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  1. Because their curious and unencumbered minds were interested in looking at the world from a different angle, so to speak. Drugs ( not all) change the state of consciousness , which means a certain paradigm of thought, vision of the world, and in general all perception. Including the perception of the “I” itself. As I said, drugs change the mind, and the richer and sharper the mind , the more interesting and saturated the trip will be, the more amazing pictures, ideas , theories will come to mind, perhaps you will see what was already blurry in your head or as if you will put together a puzzle from your knowledge and reasoning and give an answer to the question that torments you so much. A stupid person will simply enjoy the patterns and euphoria, and you can imagine and reflect on the fact that quantum fluctuations are the breath of God….not the point.
    Therefore, some scientists, philosophers, artists and thinkers have resorted to this method of expanding consciousness .

    P.S. This text is not a propaganda of the use of narcotic substances, it is just an answer to the question, drugs, especially in stupid hands (sic!) are bad.

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