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  1. In any case, it's not because you've been, are, or will be a good boy. But most likely exactly the opposite. So you'd better accept it.

  2. How are you different from this universe? Our universe is a virtual reality into which we enter through birth. Someone comes here with a specific goal to live a certain life story, and someone just “try it”. All the answers are in us, and the exit to other mental planes is only in us, including the exit from our reality.

  3. The question only makes sense if you believe in pre-birth existence. This is probably not the case. You are a product of the universe. In other words, it is impossible not to be born not in your own universe, not in your own country, not in your own family. Because that's what makes you you.

  4. Unfortunately, we humans don't have enough information at the moment to answer your question clearly. However, it is possible to present several hypothetical options.

    Option 1. There is only the universe you are observing, so it is impossible to be born in another one.

    Option 2. There are many different universes, with different properties. But at the same time, only the current one has the necessary parameters for the birth of life in principle, and the birth of you in particular.

    Option 3. There are many universes with different properties, but the properties of several or many of them allow life to arise in principle. In this case, the chain of events led to your birth and to the appearance of this question in your mind. Here its meaning leads to the question: “Why is my consciousness attached to this body?” which, in turn, refers to yet another unexplored area of knowledge, the nature of consciousness. If we take as a basis the hypothesis that consciousness is a “side effect”, an illusory effect of brain activity, then the answer will be: “you are attached to your body because you are a function of it. Therefore, you were born in this particular universe, because you are a function of a part of this particular universe. ” If you were part of another universe, you would ask your question about it. And nothing would have fundamentally changed for you. The result is the answer: “You were born in this particular universe, because you can be born in it in principle, your consciousness is a function of a part of this particular universe, since you ask this question in it.”

    Option 4: There are many indistinguishable copies of a given universe. Then in each of them, your copy asked this question. In this case, the answer will be the same as option 3. But you will not be so interested in which of the universes you exist in 🙂

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