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  1. It is entirely within our power to make sure that every day is not the same. To do this, we have the main resource – the brain. Stephen Hawking, who was confined to a wheelchair for 50 years and could only talk using a computer, has experienced many times more in his life than most healthy people! He was one of the most outstanding theoretical physicists of our time, studied space, black holes, the universe, wrote a bunch of popular science books that became bestsellers, books for children, was married twice (!) and managed to have three children, starred in films, went to space and sent a message for aliens. If only he would listen to you! It is boring to live only for boring people (and not for the intellectual elite, as many bored people think about themselves). But this can be changed, it is enough to give up thinking about your “otherness” and start doing something, learning, studying, creating, being weird, traveling. Well, or people in depression – but such to a psychotherapist and psychiatrist.

  2. No matter why, you don't have to live if you don't want to.
    There is no meaning to life, but a person can come up with it.
    If you don't like the way your own life is going, change it.

  3. well, if you are so eager to learn something new-so go ahead.

    learn, read, develop, and push science forward.
    Or cut yourself out, no one will dissuade you.

    It's a strange thing, another person needs to CONVINCE a pancake so that he lives.
    don't live. just unsubscribe the apartment for me – and jump boldly out of the window)

  4. Indeed, there is no need. A sensible question. But let it console you that the ant's life is even worse!

    You can, of course, change one anthill to another anthill. Another picture is already something.

  5. Each person can answer questions about the meaning of life only independently. What is worth living for, we all define in our own way (and the path of coming to the realization of the meaning of life is different for everyone).

    I've always known what I live for, and I won't impose anything of my own, but I can only try to help in my search: read fiction, connect with NEW people, and notice something new in the environment.

    In my opinion, this can lead to more positive and correct thoughts.

  6. How boring it can be in our world of information:) don't you have a single gadget or Internet connection in your village? Subscribe to all science channels! Buy something on Weyawey )))

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