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  1. Life is fleeting, alas,

    The script is written for everyone

    We only pray to God for a happy ending

    On the scale there will put a mark

    What you did well, and what you stole where.

    I'm not a teacher, I'm a student

    And in the secrets of the universe, until penetrated

    I would like to know what the meaning of being is

    In wine, in high, in wisdom

    And whether I am a sinner…

    I wish you happiness, my brothers,

    So that the house does not come to you on rainy days,

    Let children be born in everyone's home,

    May God grant you a happy ending,

    Create, dare and win

    And every day, do not forget to thank the Creator.

    When you live as you want

    When, drink as you want

    When you eat where you want

    When the whole world, love you want

    When you only ask the Creator for one thing –

    To live to old age

    Only at that moment the whole meaning of being is clear – in the other world, you can't take it all away

    Where you want to be well received

    Said one philosopher aptly:

    “Everyone will miss you for your appearance

    You must appear very rarely.”

    When you want, at that moment

    I'm happy with the rush of passion

    Do not spill the cup of happiness with delight

    Cocktail of bliss, love ingredient.

    I hate the table when I eat alone

    I hate a holiday where I'm not the master

    My mother made me a meal

    And then I found myself thinking:

    Wrestling gives you a taste of life in dreams and in reality,

    Like pepper, salt gives flavor to food.

    I will give advice to someone who has decided to get married himself,

    You're right, this is Mother Nature, there's nothing to be ashamed of

    Don't choose a wife to live with,

    I give you my advice:

    Marry the one without whom

    You can't live your life, believe me, my friend.

    My grandmother once told me when I was a child:

    “Get married son successfully”, –

    She told me twice –

    “When I was a girl, my mother used to tell me,

    The gray wisdom of our ancestors, the Jews gave:

    When will the bride come to the house,

    Look at your feet son,

    After all, the feet enter the house, happy days thresholds,

    With the foot can bring the bride to her husband in the house

    Misery or happiness.

    This is my wisdom.”

    I have seen many wise, rich people.,

    Becoming the master of your position,

    Who will eat from the tree of knowledge of ideas,

    Forever lose the paradise of pleasure.

    I asked the priest:

    “Father, tell me where paradise is on earth, show me the way there, show me how to go there, give me landmarks”

    The Priest replied, ” Choose your own path, son, for paradise is at your mother's feet.”

  2. Because Heaven on earth can only be created by humans and they still haven't been able to defeat their own demons. And what kind of paradise is it if there are demons in it?

  3. It exists! Invisible to other people's eyes, hidden from the filth that has permeated our most secret thoughts of consciousness, it is there. And the road to it lies through happiness, through nobility, through honesty to oneself. Through our values that we dare not betray…

    A ticket to paradise is expensive, and people who have these “riches” will under no circumstances have the idea to buy a ticket back…

    When you do what you have to do, do what makes you truly happy, when you make your family happy and your mother proud of you,finally, when you can walk down the street alone, with your head held high, I'm not talking about arrogance, I'm talking about the will to be happy, the will to win over yourself … �

    One day there comes a time when you realize that you are not who you really are; the day when you make an effort to be happy, when you allow yourself to be happy, you begin a long journey, and this road is called Paradise.

  4. Because paradise is a place where everyone is always happy and carefree, does not experience anxiety and excitement, does not worry about the future, does not worry about their relatives and friends… Only a person with a serious mental illness who is not able to adequately perceive the environment can be in this state. Fortunately, there are not many such people.

  5. I believe that paradise on earth in the most comprehensive sense is impossible, because each person has a different concept of paradise and may differ significantly from what people around them understand by it. Probably, this is also connected with the “golden rule of morality” – your freedom ends where the freedom of another begins, which somehow limits us in achieving absolute happiness and pleasure. Anyone who does not obey this rule is strongly censured in society 🙂 or even brought to administrative or criminal responsibility

  6. Heaven and hell are a system of moral dualism. These are the two extremes of our particular qualities. These concepts appeared even before the emergence of religion, as a worldview, (even at the stage of mythology), in order to pacify human vice and encourage virtue. Thus, heaven on earth probably exists for those who are more holy than sinful.

