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  1. If the interlocutor is not a professional actor, but an ordinary person, the following conclusions can be drawn::

    1. Photo – age and health (very approximate, of course, based on bags under the eyes, alcohol blush, etc.)�

    “Bad-good” can not be found out, Robert Cialdini mentions an experiment in which subjects were shown photos of people, previously telling them: “This is a professor”, “this is a serial killer”. The same images were interpreted differently by the subjects. A wise look was noted in professorsky, and exactly the same look was considered sinister and cynical if the person in the photo was presented as a repeat offender.

    1. Correspondence allows you to assess the level of education. Again, very roughly. You can still follow the rules of spelling and punctuation, but be a procrastinator or just a psychopath.�

    2. Phone conversation-see point 2.

  2. You can draw a conclusion. The whole question is whether it will be correct.�

    Another important question is what exactly do you want to conclude?�

    About your level of education, social status, intentions, confidence, professional competencies, values, or some basic line of behavior in a stressful situation?�

    In almost all aspects, except for the first one, it is quite difficult to “read” information. People will try to mislead you by demonstrating what they think is desirable behavior for you. Or reject it in case of complete indifference/dislike.�

    In order to dig deeper, you need to cut off all this “noise” from masks and social roles. Theoretically, this is not difficult, but very few people can do it in practice.

  3. I talked to a girl in Whatsapp for a very long time , almost a year and a half very, very tightly and often, we work in the same organization. Communication “in the chat “did not begin immediately after meeting, but only after three months. I got the impression that on the other side of the phone, it's not her who answers , but anyone else . A different way of communicating , but just another person writes in response

  4. The conclusion, of course, can be rash, because in reality a person can express himself differently than in correspondence, behave in a different way, and so on. Again, take the time to talk a little longer , because your interlocutor can be an opportunist, hypocrite and other personality in a not very bright and positive context. Open up a little to him, be more sincere, but keep your distance .
    We will not see the background, because the interlocutor could be in a state of hyperthymia, for example, and the first impression can be deceptive

  5. I work in Whatsapp ,but with a certain group of people (PLHIV) and I can determine the mental state by voice and if something is corrected or supported by a person.Something like that.

  6. There is such a thing as a cultural code, i.e. a language code, when people with different upbringing and education do not understand or misunderstand the interlocutor. For example, children from the Ballet Academy.Vaganova (or other wonderful institutions), receiving excellent education and upbringing, living in strict discipline from morning to late at night, and children from bad neighborhoods.

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