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  1. The teaching of solipsism can be interesting as an intellectual exercise or an exotic position to troll an opponent, but otherwise it is not viable, because it does not turn out to be a normal social practice.

    What is really remarkable about Solipsism is how difficult it is to refute it by purely logical means. Strictly speaking, solipsism is practically irrefutable: there are no logical errors in it, and it is immune to references to practice (since empirical reality is initially declared illusory here). The need to take into account external circumstances and interact with other people in our daily lives is the only (but very important) thing that prevents consistent acceptance of solipsism.

    So if you are looking for an argument in favor of solipsism, then you should look in the area of its logical consistency and simplicity as an explanatory model (you can recall Occam's razor and similar arguments from simplicity).

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