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  1. The process of thinking has evolved and established itself as an evolutionary advantage of our species. It consists in a continuous process of accumulating experience, analyzing it, comparing the current situation with this experience, and making a forecast for the future. This, of course, is a very simplified scheme.

    The main task that thinking implements is survival. Other types of animals solve this problem in other ways: some-with fangs and claws, some-with fast feet, some-with disguise, mimicry, parasitism and other strategies.

    We don't have a choice of thinking or not thinking by default, but still, with the help of training, you can learn to manage your thinking much better. Meditation is the oldest practice of this kind. It teaches you to observe and direct thinking, and to use thinking separately from the feelings that have a strong influence on it. Feelings are generated by hormones and it is also impossible to “turn them off” and this often becomes a problem, complicating the thinking process and confusing it.

    To sum up: you need to think first and foremost in order to survive.

  2. For his own development: not to become a mindless doll, not to be stupid, to look for answers to important questions for him and, possibly, for humanity.

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