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  1. The question is incorrect, because the first commandment says:�I am the Lord your God… you shall have no other gods before Me.

    So there is no way out: if you keep all the commandments , you will be saved.

  2. And this version of the question has already been considered many times:

    Let's say I try to be a good person, to live by all the laws and rules, while being an atheist. If there is a hell and a heaven, where will I go?

    Where, according to Christianity, will a person who has never heard of Jesus go after death? (For example, a representative of a non-contact African tribe)

    And here's my point:

    Although if�would�one soul will be forever tormented in hell, is�autoauthenticate�not�means triumph over evil, so�in Genesis entered the endless suffering?

    Hell is a place where people who don't believe, or can't believe, or have nothing left to believe with, are left alone without God. On earth, those who believe in God also believe that God helps them, even if only in return for love. And they believe that on earth we are temporary. And hell is forever, and there God does not interfere at all.

    Something like that, I think. And who gets where-you can not take on the judgment of God. This is not a random principle. A true believer cannot do this and cannot know who is going to go where. The glorification of the saints (as those who are with God) is a separate topic. The Church glorifies them only after there is evidence that God has already glorified them.

  3. Heaven and hell are always with us.Father Khayyam answered this question very well in his poems.

    “Everyone prays to God in their own way, We all want to go to heaven and do not want to go to hell. Only a wise man who understands God's plans is not afraid of Hell's torments and is not happy about paradise.”

    And here is another verse, here in the role of the teacher of Father Khayyamu, God himself speaks.

    “And the radiance of heaven and hell. —

    I saw them in the sky in the old days.

    But the Teacher said: “Look inside yourself —

    Hell and heaven, are they not always with you?”

    I like the following verse best.

    “A blooming garden, a friend and a bowl of wine —

    This is my paradise. I don't want to find myself in another world.

    No one has ever seen the heavenly paradise!

    So let's take comfort in the mundane for now.”

  4. The first commandment says: “I am the Lord your God … you shall have no other gods before me.”
    That's somehow not entirely clear how you can keep this commandment and at the same time not believe in God.
    But let's say you somehow managed to do it.
    Let's say you've never committed a single unforgivable sin in your entire life.
    But for a person to live long enough to at least learn to write and not commit a single sin at all… this just can't be happening.
    In principle, for a believer there is nothing terrible in this, because if the sin is venial, then you can repent. to confess, well, and then according to their canons, so there are chances to get to heaven.
    And if a person is an unbeliever, who confesses it and how? Who will receive it and how? How can such a funeral service be held? So with the T. S. of a believer, your chances of going to hell are almost one hundred percent.

    I'm just curious: how can you not believe in God but believe in hell?

  5. If you do not believe in God, you will not be able to keep all the commandments, as this is the first commandment. And heaven is a place only for the souls of believers, but you can also not go to hell if you do not commit unforgiven sins and good deeds outweigh the ungodly ones, i.e. at the judgment, God himself will decide the fate of your soul.

  6. In addition to the belief in God itself, there are also commandments about serving God, that is, in the same Judaism, most of the 613 commandments work with the existence of only one temple.In Christianity, those who are not baptized and do not receive eternal life(paradise) do not have.�

    In general, paradise is not a sanatorium-it is a place of the greatest communion with God and in God. If you do not love God, then being in him will be disgusting to you, and it will be a full-fledged hell.

  7. How or from whom do you know about the existence of these concepts? In my time, to get to the bottom of it, I spent a significant part of my life on this issue. And yet I did not find a single fact that would indicate the presence of God and hell. Of the 300 religions that exist on Earth, no more than half share the idea and concept of God. For example, in Buddhism, this question is not asked, and the topic is not discussed in any way. When I asked the experts in this case, I didn't get a direct answer from anyone: “Who is it, and where is It?” Except for blurry answers, and drawing around with your hands: “It's all Him”, mostly verbiage. And most importantly, for all adepts, the fear of losing face does not allow them to accept the obvious that God, hell, heaven, and so on are only an idea. an assumption and an assumption. It's hard to admit that you believe in a beautiful fairy tale and hide your own fear behind it.

  8. If you put aside religion as such, and think only of God as a perfect being, that is, reasonable and just,then if you are a good person,you will go to heaven, if you are a bad person, you will not.
    This is a “Rational position”,and how religions relate to this is a question for experts.

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