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  1. Because there is only one alternative to all this, death here and now. But it is not very pleasant, so you will have to spend your whole life doing all sorts of stupid things (on a universal scale) and slowly die.

  2. There are two paths at the end of our earthly journey-rot and darkness or eternal life. Everyone chooses their own. You can not think about it and spend your life on mundane entertainment, earning money, etc. Basically, everyone does. Sometimes they catch on, wondering why I live? If you think that at the end of your life's journey there is rot and darkness, why develop yourself? Live on a roll. If you think that something else will happen next, then you need to prepare . Fill your consciousness, improve it, i.e. self-develop, prepare for the future eternity. It cannot be that a person who has reached a high level of consciousness, mental, moral development, with its transformations, insights, etc., has sunk into darkness , into nothingness.

  3. I don't think it's necessary if it's not fun. Everyone chooses for himself what makes him more or less happy during his life. But if it is also good for the body, then you can enjoy all the worldly delights longer ))

  4. There is a saying: “If you don't smoke or drink, you will die healthy.” So that you don't die in agony for a long time, with a bouquet of diseases, abandoned and forgotten by an old senile person, but quickly, surrounded by the warmth and care of people who love you, while maintaining clarity of thought to the end, and you need to take care of your health, mentally and physically.

  5. If we consider this from the position of the material world, then yes, the body dies and there is nothing else, and therefore there is no point in development, but after all, we accumulate our knowledge and experience thereby enriching our soul, I would like to believe that it does not die, and this experience will be transferred to another dimension-life.

  6. Why eat when you're going to die in the end anyway? Why drink when you're going to die in the end anyway? Why sleep, have sex, create, and contemplate when everything ultimately leads to death?
    The answer lies on the surface: all these things make life longer, easier, more pleasant, more meaningful.

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