?
    23 Consider my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you; I will declare my words to you.
    24 I called, and you did not listen; I stretched out my hand, and there was no one to listen;
    25 And you rejected all my counsels, and did not receive my reproof.
    26 Therefore I also will laugh at your destruction; I will rejoice when terror comes upon you;
    27 When terror comes upon you like a tempest, and evil is brought upon you like a whirlwind; when tribulation and distress come upon you.
    28 Then they will call me, and I will not hear; they will seek me in the morning, and they will not find me.
    29 because they hated knowledge and did not choose [for themselves] fear of the Lord,
    30 did not accept my counsel, they despised all my reproof;
    31 therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their ways and be filled with their own devices.
    32 for the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them;
    33 but whoever listens to me will live safely and peacefully, without fear of harm.”

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