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  1. Why wasn't man's ancestor an ape ? Whose genotype is closer to the human genotype than the monkey ?

    Was. And technically, man is still an ape, just as he is a primate, a mammal, or a eukaryote.

    Of course, no modern ape was the ancestor of man, but to a first approximation, that ancestor ape was similar in features to a chimpanzee.

    The genomes of all animals are to some extent related to the human genome, the differences are in the degree of kinship. With chimpanzees, we are most closely related-and our genomes are 99% similar, with other monkeys – we are more distantly related. By the way, the macaque, for example, is a more distant relative to chimpanzees than we and chimpanzees are to each other.

    We have a long – standing relationship with mice. With pisces – even more so. etc.

  2. Why wasn't man's ancestor an ape ?”””
    This is such an ancient myth that I'm too lazy to even describe anything.
    I'll just leave a link to the video.
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