  7. If in your understanding “paradise” is a place where a person always feels happy, then in order to implement such a thing on Earth, a person will need a huge amount of effort, as well as resources. By nature, a person cannot be happy forever, because the brain tends to adapt, it seems to get used to it and it needs more and more. From here it follows: everything that will make a person happy will be perceived as ordinary. You can also say that happiness, in itself, is relative , because if you compare your living conditions with the conditions in which people live in most countries of the African continent, then you can say that you live quite well. But in a potential paradise, comparing ourselves will be difficult. You can give an example about the comparison: people living in third world countries, in conditions of polluted ecology, and even for pennies doing hard work that pollutes this very ecology, they just dream of living like us, because with these pennies they sometimes buy our household items (TV, radio). For them, our life is almost a paradise. There was also such an experiment on mice: several individuals were placed in a large terrarium, where there was everything to make them feel comfortable, plus regular food. The mice didn't need to make any effort to survive. And what came of it? All of them died. There was an overpopulation, as a result of which the aggression of the individuals worsened, some killed each other, some hid in corners and also died. If you try to organize ideal conditions for each person, give everyone food, clothing, a roof over their heads, then where to get everything that is required for this and how to feed the exponentially growing population?

  8. Got it! And it is located in the city of Shebekino, Belgorod region!
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  9. Paradise is where the saints, or at least one saint, live! Even five thousand years ago ,the “formula of peace” was already known, and it is described in two verses-Bhagavad-Gita 5.29 and Sri Isopanishad 1 (the first mantra). In fact, it says about two rules, following which a person gets rid of material suffering and finds complete peace. Just try to understand the essence, and do not cling to the words!

    The two rules are: “Always remember that everything is in the power of God and belongs to Him, and also never forget that the share that is allocated to us and necessary is given to us so that we do not encroach on anything else.” In a nutshell: Love and gratitude.

    It is very logical that if I am not the center around which everything revolves, then on the contrary, I am the one who serves out of love and duty. When we are surrounded by people who love us, we want to respond in kind. Understanding that all living beings are parts of God, I try to develop love for Him and His parts.

    When I realize that through my own strength, effort, and God's grace, I am getting my share. Then I don't go to my neighbor's house to steal or take his share. By birthright, without making excessive efforts, and also sometimes accepting what comes naturally without effort-this is how I get my share for life. I gratefully accept what is given and do not cause suffering to others unnecessarily.

    The more perfectly a person follows these two rules, the more God gives him reason and frees him from four shortcomings: the senses are imperfect, so the average person willingly and unwittingly deceives others, he is prone to err and make mistakes.

    Only human life, in contrast to the life of an animal, implies responsibility for what has been done, since developed intelligence is given. Humans are not made to fight among themselves, like cats and dogs. Disobedience to the laws of nature, violation of the order established by God, is fatal to man. God gives everyone one or another talent, gift, and duty. Evil is when a person does something that should not be done. The letter ” z ” is translated from the alphabet – too, too much. When I take on someone else's responsibilities too hard, then I automatically fail to fulfill my responsibilities. And as a result, those who depend on me suffer.

    God is the friend and benefactor of all beings, and has a perfect mind that allows Him to control everything with the help of His various energies. God enters into every atom and heart, into all living beings and into all inanimate objects. All are subject to the laws of His energy, material nature. Such opposite elements as digestive fire and water can co-exist in the human body because God is included in every atom. So when the soul and God, the Soul of the soul, leave the body, then it begins to disintegrate.

    When a person wants God to manifest in his heart and also in the place where he lives, then these two rules must be sincerely followed. This place will become a Paradise. Paradise is where the saints, or at least one saint, live…


  10. I think that it exists, but not everyone perceives it. Each of us has happy moments in life – this is ” heaven “, but there are also bad ones – this is ” hell “.

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