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  1. Why are you being provoked?

    In general, I can hardly imagine your communication. You meet a person and then, word for word, they start asking you highly specialized questions?

    I recommend that you simply answer “I do not know”, “this is not in my competence” , etc. It's normal not to know something. A person cannot know the answers to all the questions.

    But if you really want to “put it in its place”, ask him tricky questions about things that you understand, and he does not. And see, by the way, how he will react to this. Because it seems to me that you won't confuse him with your questions as much as he does you.

  2. It is interesting, but this technique is not useful: when any more or less complex question arises, call the smart guy (preferably in public), and say: “Here is such a topic… Tell me what to do.” YOU'RE THE SMARTEST ONE, AREN'T YOU?” Do not let them evade the answer, criticize the answers received and ask tricky questions. Bring it to the point where the smart guy gets bored and shuts up, not knowing what to say. Catch on to the fact that the answers and advice of a smart guy is a pure theory, but how to implement it, he does not know (as in the fairy tale about mice and a cat “The idea of hanging a bell around the cat's neck is good. And who among us, mice, will hang?). Perhaps, after several such thrashing, the smart guy will stop getting out?

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