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  1. The more people who share the idea that they should cease to exist, the more attractive the idea of continuing to exist will become for everyone else.

    Such behavioral strategies tend to reach a balance.

  2. No, that won't happen.

    The most important reason is that humanity is too general a concept. Even a few people with great difficulty can agree. And here – all at once!

    For a moment, imagine just a few countries: the Philippines, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Haiti, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Italy, Britain. Multiply the problem a few hundred times. Now just try to talk to them about the need for everyone to kill themselves together…. Yeah.

  3. I don't think this idea will be taken seriously.�

    Will people decide to kill themselves for the good of the Earth? But the point? For whom? Just to have flora and fauna? How altruistic we must become..

    In extreme cases , if someone from the authorities decides to clean up, they will “remove” most of the World's population, and leave some of it for conservation and reproduction. But it's more like terrorism or the apocalypse.

  4. Without humans, this world won't be what it is anymore. Who should it be better for? And who then realizes that the world has become a better place? Except for dolphins and whales. Yes, even those who people eat. But it's not people's fault that many animals are made from food.

  5. it is impossible to come to two completely opposite results at the same time: on the one hand, to destroy everything, on the other – to be a society that consciously thinks and is ready to consciously give its life for the sake of another. It seems to me that these are incompatible things.

  6. With what fright, humanity will suddenly decide to die out.Oh, yes, from the guilt complex in front of the surrounding world.They say that At least part of it does not correspond to it, and not the worst.In fact, man is by nature a tenacious creature for life, and the instinct of self-preservation has not yet been canceled, so in order to push humanity to extinction, it is necessary to work very hard.There are true cases of group suicide, under the influence of directed zombification on religious grounds.But to zombie all of humanity…here you can't do without”alien civilizations”.

  7. The question is pre-posed falsely. If you want to know your opinion about whether people are useful in a vast ecosystem (our Earth) or not, then just ask!
    Surely there are people who consider themselves superfluous on earth, and there are also those with opposite views. However, an objective assessment is as follows. The Earth cannot reason by itself, and those creatures that can adapt survive in nature. Man is an excellent example of a perfectly adapted being. We, like other animals, kill living things. But without humans on earth, predators would still hunt and kill other creatures.
    Probably the most critical mistake of mankind is garbage. This is really a problem that we are littering the Earth with, but it is also a problem that helps us think about and possibly solve it. This motivates us not only to try to leave our home planet and colonize other planets, which will undoubtedly be a great scientific breakthrough. But it also makes you think about how to create ecological materials so as not to harm the earth with garbage.�

    You can talk about this topic for a very long time and you will not come to an unambiguous answer (whether humanity is useful for the planet), since everything in this world is relative.

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