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  1. Let it be the principle of anthropology – you were born a human being, to realize this and ask this question, if you were born anyone but a human, you would not have the mind to ask this question.

    As Descartes said, ” I think, so I exist.” But this idea, about self-consciousness peculiar only to humans, is not true, many experiments have already been conducted, which made it possible to determine that animals can also have a developed consciousness. (1, 2, 3)

    Become 1,article 2.


    In philosophy, there is such a thing asSolipsism, so do not rush to draw conclusions that you are a person, because the whole world and the people around you (and maybe your reflection in the mirror) are just a figment of your imagination, or maybe even someone else's…

    In fact, your birth is just a series of very lucky events, starting with the birth of the universe, ending with the meeting of your parents.�


  2. Because, people have conceived, they are like you. But it is better not to worry yourself with such questions, most likely it will be useful to find out “What pleases me in life”, “How well I know myself”

  3. There are no significant reasons for such events beyond our understanding in the ordinary sense, they just happen and that's it.
    Captaincy to get a lot more than 140 characters: As it was already said everywhere: kittens are born as kittens from cats, elephants as elephants from elephants, and people are the same.

  4. I formulate for myself the answer to such probability questions like this: imagine that in the infinite versions of the multiverse you were born as a cat, a dog, and an infinite number of unknown beings, and EACH “being-you” in such a universe asks itself the question ” why am I exactly “…”? �

    In our universe, you are a human, because this is exactly the version where you were born a human, and not another being.�

    That is, within the framework of this hypothetical construction, you can directly answer the question like this: you were born NOT only as a person, but as a person only “here”.

    You are interested, as I understand it, in exactly what you seem to be doing.We were born human on purpose, and that is the root of the question. In the variability of the multiverse, this “specially” disappears. You didn't show up here on purpose. You have appeared wherever possible. There is no choice or exclusivity. There are an infinite number of” you ” in infinite forms. And you are “here”, just one of them.�

    This is certainly not a scientific, but an artistic answer, just as an example of “removing the emphasis” of this very exclusivity.

  5. Born a reasonable man?
    You were born a reasonable person, because your parents are homo Sapiens, and you were born a human, because the gametes of your parents merged and formed a zygote FUTURE YOU! Can you imagine?)) And then the gradual processes of pregnancy.
    So you are born, but why don't you remember the very first years of your life outside of your mother? You didn't have full awareness, and when you acquired it, you began to remember, analyze, and compare other people's information(their experience) and your past(your experience). I started thinking about the world and various organisms. As a result, the question matured: why was I born a human? Reasonable people are not empty words, we are philosophical creatures, sometimes to the point of horror. And yet, why am I human? From a scientific point of view, I described, your parents are people and they carry gametes inherent only for people and science rejects the presence of a soul, there is only a nervous system, spinal cord and brain-this is you. (Ie, no reincarnation, heaven and hell, one life and only hardcore) From a philosophical point of view, you can not say that it is philosophy to reflect. And from a moral point of view, a person is one who steps on the steps of norms and morals.

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