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  1. A. M. Pyatigorsky once told about his good friend, an expert on Tibet. I quoted one of his phrases: “The only obvious thing in the world is that I need a drink. This is absolute, and everything else is relative.”

    Now, there's only one absolute thing for me, and that's how much you've tired me out.�

    Like a hyperactive puppy or a guest who just won't leave. Like a painting that no matter how much you nail it down and don't level it, it still slides to one side.�

    If there were such a great thing as the “hide questions from this user” function, I would be happy to use it.

  2. so what?))

    what difference does it make if everyone is happy?)))

    happiness is, in fact, an ephemeral subject.

    you can't touch it) so it doesn't matter what causes this happiness, even an illusion, even a piece of bread.

    the main thing is the result.

  3. not this way. I live in peace with the Lord, with Christ, and He is for me the light, the truth , the life, the way, the Guide, the Teacher, the Savior, the Corrector of my life. But you really live in a foggy world of hypotheses, assumptions, doubts, ignorance, and so on. And if you do not decide what is the Truth , you will wander among the chaos of ignorance and relativism.

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