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  1. Why not three or eight?)

    The fact is that the Greek word “antipode” literally translates as “opposing”. The term was coined by Plato to explain the nature of the difference between” up “and”down.” Subsequently, other ancient Greek philosophers used the word to refer to opposite geographical points, which is still used today. There are several antipodean cities on Earth that are diametrically located relative to the center of the planet. Diameter, as we remember from school – is a segment connecting two points of a circle and passing through its center. That is, there can only be one opposite side.

    The word has also acquired an artistic meaning. In literature, fairy tales, movies, for example, the antipodes can be both enemies: Ivan Tsarevich and Koshchei the Immortal, Harry Potter and Voldemort, and friends, for example, Oblomov and Stolz. All “couples” have polarly different views and aspirations.

    “Right” is the opposite of “left”. Life is the opposite of death, “yes” is the opposite of ” no ” if we continue the artistic line.

    In short, the whole point is in the semantic meaning of the word “antipode” – in its meaning it is an alternative of two and only two objects.

    And it is incorrect to call some things antipodes, if in fact they are not, but have some differences or even do not look like each other at all.

  2. We are entering a multidimensional world in which there can be no absolute truth. in the three-dimensional world, there is only one antipode, since everything is subject to stereotypes and standards.

    If we consider this question from the point of view of linear time, then the past is always opposed to the future, and the present is practically absent. It is only a moment that quickly flows into the past from the future.

    The Holy Trinity in religious knowledge can also be considered multidimensional: traditionally, it is the Father=The Son is the Holy Spirit, but according to recent research by scientists, this is most likely the Soul-Angel-Human Consciousness.

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