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  1. Most likely, it is profitable for you to believe in this, even on a subconscious level: you get some bonuses from this. For example, you are persuaded and therefore get more compliments.�

    Also, you do not have a built-in neural chain “I am beautiful” in your head, there is no stable self-esteem. To create a new habit/view, you need to change your attitudes every day. Start by praising yourself for every little thing, for example. And gradually this neural connection will grow stronger, you will not depend on the opinions of other people. At least not that much.

    And for sure, you also don't like a lot of people, and they can be popular people who receive a lot of compliments. The fact that you and someone else don't like them doesn't affect their life, they continue to love themselves. The most important thing is your attitude to yourself, and that's what you need to work on.

  2. 90% of people say you're beautiful when they haven't been asked?

    If yes (i.e. you don't ask, but still you are very often told this), then you are definitely beautiful.

    If you stick to others with the question “am I beautiful”, then you should work this case with a psychologist, this is not the norm.

  3. You're all right. Just in the life of every person there is an age when there are all sorts of unpleasant experiences about their own appearance and personality in general. You just need to survive this age, and eventually everything will settle down. Do not go into too much detail, engage in excessive introspection. If it's really hard, you can go to a psychologist.

  4. I'm far from a psychologist, but logically I think that out of 90%, many people can say this to their politeness. It is not customary to openly tell a person about his shortcomings. Those 5-8% may not want to flatter, but they are also too shy to tell the truth. Very few people dare to say what they think. You are aware of this (subconsciously) and therefore do not believe 90%.

    A normal person will not lie to another person that they are ugly. And on the contrary, it is easy to lie, saying that he is beautiful.

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