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  1. Bees feed on flower nectar. Meat, even slightly spoiled, can feed on wasps, but they will not settle in the corpse.Where did this idea come from? Both of them are very fastidious about choosing a place to build a nest. There must be a reliable support at least. But even if such nonsense is theoretically allowed, then alas, no one will bother much with insects, even with such useful ones as bees.

  2. What really “settled”, write directly-born. As Aristotle, Ovid, and the Bible teach us, bees are born in the corpses of bulls and lions. Samson even got honey out of the lion's corpse, true story.

    In general, bees do not settle in corpses and do not originate from corpses. It's just that in ancient times it was difficult to understand where insects came from and their classification. Therefore, there will be no problems with the current law (if such a law really exists, I have not heard).

  3. And bees don't settle in corpses, they're not flies after all. And if insects want to eat a corpse, they usually do not bother much. Only if the body has already been brought to the morgue and treated with all sorts of chemicals. Yes, all the insects in the corpses are simply killed chemically, and no one cares about them.

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