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  1. She knows, but doesn't remember. To think that a person has all their memory at once is an exaggeration. When Louise said these words to the Chinese, she didn't think much about their meaning, but simply reproduced the phrase extracted from her memories of the future. And saved the world. And when the Chinese man repeats the same phrase, Louise is already able to feel and realize the miracle. In addition, by this time she has a much better command of the alien language, that is, she is much more prepared for the paradoxes of time.

    By the way, who knows what the dying wife said to General Chang. There are no subtitles available in the Russian box office.

  2. In the English version, too, there were no subtitles for the general's speech and the repetition of the heroine Adams. A quote from General �Sheng's dying wife – “War doesn't create winners, it only creates widows.”

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