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  1. Here it would be nice to explain the etymology of the word “comrade”. Initially, it was quite a friendly word for the market economy. Because that's what merchants who sold the same product called each other. The feminine form that is now used (and very rarely) mostly in a half-joking context is “tovarka”. In modern girls, if mentioned in the meaning of “girlfriend”, it can cause a very negative reaction. Although, if you imagine a market / bazaar, and neighbors in the shopping aisles, it will be quite natural, equivalent to the male version.

    At the present time, in contrast to “friend”, “comrade” implies, first of all, the presence of a certain common cause, community of circumstances, situations.

  2. A like-minded person is someone who holds the same point of view as you. Which doesn't automatically make you his friend.�

    Comrade is a form of address in the anti-monarchist and revolutionary milieu, the Soviet Union, many socialist countries, and left-wing parties and organizations.

    I don't think it's necessary to explain who a friend is.

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