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  1. I've answered before:

    “Freedom is slavery” is a quote from Orwell's 1984 novel. In the novel, this is one of the slogans of “English socialism”, which, of course, is not English at all, but Soviet with the serial numbers cut down. Side by side with it are the slogans “war is peace” and “ignorance is power”.

    The whole novel is an allusion to the USSR, a criticism from a former supporter who became disillusioned with Stalin and his policies. These slogans in the novel demonstrate in practice the ideology of angsoc, “doublethink”, copied from the political rhetoric of the USSR, which, however, is still alive today.

    The key word here is belocherny. Like many Newspeak words, it has two opposite meanings. When applied to an opponent, it means the habit of shamelessly claiming that black is white, despite the obvious facts. When applied to a party member, it means a well — meaning willingness to call black white if party discipline requires it.

    I think you can easily find people who use such techniques in polemics. For example, blaming the West for the lack of freedoms and praising the USSR for the same.

    I will add to this question that the origins of doublethink must be sought in Hegel's dialectic. It is she who equips her followers with doublethink, through the ” unity of opposites.” Hegel uses the dialectic of Socrates; Socrates ' task was to show that there are concepts outside the empirical that cannot be empirically defined, but can only be understood transcendentally. The dialectic of Marxism distorts the second part of the Socratic idea, it destroys the empirical definitions of freedom, peace, and equality in order to then interpret them in a way that will be beneficial here and now.

  2. When answering this question, I accordingly focus only on my own Personal understanding of these processes. Answer: In essence, war is a “Howl” – on, our, people. These are tears, tragedy, catastrophe, blood, the death of people – people, etc. Therefore, this can in no way, unequivocally, be peace. Similarly, slavery in almost any of its manifestations cannot be freedom and, accordingly, vice versa. What follows, this quote, statement, slogan or something else. Regardless of what purpose or for what purpose it was produced, it is completely absurd, and it is possible that it is completely delusional. This is just my opinion and that's all. I sincerely wish YOU ALL Health, Love, Happiness and all the best ! And no wars or slavery ! Peace To Our Home-The Human Home !

  3. This is a slogan from J. Orwell's 1984.Do not take this in the literal sense-this is a perverted logic(the logic of doublethink) operating in the world described in the novel.It's a very bad world,and I hope we'll never find ourselves in it, although there are some features of it in the modern world.By the way, the third component of this slogan is “Ignorance is power”.This is true,and, unfortunately, the authorities often try to implement this slogan..

  4. The phrases were made up in mockery. As an example of ideological nonsense. But it just so happens that writers sometimes find that the text contains more meaning than it was intended to contain.

    Many words change their color very much depending on the context. And on which side of the gun you're on.

    My freedom to kill you will make you my slave. Freedom is about pushing boundaries. At the expense of those who were on the other side.

  5. Well, I won't remind you about Orwell, but I'd rather remind you of two more quotes. “If you want peace, prepare for war” – this is from the time of antiquity. Just develop it a little, bending the logic, and we get the desired “war is peace”. And “freedom is a conscious necessity,” as Comrade Spinoza once blurted out, and in Soviet times we were taught that this phrase belongs to Comrade Engels (the one who lured Marx). Well, the need becomes especially conscious when it is accompanied by blows of the whip. I.e., it turns out that freedom is especially close to the slave. I.e. Orwell did not write much, just paraphrased the words of a comrade who was at the origins of scientific communism.

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