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  1. A controversial statement, because the word “person” means completely different things.

    There is a person as a biological species. They can be born, but then it is completely pointless to ask the question ” why?”. Nature is devoid of a target cause and internal meaning, it just exists (well, if you don't believe in some version of teleology, of course).

    And there is a person as a being who embodies a unique combination of culture, biology and personality traits. You can only become such a “person”. Or, as Hegel said, “to be born a second time” – as a free person, and not as an animal individual. And here the question “why?” is appropriate – in the sense of ” why can I or can not consider myself a person?”. However, the answer to this question is only purely personal and it is not for me to judge others.

  2. “One is not born a man-one becomes a man.” I don't remember exactly which of the philosophers wrote this phrase but he is absolutely right because man is a highly organized animal from the point of view of science and without society and social attitudes he would have remained an animal.

    Judging by the behavior of many individuals in our world, many have not been able to approach the “person” – a title that should sound proud:)

  3. You were born a human being and received a gift of life. You have a task to become a real person and this will be what kind of person you will become. A person comes to this world to learn, learn and successfully live life. Each person has his own task, “karma” and it is desirable to correct it in a positive way. Learn, get better, learn about love. All this depends on the person himself and only the person himself is the creator of his life. With respect.

  4. We are born individuals. Only then does it become people, having established social connections. A person is a set of social connections. A society is not a collection of individuals. First of all, it is a set of social connections. Outside of society, outside of its norms, the individual is not a person.

  5. Yes; a person belongs to the animal world;in addition to the soul, he has a spirit;if a human cub is not raised by people;it does not acquire human qualities;the soul does not evolve;that is, in the next incarnation-he may not be born in a human body-he will have another task-all living beings have a soul-different levels of development and come to our material world

  6. Why was I born human? Probably because I am ready to complete a mission or experience the experience given to me as a human being. Anyway, on this

  7. A person is first of all a word, from words a condition and a worldview are formed. The world is created by the Mind. You have been taught to think that you are a human being, so you will be disappointed. In fact, this is not the case.

    I repeat once again: man is first of all a word that has an ancient true meaning and has a meaning that was spread later – that is, an inadequate meaning that does not correspond to the original source.

    People are not born human , people are not human beings, not humanity. when people call themselves and their fellow human beings, they are hypocritical and lie. they simply repeat the usual pattern, the stereotypical definition, without suspecting that it is not adequate. In the ancient world, the word man was used to refer to Varna, the caste of the righteous, which formed the appropriate noble; righteous, just, merciful disposition – character. The one who performed noble , righteous, and just deeds was called the “son of man” by the merciful, and man is essentially the “holy spirit”, an image that inspires the mind and heart of a rational being to do noble , just, righteous , and merciful deeds.

  8. When an unintelligent person is born, he simply cannot, will not ask this question. This is close to a weak anthropic principle.

    You were born human. In what sense exactly could you be something else?

    Take the Hindus and their reincarnations. There, your birth as a human being is explained by the absence of a large karma debt in previous incarnations. Either these incarnations didn't happen at all – or you weren't such a bad person in them. But also not good enough to be reborn into some godhead, however.

    On the other hand, you have parents. It was a human child that was supposed to be born to them. More or less. Almost certainly. And your genotype – it didn't fall from the moon. You have it from your parents. I could have been different (but it wouldn't have been you), but I repeat, with these parents – human.

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