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  1. No. The thing is, I'm an atheist.�

    And I have no active desire to meet any of the people who preach religious revelations, much less declare that they are hypostases of God on Earth. That is, if such a person came to me for paid psychological counseling or psychotherapy, then for the duration of our work with him, he would become as interesting to me as each of my clients. That is – very, deeply, completely. But just because a person goes out and preaches and believes in it himself-oh, no, I'm sorry, I'm not interested.

    Ah, and, of course, I wouldn't work with such a person without first consulting a good psychiatrist. In principle, I once communicated with God in a psychiatric hospital, as a third-year student. It was a completely bald old lady, I think, with paranoid schizophrenia. Or God.�

    I remember her saying the sacred words meaningfully. “E-lan-lum.” I don't think I've ever read the Republic of Shkid, but rather watched a movie once. – Wow! Thirty years have passed, but I remember. You figure I'll be dead in another thirty years, and there's a bald old lady in heaven. And I said, ” Hello. And I remember: E-lan-lum!..”

  2. I mean, in His physical incarnation? Of course, I would like to: -) I hope that I know Him at the level of my heart. And visibly, I and everyone will get to know Him when He comes at the end of time to judge people.

  3. I am partly familiar with Him through His teaching, which I have accepted, through His Spirit, which is behind this teaching, through communication with Him, which consists in the fact that I turn to Him in prayer, and He answers me in various ways through Revelations, oaths, dreams, through other people, again through His written Word, etc. Of course, I would like to know Him better and closer-I am currently working on this )

  4. I know a man to whom the Lord suddenly appeared in broad daylight. This meeting lasted all day. But he couldn't get close to Jesus. The Lord was always at a distance of 60-70 m. He made a request, and the Lord said to him, ” But you have nothing to come to Me with.” And he thought for a few days afterwards, what does this mean-you have nothing to come to Me with?

  5. Definitely yes. If this person existed in human history, if even a small part of what is written about him is true, then personally I would very much like to meet him. At least because the ideas that are attributed to him, for its time, were a huge breakthrough in the philosophical understanding of man. Wouldn't any of us living now want to live in the world that Jesus wanted it to be?

  6. And why it is necessary. All that I need to know in order to live this life, I know-there are COMMANDMENTS for this . To walk next to Christ , or to stand next to him…., what is possible for me to ask of him? I already ask without” SEEING”, eternal life in the state in which I am, being stricken by original sin and even aggravated by the sins of my life, there is no desire. I will have to admit that I am ashamed to meet Christ in this life of mine on earth, it is simply unbearable for me-I cannot see Christ with my own eyes. God forgive me.

  7. Getting to know Jesus Christ is really possible! The gospels are filled with direct and personal messages to a specific person, including me personally. Communion is material in the sense that the very realization that Jesus Christ is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” and “All are washed, but whoever is not washed with him I have no part” “blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” is truly the heavenly bread that lifts up the spirit. �Conditions of bliss – �my pure heart, this is a direct merit of only one Person who came to save us according to the Father's Covenant! It is this kind of recognition of the Truth that first introduces you personally to the perfect Mission of Jesus Christ, and of course frees you because Jesus Christ gives us his name in the sanctuary of the heart, as the most true heart Friend with whom I have a part and I am part of It! In my personal opinion, it is the Name of Jesus Christ in the depths of the heart that has become immaculate, which is promised to the Samaritan woman known in the Gospel of John, and therefore to every believer-a source of water flowing abundantly into eternal life, and a reason to be blessed from such a devoted and faithful friendship with Jesus Christ!

  8. I think so. I have a lot of questions for him about his biography, the history of religion, the laws of the Bible and their interpretation. The fact is that even modern science is not able to tell us how everything really happened.

  9. Hello Den.

    There was no such desire and there is no such thing. But if we crossed paths somewhere, we'd love to talk. As with a person, completely excluding the religious aspect. To learn more. If he wanted to communicate with me))

  10. Get to know Him as a God or as a person? I won't give a firm yes or no answer. Ask yourself: why do you need this introduction? Seriously! Will it make you more firm in your faith? I think that the effect will be exactly the opposite, but this is not accurate. Everything you need is in the Holy Scriptures and in the Tradition. The personal qualities of the historical Jesus do not make sense in the context of Christian teaching, and they are even harmful. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to speak about character, temperament, qualities, preferences, habits, etc., etc. based on the texts of the Gospels, or there is nothing at all to talk about. There is such a commandment “Do not create an idol for yourself”, so if we consider this commandment in detail and closely, then even by this commandment it becomes clear that we do not need to know the human qualities of Jesus. Yes, from Jesus Christ instead of God, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, you can easily make yourself an idol. Unfortunately, many naive and / or fashionable believers (especially in the Protestant milieu) this is done quite often. Yes, he was a wonderful perfect person. This is enough that we need to know. Everything else is a question of Its Divine component, and this is what you need to focus on.

    What is known about the historical Jesus Christ based on the texts of the Gospels, and we have no other detailed sources. Jesus Christ had a very sharp humor (in response to the reproaches of the Pharisees), and sharp humor is a sign of a sharp mind. He did not oppose the human joys of life (the wedding in Cana of Galilee), was not a religious hypocrite, which, unfortunately, now many believers have become. He observed the law of the people in which he came to this world, but when necessary became a revolutionary (dispersal of merchants in the temple of Solomon). He helped people sincerely, even seeing in them all their flaws and the evil that they did and probably will do in the future. Just ask yourself a question: would you be able to help a person if you knew all the negative things about them? Hard, if at all possible. Jesus, as a man, experienced all the hardships and weaknesses of man, but overcame them-it is useful to take an example from Him, even if you are an unbeliever.

    Generally speaking, the answer is “yes”! I would like to meet this Person, but I must keep in mind that this acquaintance is unnecessary and harmful for a Christian, and I regard this desire as a temptation. You need to know Jesus Christ as God, and that's all.

  11. Of course, I would have told him that his teachings were perverted beyond belief. But first, offer him a seat and a validol, otherwise they will not understand me and probably condemn me for accidentally bringing the messiah to a heart attack.

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