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  1. Why do you want to)

    the question constantly arises here.

    Do you ask other people about your goals, or do you want to find a goal for yourself?
    well.. no one else will give you a goal.

    You can certainly hit a religion or sect, they will find you a job)))

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  1. In the 18th century, they came up with a whole doctrine about the ultimate goals of human life – teleosophy. The final goals should be those that (1) can be fixed on forever, (2) for which everything is necessary, and not for something else; (3) that are always important, no matter how circumstances change. In general, humanity has found a lot of such goals in one way or another. See the catalog:

  2. I often thought about this question and came to the conclusion that there is no meaning in life, this is terrible to admit. Throughout my life, I was forced and continue to do this by almost all my relatives that the main goal is to continue the family, create the same meaningless lives and they are right, but at the same time no, I mean that each of us determines for himself the main meaning, the goal pursued in life, to become a writer, singer or start a family, like my relatives.

    I think so, but this is just my subjective opinion)

  3. The presence of such questions in a person indicates one thing — he has categorically negative thoughts in three directions at once: about himself, the world around him, and prospects in the future. As soon as there is a positive shift in any of these areas, then at least some interest in life will appear.�

    Suffering is the child of heartache and inner resistance. Suffering is hatred of heartache and self-hatred for not being able to get rid of that pain. Therefore, a person who thinks in absolute categories (“Why live?”,” What is the point?”), perceives his life situation as hopeless, and himself as helpless. You can cope with this with the help of psychotherapy. No uncontrolled self-medication, no help from friends!

    At the first stage, a competent specialist will teach you three things: interest in the problem, acceptance of the problem, and loving self-compassion. I don't see the author of these things yet, if only because he is hiding under a pseudonym.

    In the second stage, the therapist will break down the components of mental pain and internal resistance. This is where questions about the meaning of life should disappear. The third stage is the relief of depression, the rejection of all unnecessary things. The process isn't fast, but it works. Therefore, do not waste time and for all questions, please contact your personal account (vk, fb) right now.

  4. To enjoy life, to seek your true path and meaning, the truth. Be filled with knowledge. Life on earth is what it takes to live. ))))))

  5. the purpose of human existence is to know oneself, the world, good and evil, gain experience, choose, love, hate, truth and lies, and then make a personal choice based on this knowledge. In a good way , the goal of a person's life is the fulfillment of God's plan. After all, the very word meaning of life (meaning) comes from the word thought, plan. The word sin is sometimes translated as not hitting the target – all these are related things. Sometimes a person does not see any goal at all, and sometimes he sees a goal, but cannot hit it, misses. So our life is given to us so that we can find the right goal and get into it. If you want to learn more about the Plan for a person, read the Gospel – it says a lot about it.

  6. Whether my answer is appropriate or not depends more on what the author wants to know.�

    If he wants to find an incentive in life, then I can point out the only more or less explicable biological purpose, that is, the more children you give birth to, the more effective it is to fulfill the inherent genetic program. This can be proved by analogy with all other living organisms. If you agree with modern science that a person is an animal, then you also agree with the sole purpose of existence – reproduction of their own kind. It's another matter if you have genetic abnormalities, but we will assume that you do not have large-scale deviations.�

    If you are more interested in the philosophical side of the question, then here, as well as with the first hypothesis, everything is also very ambiguous. You will still disappear into oblivion, provided that you do not believe in an afterlife.

    In general, we can say that the Buddhist concept of rebirth, for example, is somewhat correct. Since you decompose at death and give life to everything around you, as well as millions of animals, plants, and micro-organisms around you, you can be happy that after death your biomaterial will grow into a tree,or a pig. But again, after death, you will not be able to realize the value of the perfect one, since it is most likely that you will not have consciousness in your quasi-rebirth, only your energy will be transferred to its object.�

    In general, we can conclude that it is not so easy to find the answer to this question, and following the logic to tame your fear of death is completely not rational. To finally deal with it, it is easier to turn to prejudices, for example, to religion, or the same theory about the reproductive purpose of a person.

  7. Because to live means to observe being. You can live automatically, or you can live consciously. I would rather ask the questions ” Why not live?” or “Why live on the machine?”. If you observe, think, and feel, then you live. If you ask such a question, you simply have not learned to choose what to observe, what to think, and what to feel, because if you realize such a choice, such a question disappears by itself.

  8. Why we live is a question for all of humanity throughout its almost entire existence . Religion says that it is for burning, that is, to achieve the likeness of the God in whose image we are created . But this is if you believe in the immortality of the soul . It is clear that in the modern world with issdovaniyami and genetics and space, it is difficult to believe that we will find some otherworldly material essence . Let it be in another dimension or in the form of energies . But here is a recent statement by an astronomer about the discovery of a large number of black holes in a number of galaxies, says . that stories about the end of the world are not a fairy tale after all. Everything ends and so do the galaxies . So the question arises: what do we live for, so that after death we can open up in a black hole or still survive in a new substance? And how much power does the substance have to be in order to survive ?

  9. If the question “Why live” becomes for you not an idle curiosity, but one of the main questions of existence, then you have reached a stage that can be described as a”Motivation Crisis”. The way to resolve this crisis lies in two dimensions: rational and motivational. In the rational plane, a person makes a reasonable choice of the most optimal path for himself. In the motivational plane, a person creates motivation for himself to achieve a goal.

    For example, an optimal rational choice might look like this:

  10. After much consideration, I came to the conclusion that the meaning of life comes down to having fun. Agree, as soon as a person does something, in his opinion, interesting or exciting, then he does not have questions about the meaning of life. He gets pleasure, time passes quickly for him, he feels a surge of strength. If something spoils a person's mood, then he gradually gets tired, time passes slowly for him, and his only thought is when will it end? From this thought follows the following – what is the meaning of life? A person does not get pleasure, and therefore it seems to him that there is no meaning in life and he is just wasting it. However, although pleasure is the meaning of life, it is worth remembering that everyone has their own ways to get it.

  11. Life is not a process that is necessary to achieve some goal: you can't take anything with you from here, if there is something beyond the border. You will not be able to leave much behind, however, all that remains is all decay.

    On the other hand, this does not negate the goals within the life process: to provide yourself and your loved ones with shelter and food, to leave offspring, and so on.

    In general, all you can do is try to get the most out of the process, keeping in mind the limitations. Life is a great gift (a great gift) to all those who are born and exist. You just have to enjoy yourself and appreciate what you have. And each of us has a lot, even though we are used to it: the beauty of nature, relationships with others, the ability to feel tastes and smells, listen and see, and so on. Understand that this possibility, which you take for granted, will soon disappear. And try to enjoy what you can and have.

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