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  1. if a person does not start on his own initiative, then he should not finish on his own initiative either.�

    Yes, life can be difficult, complex, full of difficulties, pain, and so on, but everything can be changed by someone who believes, seeks the path, and struggles with difficulties. Life is unique and often lifts up those who are strong in spirit and overcome their”mountains”. One of the greatest psychiatrists, Frankl, once said that for the enjoyment of music, �means little in a major, a melody or in a minor. (Usually, the tone of minor works is subjectively perceived as “lyrical” and “sad”.) Even a life in a minor key, if it is full of meaning, faith, struggle, emotions and looking forward, not back, becomes the greatest masterpiece.�

    Self-pity( self-pity), despondency, disbelief, apathy, and so on are all things that immediately lead to defeat.


    This is probably one of the most inspiring and encouraging poems in the work of Sasha Cherny, written for those who seem to be ready to give up and give up.

    To the patient

    There is a hot sun, naive children,

    The precious joy of melodies and books.

    If not — then they were, after all, in the world

    And Beethoven, and Pushkin, and Heine, and Grieg…

    There is an invisible creativity in every moment –

    In a clever word, in a smile, in the glow of the eyes.

    Be a creator! Create golden moments.

    Every day is filled with reflection and spicy ecstasy…

    Infinitely shameful in a fit of sadness

    Voluntarily disappear like a shadow on the glass.

    Have the New Meetings already shone out?

    Do only dogs live on earth?

    If I'm as sullen as Dutch soot

    (Smile, smile at my comparison!),

    This black blush is a plaque from drainage,

    It was the Muse who lifted me up on the spear.

    Wait! I'll get along with my housewarming party –

    Like a spring starling I will sing on the spear!

    I'll deafen your ears with gypsy fun!

    Just give me time to sort out the damned rags.

    Stay here! So few here are sensitive and honest…

    Stay here! Only in them is the justification of the earth.

    I do not know the addresses — look for unknown people,

    Just like you, lying motionless in the dust.

    If the best will throw themselves into the spans,

    The world will turn sour from wingless hyenas and dullards!

    Love the unaccountable joy of flying…

    Expand your soul to its full limits.

    Be a wife or husband, sister or brother,

    Midwife, artist, babysitter, doctor,

    Give it back, and don't tremble and reach for the return.

    All hearts open with this key.

    There are also islands of thought loneliness.

    Be smart and don't be afraid to rest on them.

    There are cliffs overhanging the dark water –

    You can think… and throw pebbles in the water…

    And the questions… Questions don't know the answer –

    They'll swoop in, set fire to it, and run away like measles.

    Solomon left us two wise pieces of advice:

    Run away from melancholy and don't argue with fools.

    Sasha Cherny, 1910

  2. It's not a matter of” right “or” wrong”, here everyone decides for himself. The question is that our life is a unique, inexplicable and incomprehensible phenomenon. This will never happen again, “you” will never be born again, this life is given to you only once, only once in this boundless, infinite universe. This is really a very “valuable” thing, it is necessary to realize this. But the reasons why people decide to commit suicide, very often, are quite subjective and are not hopeless. But if someone, realizing this, still decides to commit suicide, neither I nor anyone else has the right to condemn or justify him, and even more so speaks about the” right-wrongness ” of this act.

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