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  1. There would be no one in nothingness who would ask such questions.

    If the multiverse model of the world is correct, then it is full of bubbles-universes where there are no stars or particles. Nothing formal at all. Neither heaven nor Allah.

  2. Nothing is just a definition of the absence of a particular object or phenomenon. “The room has furniture.” And – ” There's nothing in the room.” It is clear that the second example refers to an empty room. At the same time, “there is nothing”, in the sense of the absence of furniture, but there is no “nothing”, since there is a room.

    Concepts about the reality of nothing, or that it once existed, or exists in another dimension-this is the result of a logical error. “Nothing” can exist in principle. It's just an absence.

    Whatever the world was in the past (for example, before the Big Bang) and whatever it will become in the future, there is always something. Something that can be described as a given, an objective reality. So cosmologists say about the reality that was before the Big Bang, the following: there was a singularity, an incredibly small point with an incredibly large density of matter and energy. And many of them say that the universe came out of nothing. So let's find out, �from nothing or from a singularity? Is the singularity nothing? No. This is a given, the state of the system before the Big Bang. In principle, it can even be represented as an object. So where is nothing here? …

    My use of the terms of the Big Bang theory does not mean that I adhere to this concept.

  3. Based on the writings of Martin Heidegger, we can say that there was a Nitsche, a Great Nitsche. Let's assume that there was Che and Nitsche. So, if there was Che, then it created Nitsche, and if we take into account that there was Nitsche, then it turns out that it gave birth to Che, which defeated this very Nitsche.

    In other words, it gave rise to such a powerful Che, which defeated Nitsche.

    There is chaos. The chaos gave rise to a thought, just like that, unexpectedly. Well, it's chaos, he doesn't give a fuck, he can do whatever you want, crackers there, anything, just to the pussy, he gives birth to it thoughtlessly.

    And then huyak — he gave birth to a specific Che, which grew up and said: get the fuck out of here, Nitsche.�

    In theory, this is how it turns out.

    A bow.

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